Vanity Beach

Vanity Beach


New wave gothic metal band that brings back danger into the world of rock. Sinful, threatening, brutal and unpredictable.


Vanity Beach's sound swifts from an assaulting, brutal post punk racket to hollow new romantic grandeur. The palette is crowned by sinfully shameless visuals and lyrics pertaining to the overall image. The band’s influences range all the way from Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses to the more obscure art rock sounds crafted by the likes of Bauhaus and Joy Division back in the day.

Vanity Beach hasn't popped out of nowhere; the band has worked long and has managed to achieve a cult status in both Finland and abroad. The band has garnered the approval and visibility in many medias abroad, in magazines ranging from men’s magazine FHM to the snowboard mag Onboard Magazine with their self-released promos. Shows in Sweden, Russia and The Baltic States have created a steady following for the band.


Nights Of The New (2004)
A Life Of Vice (not published yet)

Vengeance (2006)

Take Me To Tokyo (2005)
Garden Of Cruelty (2007)
Batcave, 7" vinyl (2007)