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Haley's Christmas

Written By: Kim Fuller

Haley’s Christmas

Written by Kim Fuller
Copyright 2010

It’s almost time for Christmas now the lights are on the tree,
Reindeers, stars and candy canes brighten every street.
My friends can’t wait to open their gifts under the tree
But there’s only one thing Christmas means to me.

Cause my daddy comes every Christmas day
And for one day of the year
He holds me in his arms and wipes away my tears. (chorus)
He says everyday will be Christmas day
Just you wait and see...
But Daddy won’t you please stay with me one more day?

I’ll show him all the things I made for him in school
And we’ll take lots of pictures I can hang up on my wall.
He’ll tell me how he loves me and that I’m his special girl
Christmas Eve you know I’ll be sleeping by the door


So if you see your family more than once a year
Tell them that you love them and show them that you care
For Christmas day means more to me than gifts and toys and trees,
If I could I would have Christmas every day