Van Lear

Van Lear


Van Lear is a high-energy "punk-infused pop-rock" band whose catchy hooks and enigmatic lyrics have sparked their rise in Maryland. Aided by the fact that their live shows are unparallelled in the known world, they are sure to turn heads and make ears happy.


There are three reasons why so many people show up to Van Lear shows: One, their brand of radio friendly, chord-driven pop punk keeps heads bobbing and toes tapping; two, it is a great place to meet a member of the opposite sex; and three, a Van Lear show is a musical party. A flamboyant stage presence and witty banter are just part of their act. Their songs are as infectious as the common cold and their personalities are as colorful as a Thomas Kinkade oil painting.

Chris Boggs, Matt Bellon and Josh Miller formed the band in the fall of 2006. Chris and Matt had been playing together for about a year before Josh ever even picked up a musical instrument, but after about a month of bass lessons from Chris, the trio played their first gig. A few weeks later they won a battle of the bands in Baltimore and the inexperienced trio began to take flight in the music world.

Their speedy rise to popularity in Maryland and DC is due in large part to the catalog of catchy, original music composed by Boggs, a master of music and lyric alike. It also stems from Bellon's energetic drum-playing which is only equaled by his pin-point drumming skill, and Josh's creative bass lines. Van Lear has only been playing since August of 2006, but they have managed to rack up a large, emphatic following and a lengthy list of venues, including gigs in Hagerstown, Baltimore, DC, Pennsylvania and Virginia.



Written By: Chris Boggs

Oh no. Here we go. I know you'll run way, but I pray and I hope that its alright. Oh how I beg but you're leaving anyway because you say and you say that need your time. Oh no. Here we go. Baby baby baby I need all your love and a little of your time. I'm a mess. I confess, I'd been better if you stayed, but the cruel little rule just deflects it out of line. Defenseless, I'm okay. More defenseless that I ever thought I'd be. I'm defenseless, I'm okay. So the thing that I need, say the air that I breathe, doesn't mean shit to me, because I never want to breathe again. So what. Yeah, it's never going to be again. Like the Dodo, the Ozone, and poems that rhyme. Oh no. Here we go. Think of me. Pretend that you love me like you promised once upon a time.


Written By: Chris Boggs

She's gotta wait until tomorrow, and I've gotta wait all night. I've got something she needs to borrow, and so tomorrow I will wait past dawn. The drug store opens up at eight, kind of like she opened up last week. And after I see her I will wait. And the waiting seems like forever, then its gone. Kind of like Freedom. Oh freedom where've you gone? Responsibility has gone all wrong. Sometimes I want to be a kid again, and just go play ball with all of my friends. She looks at me and starts to cry, but I tell her things are fine. But this little one will need a dad, and all of the things that I wish would have never been gone take me to a time of Freedom. Oh freedom where've you gone? Responsibility has gone all wrong. Sometimes I want to be a kid again. And just go get stoned with all of my friends. With all of my freedom. Well she painted a picture of a kid in the rain all night. His feet were the soil and head's in the clouds up high. And it moved slowly, the dim shadow had passed and we'd seen it, we'd seen it.

Tell Me What You Know I Want

Written By: Chris Boggs

Tell me what you know I want. I said I wanna be with you, and I wanna be a love that's true. And I wanna have a big house, drive a fast car with the top down all the way downtown. Because I'm sure to be the essence of the painful little messes that we get in now. So you might as well just fake it. If its not broken don't break it. We can make it if we're trying from the back to front. So tell me what you know I want. I said I wanna fry my skull. It's what I wanna do, that's all. The go-to-guy is aging in this pillow fight we're waging as I choke on down. Like the sound of an eruption, scratch the surface, a conundrum. I'm a fish that's drowned. So let me do you a favor, smoking rifle or life taker. Be my savior. I hate to be blunt, but tell me what you know I want.


Written By: Chris Boggs

I shake it off like when I say I'm fine; and my last regret: the fact that you were mine; with my twisted tongue to overlap my lying; and I'm shaking off this feeling up my spine; But the priesthood can't save me when you're shouting "oh baby" and "I love how you lay me" so I say girl, it's how we get so down down down down down; there's a bitter love you say we can't restore; but when I'm over you, you only want me more; and I'd be so inclined to bust right through your door; so I just shake it off as if there were a cure; And the memories can't save me, when you're shouting you hate me, but I love how you lay me, and you can't forget the way we get so down down down down down; so you tear off the covers and pretend that we're lovers again; and you'll take what you get, and I'll do what you let me, there will be no regret, 'cause you can't forget the way we get so down down down down down

Firing Line

Written By: Chris Boggs

Well the tale of the tape says I'm never gonna make it to you; but you're the only thing left on my list of things to do; so purposely walk a step away from me; like you're the only metaphor for everything important to me; So forget your lovers they're a waste of life, run away with me just to save some time, 'cause I'm not all the others when I'm by your side, on the firing line but I'll be just fine; So the traffic signal changes and you're giving me the green light; but it's late in rounds, gonna throw in the towel for this fight; but quitters never win and winners never quit; and I've been begging myself to get over it for the last time; for the last time; well there's a fork in the road, and its a knife in my heart, and its a thorn in my side, it's where we collide


