van random

van random


The marriage of post-punk and grunge. Joy Division's lead bass meets Nirvana's distorted choruses, blends it together like Pink Floyd, and tells Kurt to loosen up a bit and listen to The Buzzcocks.


As their name implies, Van Random's style is…random, and their fans are...random. Being random is a lifestyle, and this is what it sounds like: Start with the bass. Instead of burying it in the mix turn the treble up and use it as a lead instrument. Next add some creative drums and random guitar blasts. When the time is right and people are at their boiling point, crank out a solo from deep inside an underground crypt. Build it all up like hot lava, and top it off with a rock voice which is anything but random. VR is also reinventing the concept of the 3 minute rock song by their random use of instrumental breaks and segued song cycles. Think Pink Floyd meets The Ramones (but without all those random keyboards).

Van Random comes from Los Angeles and has been making random great music since Zac Moore (drums), Greg Gaston (vocals/guitar) and Daveray (bass) built a large wooden rehearsal box from scratch in Zac's garage in late 2004. VR has no knowledge of music theory or equipment jargon and while discussing different aspects of their songs and gear they've been known to grunt like Damn Dirty Apes. Nevertheless, they have all the components to become one of the biggest bands since the last biggest band....random looks, random personalities, song names that have nothing to do with the lyrics, and a catalogue in which any track could be a random hit single. No Filler (all Killer). Van Random recorded their self-titled EP in March 2006 which is threatening to revive the dormant Sunset Strip music scene and lately they've been randomly packing venues such as The Viper Room (their personal favorite), The Whiskey A Go Go and The Roxy. The soundtrack to everything random is here.

Are you ready to Random? (Well, are ya...punk?)


van random EP (2006) (its good!)


1. Cloudless Night
2. You
3. Get Out Now
4. One Track Mind
5. Tear It Up

Set List

Our typical set list runs about 30-40 minutes and consists of strings of 2-5 songs blended together to create blocks of messed-up rock.

A Typical set would go:

Voltaire - 10 minutes

Scatman Crothers
12 Gauge
Shotgun - 10 minutes

Random Van
Cloudless Night -- 10 minutes

When we do a cover, its a great cover, such as perhaps The Misfits "Last Caress" or Joy Divisions "Shadowplay" (We did it before The Killers - and we do it better).