we are a very seasoned energetic professional band. We have a good mix of jazz,rock,fusion and a hint of psycadelia. full line up of of many original songs and a few covers. We can get the crowd going and always have happy people in our crowd. ZOur music is a solid blen and flows smoothly.


we have been playing music together for 5 years we have played a number of events as well as some private events. Our music is a mix of jazz and rock mostly with a hint of psyadelic mix. we have a very tight seasoned stage performance and have a vast number of songs. We are an all original song writing band and have a few covers. Our influences range from pink floyd to radiohead ,greatful dead, and some psyadelic influence.


music on my space at vanwinkle.

Set List

our set list are 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. we have up to 3 sets of music. Our covers and generally rock to alternative.