Vardo and The Boss

Vardo and The Boss


Bold. Brash. Exciting. Eclectic. Un-restrained. Modern. Retro and Not afraid to stand out.
Everyone in this band listens to something different, has their own ideas and approaches to music. Vardo and the Boss is the musical vehicle used to unleash the sounds inside 5 peoples heads.


Vardo and the Boss are a double-fronted attack – defined by the unconventional harmonies of the feisty, instrument wielding females who share the centre stage. This is raw passion and real talent. Dragging together, kicking and screaming, a massive amount of influences all completely different. How many other bands individually listen in equal parts to Soul, Indie, Classical, Death Metal, Rock, Pop, Drum n Bass, House, Funk and still decide to roll everything together in one big musical smoothie?

They have played at Brownstock 2011/12 and for many years at Standon Calling Festival as well as venues such as the Monto Water Rats, the Purple Turtle, the 229 Club. They are performing at the MMG Marshall Battle of the Bands Final in March and have been featured on the Emerging Icons website, having topped their chart show in early January.


1. I'm Not Sorry
2. 15 Years
3. Breathe
4. City Girls
5. Shame