Vanmarines are a dirty rock n roll band from the south of Ontario. Taking thier influence from the storied history of rock's past, they combine sounds you may not have heard for a while, with sounds you may have never heard, to create a new sound that is truly their own.


Vanmarines formed a few years back in the little known but much loved town of Wainfleet Ontario. When they aren't out wandering the backroads and fields they will most likely be found holed up in their barn seeing what sounds want to be brought forth that day. They've been called southern rock and it seems to fit since they are from southern Ontario, but they don't worry much about what they sound like, as long as they are making sound.
Currently Vanmarines are hard at work laying tracks for their debut EP, which will be released in the very near future. Of course not wanting to lose touch with their home town all recording is being done by Vanmarines in the barn.
And then who knows?
Maybe the boys will come to your small town.
Or big town if thats where you happen to live.
Just have the fire burning when they show up.

Vanmarines 2006


A bunch of demos and some unreleased masterpieces.