Written By: Chris Boggs

We won't break your hearts, but we'll shake your lungs, when we take your breath away; We're just there sinners, here to deliver, everything you need in a single phrase; The city never sleeps, and neither do we, and the chorus is too deep, or is it just my eyes; so the ship we sail has simply run aground, and there's no way that we can make it out, our home lost or forgotten and we're tearing at the seems, you're the only ones that we will ever need; So maybe I won't make it out alive, but I've got you by my side; So we keep our guard and never let it down, and we are just surrounded by ourselves, your the only thing I need and you mean everything to me, if you're here there's no place I would rather be.

You Can Tell She's On Her Periodic Table

Written By: Chris Boggs

So sit me down, lets have it out, a fistfight made of words; my heart ripped out, I tear you down, and stop, it's not your turn; well egos bruise, but that's old news, and I could watch you burn; you'd take an inch, but I won't flinch, that's all you helped me learn; And I'll go on, and run and not look back; cause we were done; so i'll just shut the door that always held me down before; Cause it's the science of imperfections that keeps me running back to you; and I was blinded by false connections, so don't you sugarcoat it baby, don't you think that maybe we were through; So put 'em up, let it erupt, i've been waiting for awhile; and I believed, all you told me, or faked it with a smile; remind yourself that this whole hell just rests upon your shoulders; and everything you say to me just gets older and older; And you can't hide behind your teary eyes; and I know I was better off without you, now I doubt and its time; Well stretchers are for wounded soldiers, prizes are for kinds and queens, the sky is raining pieces over me; we'll argue waiting for the answer, i am just your puppet dancer, breaking every time you pull the strings; and I hope you slit your wrists, just to tear your ligaments, so your icy hands fall free, and you release your hold on me.

Barely Mine

Written By: Chris Boggs

The scratches on my back and the bite marks on my neck didn't mean a thing this morning after you left, and you know that it was fun even though it's one and done, and the heartache comes tonight; Well I don't want to make this awkward so just have a shot on me and let me be, oh yeah; All that I need is vested in me, wherever you go I'll never be, and I can't avoid the tension, I hope you've learned your lesson, but I'm guessing that you can't this time, cause you're barely mine; Well the second Sunday calls I'm not even there at all like I vanished into sweet thin air, and I'm swirling in this cup 'cause you just can't get enough, and the heartache comes tonight; Well I don't want to make this awkward so just have a shot on me and let me be the consumate firestarter, when I get a few in me I just can't see the reason, or the rhyme, I don't want to be with you but I guess one chance is all that i can give you; So screw this reasoning that takes its time to stay on me, you knew this all along, even when we're making love; Well the scratches on my back and the bite marks on my neck make me think I might not be that bad.


Written By: Chris Boggs

Puddle in my mind, everybody's thinking that I'm stuck inside a time that I don't want to be, but everybody's fine, if everybody's everybody who the hell am I, or just who should I be? So stab me in the leg just so I can feel some pain, that the shock will take away like perfect weather, and I really like the high that I get from when my eyes catch the light from a single strand of your hair on my sweater; Puddle in my mind, everybody's thinking that I'm somebody else, somehow, you're the antidote for an ailing patient, the refuling station and I'm running on fumes; I cannot believe these things could happen, happen to me.


Coming Winter 2007: "Park and Ride Alibis" - a 9-song album produced by Van Lear. Containing songs: "The Situation Room", "Freedom", "Nicotine Fixes", "The Words", "Puddle", "Science (You Can Tell She's On Her Periodic Table)", "Barely Mine", "Down", and "Firing Line".

"Demo" - Released in June 2007. Includes "The Situation Room," "Nicotine Fixes," and "The Words"; and a complete reworking of the fan favorite "Freedom", streaming on Antpod's Indie415 and LocalTunesDC.

"DEMOlition" - 5-song demo produced by Chris Boggs and Matt Bellon in Spring 2006.
Singles "Tell Me What You Know I Want," "Come On In," and "Freedom" currently streaming on's Indie 415.

Set List

Our typical set list usually features a 60/40 split of originals and covers, depending on the length of the show. There is never really a typical night. We have played shows where we play for a half hour and we have played shows where we play for seven hours. When we play for 3 hours we usually split that into 3 sets, each break in between being 10 minutes. The originals we play are as follows:
Firing Line,
Barely Mine,
Run Real Fast,
Science of Imperfections,
The Words,
Tell Me What You Know I Want,
Come On In,
When I Think Of You,
Burns and Scars,
Surfing Memories of You,
Wasting Away,
Drown Me,
The Remedy,
Nicotine Fixes,
Four Leaf Clover,
The Situation Room,
Miles are Inches,
Saving Up,
and These Are The Days.

Covers are as follows:
The Joker,
Live Forever,
Blister In The Sun,
Ride Wit Me,
Dance Dance,