Van Preston and The Famous GentleMen

Van Preston and The Famous GentleMen


Maverick Magazine, October 2009: **** Spellbinding, pistol of an album...Despite this being her debut album the quality included in its ten tracks is astonishing... Not many artists and bands make it big in Music Row...maybe we should be speaking of Van Preston as the next Queen of Nashville.


Van Preston's music encompasses many genres, and tells the stories of many people. Van grew up in a small town in Arkansas, and started writing songs at the age of nine. Named by her mother after a Southern Pentecostal Evangelist from the 1960's, (Asa Alonzo Allen), Van's music has a broad appeal. Despite being unsigned and unrepresented in the US, she has earned many accomplishments.

These Include:

*Eight songs 'placed' or recorded by other acts during 2010 (3) and 2011 (5). The five songs during 2011 were:

1. Steal Me Away' (a Rock song recorded by Rock Artist Luke Dickens, 2008 Australian Idol 1st Runner Up, and 2011 Toyota Starmaker Winner)
2. Album cut “Without You”, a country song, on the Big Machine Records Act “Steel Magnolia” Debut album, co-written with Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey, briefly released to US Mainstream Country radio Summer 2011.
3. 'Steal Me Away' placed in National Geographic Adventure series show.
4. 'The Forbidden Hope Diamond' (a Jazz song recorded by Minnie Murphy for Matrix 99 Records)
5. "My Heart Craves Him', (a Pop song recorded by Veda Radonovich, and produced by Sheryl Crow's producer)

In 2010, Van had two Rock songs cut by German Heavy Metal Rock Band, Mad Max and one Country song recorded by Norwegian Country band, 'Jacked Up' (

*Is involved with a TV Pilot being pitched to National TV networks Winter 2012.

*In 2012, Van will have multiple songs featured on a new product available worldwide,

*Has had six top-20 country songs in Europe (Hotdisc Charts) and three Top 40 songs on secondary U.S. Country radio stations (New Music Weekly Charts).

*Debut album was nominated 2007 Country Album of the Year in Europe by the European CMA.

*Song "Bought Myself A Toy" is represented in Europe on Universal Records-France.

*Songs "HeartBroke For The Last Time' and 'What Goes Around Comes Around' represented by Mr. Music Records, Gothenberg Sweden and have been distributed across Scandinavia.

*Songs that have been used commercially , including by a US Fortune 500 company (Pure Romance), as well as several independent artist cuts.

*Van has placed in several Songwriting Competitions, including twice in the John Lennon Songwriting competition and twice in the NSAI Song Contest, as well as once int the UK Songwriting Contest.

*Featured / Reviewed in “Country Weekly”, “Maverick”, “Performing Songwriter” as well as a 2009 Video appearance on CMT

*Has opened for many Top Artists including James Taylor, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson, and Martina McBride.

*Has headlined EuroDisney-Paris, Numerous European festivals, toured Australia twice, and has played legendary clubs including the now-defunct CBGB’s in NYC.


Bought Myself A Toy

Written By: Van Preston/ James T. Morgan

(V1) After We Were Over, I Went To see My Shrink. She Said Listen, Honey Darlin', I'm Gonna Tell You What I Think, You Need Some Gettin' Over Him, And Here's What You Can Do, Go Out And Buy Yourself a Toy, And It Will Take Good Care of You

(CHORUS:) So I Don't Need You Anymore My Dear, Cause I Bought Myself A Toy, Well It Keeps Me Company All Night Long, And it Brings Me So Much Joy, I Laugh and I Smile and I Cry Out Loud, And There's Nothin' It Won't Do, Oh Boy! I Don't Need You Anymore, My Dear, Cause I Bought Myself A Toy.

(V2) When I'm feelin' Lonely, and When I'm Missing You, I Just Snap That Baby Right Out of the Case and It Gets Rid of My Blues, Well It's All The Man I Need Right Now, And it Don't Fight With Me, I'm a Liberated! Woman Now, Cause I Control The Speed


My Little Battery Operated Wonder, My Six String Bundle of Joy...Keeps Me On the Straight and Narrow, I Sure Do LOVE my Toy!

