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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Electronic Dark Wave




"Music Varick’s ‘Illusions’ is a Haunting, Electronic Meditation"

In Sanskrit, Veda means “Knowledge,” New York City-based electronic artist Varick says of the title of his forthcoming album Veda I. “Some of the oldest Hindu teachings were compiled to what is known as The Vedas, writings of revelations that came to gurus after intense meditation, one revelation being that the self is an illusion.”

The album, he says, builds off of those ideas for its thematic content.

While that sort of heady stuff could be a slog, in the hands of Varick and producer David Sisko on songs like “Illusions” his beautiful falsetto spreads out over propulsive electronic, lightly-industrial feeling compositions that wouldn’t sound out of place on a turn of the millennium post-Radiohead record.

“Since I was young I was interested in ancient spiritual teachings, that introduced me to ideas of meditation, oneness and enlightenment,” he goes on. “When I started writing songs I found myself writing about these ideas and getting out things I was dealing with subconsciously. I began modernizing these stories, and using my own experiences, to create songs that express philosophies of non-duality, Hinduism and Advaita.” - Bullett Magazine


Alternative/electro powerhouse Varick (oka Keith Varick) is releasing his first full album, Veda, unto the world on September 9th. Boasting work inspired by eastern spiritual teachings, his work has caught the eyes of CMJ and Under the Radar Magazine, among others. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the next track off of Veda, titled “Surrender”.

It begins with an interesting beat, replete with early bass that would make your car bump a little harder than you may have expected. Varick’s voice joins in, smooth in tandem with the synthesizers. Slightly reminiscent of Muse, this track is explorative in nature, testing the limits beautifully with fermatas that glide through what could be considered a rock opera sound. And the track urges you to let go as well. As Varick explains it, “The inspiration for this track came from the idea of needing to surrender your ego in order to find a deeper meaning within yourself.” - IMPOSE Magazine

"Listen Up: Varick shares new version of "Boundless," announces upcoming EP"

New York-based composer and musician Keith Varick, who performs and records under the Varick moniker, has been surrounded by music since he was 6 years old, which is when he learned how to play the piano. This formative musical experience guided him throughout his later education, where he studied music theory and composition. The urge to create soon won out over academia, though, and he moved to New York to start a band.

Upon moving to New York, he found a musical peer in like-minded producer David Sisko—a man who had remixed artists such as Cut Copy, Goldfrapp, Dragonette and Roxy Music. This rhythmic relationship would lead them into the studio together to finish a handful of songs that Varick had been storing away. These songs would become the foundation of his upcoming EP, "Boundless," a collection of songs set to be self-released Nov. 4. Drawing from baroque and romantic strands of classical music, '90s alternative rock, and analog electronics, his music finds itself situated on the crossroads of a dozen different genres. Lyrically, these songs delve into the themes of advaita, non-duality and enlightenment.

One of the first songs he released from these sessions was an early version of the title track. Since then, he's gone back and remastered the EP, including this particular track. The new version is clearer, more energetic and resonates with a searing synthetic heartbeat. The delicate vocals, which are almost lost among the churning synths, perforate the track, allowing air to seep in and expand the rhythmic landscape. Veering between pensive electronics and cathartic synth-pop, this song brings to mind the roaring melodies of M83 or Washed Out—but without feeling beholden to any one influence.

Incorporating light and video projections into his live shows, where he performs as a duo with a drummer, Varick utilizes synths, vocals, guitars, a laptop and a host of live percussive elements to further explore and investigate these particular rhythmic avenues. His work is fueled by an insatiable desire for change and innovation, and through these songs, he has allowed his audience a small glimpse into the inner workings of his ever-expanding world.

Stream the remastered version of "Boundless" below. - Nooga

"PREMIERE: Varick – “We All Know The Rest”"

Still reeling from disappointment after Thom Yorke’s latest album didn’t quite live up to all the hype that it received? Enter Keith Varick, aka Varick. His music draws from Baroque and Romantic Classical, ’90s alternative, spirituality, and digital and analog synths, but his voice is never hidden in the background. And you don’t want it to be. His soft, sensual vocals are a delight to the ears. On November 4th, Varick will release his debut EP Boundless. Today, Earbuddy shares the new song, “We All Know The Rest”, which we’re sure will leave you wanting to hear more. Check it out below.

