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Van Solkov

 Santa Rosa, California, USA

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Black Star Queen

Written By: Van Solkov

Black Star Queen Van Solkov 2/27/07

Black Star Queen
Woman of my dreams
What would it take
To get you to run away
With me

The Black Star was known far around
Cowboys came just to the town
The women all were beautiful
Beer and booze was cheap
If you went to the Star
That night you would not sleep

Out from West County a crowd came one day
Clouds were high, the wind blew dry
They rode hard all the way
When they got to town
The first thing they saw
Were the lights shining at The Black Star

Pistol Pete and Drunken Jim were first through the door
Hairy Harry, Jonny and her twins
Then came the Old Man, his woman by his side
The only one’s missing are
Standing in front of you

West County Outlaws
We learned the trade
From our Ma and Pa’s

West County Outlaws
All we want to do
Is get to the Black Star
At the Black Star, she was holding court
All eyes were upon her as she
Slowly un-buttoned her shirt
Drunken Jim just lost control
Then all hell broke loose
And the Black Star Queen just smiled

Came the morning light, the town was all in flames
The smoke drifted slowly across the open range
Riding hard away the Black Star Queen did ride
Never looking back at all
Me by her side, yes
Never looking back at all,
Me by her side