HeartBroke For The Last Time

Written By: Van Preston

ChORUS: Well, I've Been Heartbroke for the Last Time, and I've Got My Mind Made Up, I Won't Let You Get By Anymore, No You Can't Break My Heart, I've Been Down That Road One Too Many Times, And I Ain't Going Again, Cause The Nights Alone That I've Spent and Cried Have Come To An End.

V1: So If You're Thinkin' You Might Leave Me For Good, Well Baby, Go Right Now. I Know You're Worried, That You Might Hurt Me, But I'll Make Out Somehow. I Can't Force Your Heart To LOve Me, And We Can't Go On This Way, Cause I Want Your Lovin' EvEry Single Night, But You've Never Wanted To Stay.

V2: Well You've Done It All, You Came Out Okay, But You've Left My Heart A Wreck, So When You're Gatherin' Everything You've Got, Better Make Sure You Get It All Packed, Cause After You Go OUt That Door Right There, Baby, You Ain't A Comin' Back, Oh No! I Been HeartBroke For The Last Time, And My Heart's Gonna Run A New Track.


V3: So Don't Try To To Write Me, Dontchya Try To Call, Collect Ain't Gonna Work, I'm Startin' Brand New Out On MY Own, Don't Need That Same Old Hurt. And Don't Drive On BY, Like You Do Sometimes, Just To See If I'm Still Home, Cause Things Are Gonna Change, And I Won't Be The SAme, Woman That YOu've Known.


Piece of You

Written By: Van Preston/ Greg Crowe

You Ain't Good For Nothin' But Lovin', You Ain't Good For Nothin' But Lovin', Old Fashioned Touching, Squeezing, Kissing and a Hugging, All I want's a Piece of You, A Little Bitty Piece of You. Don't Want A Shiny Diamond Ring and a Promise, Don't Need No Flowers or Go Home to Meet Your Moma, Hope You Don't Mind, Baby, I'm Just Being Honest, All I want's A Piece of You, A Little Bitty Piece of You.
V1: Guy's Who Wear Their Jeans That Tight, Never Really Been Quite My Type, But Watchin' the Way You Strut Your Stuff, Is Really Startin' To Wind Me Up.
V2: Don't Waste Time With All That Talk, Talkin' is the One Thing I Don't Want, Come On Baby, Move A Little Closer, I'm Gonna Rock You Over and Over
Tag: I Don't Want The Whole Enchilada, All I Want's A Piece of You, A little Bitty Piece of You

ForEver Ago

Written By: Van Preston

V1: Your Arms Felt So Good
When You Held Me Tight
And I Sure Miss The Way You'd Love Me
Each and Every Night
Your Body Was So Warm
When I Needed You Near
And I'd Give Anything To Be With You,
To Have You Right Here

ForEver Ago, I Was By Your Side
ForEver Ago, We Were Meant for life
ForEver Ago, We Were Meant to Be
I Was The One For You
You Were The One For Me
ForEver Ago, It Seems Like Yesterday
And I Can Still Hear You Say
You Will Love Me
The Rest Of Your days,
ForEver Ago

My How Times Have Changed
How Fate Can ReArrange
The Ones We Love and the One We Sleep With
Each and Every Night
If I Could Turn the Hands Of Time
I'd Go Back in Time To You
And We Would Be Together
Happy Ever After
Like When Our Love Was True


Guitar Solo


Absolutely Broken

Written By: Preston/ Crowe/ Hinson

Absolutely Broken

Too Late To Get Away
Without A Few Tears
And A Whole Lotta Heartache
But It Ain’t Too Late To Save Ourselves
From Each Other
Anger Seems To Set The Tone
Even When You’re With Me
I Feel So Alone
So Why Don’t You Just Hit the Road
And Let Me Recover