The EP is a precursor of the full-length album set to follow sometime early next year. - Earbuddy

"Varick - "We All Know The Rest" (CMJ Mixtape)"

"We All Know The Rest" will be included on CMJ's November Mixtape. - CMJ


NYC singer/songwriter Varick readies for the release of his debut, Boundless, on November 4. The EP as a whole explores themes that are an expression of Varick’s musical world. The title track has layers of different synth/electronic noise that all come together as one solid, coherent sound. There’s also some excellent, subtle mallet work. Download “Boundless” below. - Magnet Magazine

"From The Horse's Mouth: Keith Varick (Varick) on Boundless EP"

On November 4, Varick self-releases his Boundless EP. Composing and playing piano since the age of 6, Keith Varick eventually studying music theory and composition He later left college and moved to NYC to start his band, and after years of developing his sound, he is exploring a balance of all that influenced and inspired him. This exploration draws from baroque and romantic classical, ’90s alternative music, spirituality, and digital and analog synths.

After moving to the city and finding his way, Varick teamed up with producer David Sisko, (remixer of Cut Copy, Goldfrapp, Dragonette, Roxy Music and others) to start recording the demos he had been building up. His music is best described as the merging of ’90s introspective melancholia alternative with modern electronica, and ethereal melodies on top of heavy, edgy synths with pulsing beats. Lyrically, Varick explores themes of advaita, non-duality and enlightenment.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Varick to discuss the EP, which is a precursor of the full-length album set to follow sometime early next year.

When did you begin writing the material for Boundless?

I had written demo versions of these songs spanning over the last two to four years, they’ve all been produced and recorded in the last year.

What was the most difficult song to take from the initial writing stage through recording and mixing? Why was it so troublesome?

“Boundless,” and it was difficult just from the sense that it was the first time working with a producer with Sisko’s experience and background. Working together has definitely elevated my sound, but it was an adjustment for me hearing the initial mix being so different from the demos I had been so used to working with.

Which of the songs on the EP is most different from your original concept for the song?

We ended up going with a very different approach to “It Will Be Done” from the original. The demo had a very basic drum kit sample, simple beat, and almost an ‘unplugged’ or ‘acoustic’ feeling with some ambient synth sounds, it was more laid back. The final version ended up being this sort of intense, dramatic dance song, with a lots of builds and drops. I have in the back of my head of putting out some remixes for that song because we were actually playing with a few different versions that were pretty cool.

Why an EP, instead of doing a full length? Is there a full length in the works?

There is an album in the works and will be out early Spring next year. It was more of a timing thing with the EP, I was just getting this feeling like it was time to start getting the music out there, so I put an EP together with some of the songs we had finished for the album. There’ll also be more momentum behind the full length when it comes out, and more anticipation and excitement from people wanting to hear more.

What was it like working with the likes of David Sisko?

Working with Sisko has been fantastic. He puts a lot of care and intensity into everything, and really takes the time to understand what each track is about, keeping the vision, but still bringing out it’s fullest potential.

Have you begun playing these songs live and which songs have elicited the strongest reaction from your fans?

Yes, I’ve been playing them out for the last six months or so. “We All Know The Rest” has definitely had a strong reaction at my shows and it makes sense to me why. It has a familiarity to it, and it’s easy for people to grab on to at the first listen.

“Boundless” is another popular track, I initially put it up on Soundcloud unofficially, just to get a sense if people where into the Varick sound, and it’s been very popular. It’s received hundreds of comments, and over 10 thousand plays. It’s now out officially as a single, on iTunes, Spotify. etc. and being used to promote the EP. All in all, it’s been very encouraging and I’m excited to see how the Boundless EP is received.