Before I’m….. Absolutely Broken
Shattered into Pieces
Beyond Even Hopin’
I’ll Ever Find Myself Again
If I’m Ever Gonna Handle
What Losin’ You’s Gonna Teach Me
I’m Gonna Have To Accept
Everything That We Had
Is Absolutely Broken

Don’t Look…. So Surprised
Cause I’ve Seen The Look
Of Leavin’ In Your Eyes
Each Time I Reached For You
And You Just Rolled Over
Told Myself You Were Just Tired
And Threw A Wet Blanket
On All My Desire
Til There’s Nothin’ Left Here For You
But A Cold Shoulder

Our Love Is…


Repeat Chorus

Everything that We Had Is…Every Promise You Made Is….
Everything About You and Me Is… Absolutely Broken

'Steal Me Away'

Written By: Van Preston/ Matthew Ross

‘steal me away’ Matt Ross/ Van Preston June 2011
V1. Had to leave you this morning- Had a ticket for the sky-My head’s spinning-and I (can) still feel the tears you cried-There’s a whole world waiting out there- it could be waiting on me- but you’ll always be the one-the only thing that I’ll ever need
V2. Dream Years in The Making-(It’s all) comin’ true here today-and you’re still standing by me-through the struggle and (the)pain- well I want you to know-yeah believe me when I say- there ain’t nothing, -that’s ever gonna steal me away
CHORUS: Rolling Hills of Tennessee-Heat Waves Drifting through Magnolia Trees- Aint Nearly Enough-To Steal my Heart Away-No Downtown Bars, or Country Music Stars- Big Tour Bus or Diamond Studded Guitars-you oughta know by now; Nothin’s Gonna Steal me Away
TAG: I know you’re worried –I might break free from our world, but I’d just be lost without you girl-You’re like a choir of angels- that sings in my heart all day- there ain’t nothing baby, that’s ever gonna steal me away
V3. Holding on for two more days- California Dreamin’ out in West LA-And I’m missing you like the air I need to breathe- so I’m sending this message, ten thousand miles across the sea- there ain’t nothing baby that’s ever Gonna Steal me Away
Chorus: Beverly Hills and the star-studded streets- Walking on Sunset under swinging tall palm trees-That Aint Nearly Enough- To Steal my Heart Away- all the glitz and glam, and the Hollywood lights-All that money and fame and endless nights-Wouldn’t mean a thing to me- cause nothing’s ever gonna steal me away-I thought you oughta know- nothings ever Gonna Steal me Away


"Radio Stats: "Sweet Tea on A Day Like This" went to #20 June 2011 in Europe. "Bought Myself A Toy", went to 19 in Europe AND 71 in the US. "HeartBroke For The Last Time" went to 4 in Europe. "What Goes Around, Comes Around" went to 16 in Europe. "Forever Ago" went to 10 in the US and went to 21 in Europe, "Tougher Than That" went to 9 in Europe and 25 in the US. " Everything I've Never Seen" went to 20 in Europe and was released to US Country radio August 2008, where it is charted at #2 - November , 2008.

Set List

Van can do up to a four-hour show featuring half originals and half covers (americana, country, classic rock, and some singer-songwriter material), or a two-hour show with all original material.
A sample of cover songs includes:
Knocking on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Willie Nelson
Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Gimme 3 Steps, Skynnrd
Sweet Home Alabama, Skynnrd
Move It On Over, George Thorogood
Keep Your Hands to yourself, Georgia Satellites
Good Hearted Woman, Waylon Jennings
Honky Tonk Women, Rolling Stones
Revolution, The Beatles*
Don't Close Your Eyes, Keith Whitley *
Little Sister, Dwight Yoakam
Maragritaville, jimmy Buffett
You Oughta Know, Alannys Morissette*
Old Time Rock and Roll, Bob Seger
Take It Easy, The Eagles*
Won't Back Down, Tom Petty*
Hit Me W/ Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar *
Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin*
Big Yellow Taxi
Hurts So Good
Hole in my Head, Dixie Chicks
Little Ways, Dwight
These Boots Were made for walki