(Visit Varick here: - Ghettoblaster

"Varick unveils video for single 'Boundless'"

With its references to 2001: A Space Odissey's monolith, Mulholland Drive's mysterious key, and Monsters Inc.'s door that opens to a different place (ok, there were a bunch of the last two, but hey...), the video of Brooklyn's electronic one-man-band Varick for single "Boundless" manages to quote three of the best movies EVER in less than a minute! The song is a very well produced atmospheric electronic track reminiscent of a dronier and more epic version of early múm mixed with Radiohead and electro influences. Varick's emotional alto ties together a track where disparate layers, consisting in a variety of drones, pulsing synths and other electronic sounds, overlap on top of each other, building slowly and progressively towards a chorus so charged and dense that things for a second almost sound like hite noise. Varick isn't here for the fun, but for the intensity and for the contemplation of life's mysteries, and this song/video combo is a very well crafted expression of his musical existentialism.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out! - The Deli

"Out of New York comes Varick"

Out of New York comes Varick, aka Keith Varick, an exciting new artist with a debut EP, Boundless, out November 4 and a debut full length in the works for early next year. We All Know The Rest is his second single, a weightless electronic pop and alt song that carries some Atoms For Peace and M83 within its crystalline intricacies. There’s a baroque-ish, chamber pop quality to the resounding, sensual song. For Varick’s first single, stream the moodier and pulsing Boundless, below. There’s a theatrical quality to his music that reminds me of some of Muse’s later, more synth heavy music, too. - iheart moosiq

"Unsigned NYC artist Varick releases single and video"

Alternative/electronic New York City artist Varick has just released “Boundless” – his debut single and video (watch below – recommended). He and producer David Sisko, who has previously remixed Goldfrapp, Cut Copy and Dragnotte, are working on a full-length album to be released this fall.

Keith Varick started playing the piano at the age of 6 and has majored in music theory and compostion but dropped out of college and moved to NYC to start a band.

- After years of developing my sound, I finally hit on the perfect balance of all that influenced and inspired me: classical music from the barque and romantic era, 90:s alternative music, spirituality, digital and analog synths.

Varick is unsigned and up until now, almost completely unknown. He has started to promote his music and plan to play more concerts. On stage,Varick is joined by a drummer.

- I have been developing my live performance in the lower east side of NYC and Brooklyn and are preparing for festivals this summer. We perform with light and video projections, a laptop, synth, guitar, live vocals and drums. - Release Music Magazine

"MP3 At 3PM: Varick"

NYC singer/songwriter Keith Varick readies for the release of his debut Boundless, out November 4. The EP explores themes that are an expression of Varick’s musical world, as he has been playing music since age six. After issuing the stellar title track, he now releases a new track, “We All Know The Rest,” another electronic hit. It’s soft and ethereal while still pumping an uptempo beat in the background to keep it moving. Download it below. - Magnet Magazine

"BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Varick’s Sexy, Spellbinding Video For ‘Illusions’"

With a persona that is at once alluring and mystifying, New York singer Varick has been captivating the critical cognoscenti. To wit, Bullet magazine recently said of him, “his beautiful falsetto spreads out over propulsive electronic, lightly-industrial-feeling compositions that wouldn’t sound out of place on a turn-of-the-Millennium, post-Radiohead record.”

And indeed, haunted new single “Illusions,” taken from his debut full length Veda I, has an urgency and anxiety that readily recalls Thom Yorke at his most disquieted. But the sensual, gothic-soul atmospherics are pure Depeche Mode. The accompanying video, which BlackBook is premiering here, was directed by Shomi Patwary (Mark Ronson, ASAP Rocky) and follows actress Judy Sabin through a dark, foreboding and dreamlike world, which just might be NYC’s Chinatown.

A sequel album, Veda II, will be out early next year. - Black Book


Veda I

Boundless EP 

Boundless - Single



Keith Varick has been interested in ancient spiritual teachings since he was in his youth. These philosophies introduced Varick to meditation, oneness and enlightenment. When Varick started writing songs he found himself writing about these themes subconsciously. Varick began modernizing these ideas, by using his own experiences, to create songs that express the philosophies of non-duality, Hinduism and Advaita. Varick moved to NYC to develop his music and teamed up with producer David Sisko to release his first EP “Boundless”. 

The single “Boundless’ was included in print and online in ‘Under the Radar Magazine’ and also in their quarterly download mixtape. “We All Know the Rest” the second single off the ‘Boundless’ EP was included in CMJ’s monthly mixtape. 

Varick’s new album ‘Veda I’ was released 9/15 of this year.  With a video for the first single 'Illusions' directed by Shomi Patwary, director of Asap Rocky, Asap Ferg, Marc Ronson, etc., released Nov. 25th. Varick's follow up album will be out late 2017 . 

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