Various Hands

Various Hands

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Various Hands combines rock, indie, dance and alternative styles to create music that makes people do odd things, say profound stuff and dance.


Music is an art form, period. This is an ideal that is very obviously lost upon modern-day performers and listeners. Originality and raw creativity have taken a backseat to lavish self-imagery, autotune, lip-synching, and outrageous publicity stunts to distract listeners from the fact that these performers are not artists in any capacity. Mainstream music seems to be about anything and everything but art.

Various Hands is out to take it back.

Various Hands takes indie rock ideals and melds them with bouncy, progressive dance beats, ambient keyboard work and impressive guitar techniques combined with lead vocalist/guitarist Jeff Nations’ unusual, evasive lyric style to create a sound that is, very much, a textbook definition of the term, “Their own”. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, the band has taken some giant steps in its short time together. From network TV placements to regional touring to garnering airplay on 300+ FM radio stations across the U.S. and Canada with their debut EP, This Party Will Be Fun., Various Hands has shown that they have what it takes to compete in a cutthroat industry. Their sophomore EP, Hypoluxo (released July 22, 2014), is a valiant effort that will cement their place as a band on the rise in the national scene.

“Water all ‘round. No get out”. That is the literal translation of the Seminole word, “Hypoluxo”, which serves as the title for Various Hands’ sophomore EP. “There really couldn’t be a more perfect title for this record”, explains lead vocalist/guitarist Jeff Nations, “It describes so many things about this release and sets a great tone for it”. Hypoluxo presents a band that has found their sound and embraced it with every fiber of their being. The lead single, “Memphis Decisions (Be Cool)”, finds the band exploring new instrumental territory, incorporating an Omnichord and bassist Adam Wirth’s intricate, ping-pong bassline whereas tunes like, “R.M.A.” and “Lipstick” remind listeners of the band’s fun, simpler moments. “The Last Few Days Of This Splendid Town” explores darker tones and lyrical subject matter while “The Perils Of Time Travel” and “The Fleeting Starlight” show Various Hands’ gradual move toward a more ambient, synth-laden sound that is present throughout Hypoluxo. “The music on this disc really does pull you in and once it does, you’re encompassed by it. There’s no getting away from it”, states guitarist/keyboardist Zach Meier. Drummer, Tom Pike, adds, “This is an album that you not only WANT to listen to front to back, you HAVE to.”

Hypoluxo was released July 22, 2014 and is distributed worldwide by MondoTunes, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group/INgrooves.

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Wedding Night

Written By: Nations

Tonight’s the night we leave, my love
We’ll slide out in the cover of night
No one will know we’re gone we’ll just start running
We can run until the sun comes up
Our shadows will leave pieces of our story behind
And they can fill in the blanks themselves
Remember don’t tell anyone a thing
At least wait until we’re married

Stay asleep for me, darling
You’ll be safe in my eyes
Those cleverly placed smile lines always get the best of me
I don’t mean to get all mushy on you
It’s just that you’re so beautiful
I only apologize for not finding you sooner

Tomorrow’s the day we start our life
Some place sunny and warm and bright
Where people will ask us how we got so tan
Remember don’t tell anyone a thing
At least wait until we’re married


Stay asleep for me, darling
You’ll be safe in my eyes
Those cleverly placed smile lines always get the best of me


Blackout Weekend

Written By: Nations

You’re moving in slow motion, dear
You saw me fall last night right here
Maybe you help me retrace
Remember the things I’ve said and done
Wait, is it already Sunday?
It feels like I did this yesterday, oh
The weekend days bleed together when there’s something to do
It’s hard to leave the party when you can’t stand up or find your shoes

Hey, who are you and where’d you put my keys?
Hey, what did we do and who do you think we called?
Believe us friends, it happened again, it’s the hooch

We speak in such intricacies
No one else seems to hear or see
How did this happen again?
I promised myself last week I’d stop
Friday was awful to me
I can’t say no to a good time though
The weekend days bleed together when there’s something to do
It’s hard to leave the party when you can’t stand up or find your shoes

Hey, who are you and where’d you put my keys?
Hey, what’d we do and who do you think we called?
Believe us friends, it happened again, it’s the hooch
It’s another blackout weekend

I wish I could remember
But in instances like this I guess it’s better to forget


The Universal Dance

Written By: Nations

Dancin’ like a lonely man
Dancin’ all alone
Dance a step or two or three like a madman on the sea
Take a chance to find romance
Take a chance and see
Take a chance and fall in love with the art but not with me

But I feel it’s been too long for me
It’s not right, change is comin’
This is going to change the way I feel

I hear you in the upstairs
Stompin’ out a beat
I can help you nail it just come down and dance with me
Lose yourself in rhythm but keep a sense of time
By god I think you’ve got it now let’s take it out

But I feel it’s been too long for me
It’s not right, change is comin’
This is going to change the way I feel
Now I say we share this groove tonight
We’re not leaving until we get this
This is not the way it’s supposed to be


You Should've Thought Of That Before

Written By: Nations

The sun’s setting low behind the trees tonight
I got a million questions begging for a shot at life
The leaves are sailing down showing off their pride
October’s on his way, we’ll have to stay inside
You know I never step foot outside when it’s cold
That is, not unless these streets are paved in gold
I’m running this kingdom free of charge
I’ve got this anything goes type of thing going on

What better time’s a better time than now?
You gotta let me know just how you feel tonight
Just refrain from him ‘til he takes off your clothes
And if you change your mind, well you should’ve thought of that before

You’ve gotta get these feelings off your mind
It’s like waking up in Denver for the first time
Reeling from the views, shaking off the cold
And realizing the light warms and swallows up the old



Blame It On The Night

Written By: Nations

We’ve got the moon calling out to us
We’ve got to stay on our feet for a few more hours
You’ve got a look about you that screams class
You can’t tell me you wouldn’t recommend me for this job
But you bailed out on me, you bailed out on us
And now I guarantee you’ll miss the party of your life

Oh, you’ll get to see the light
We make the best of this too
And oh, you’ll come to see I’m right
We sure could use such a fool
We blame it on the night

I’ve got these moves waiting to come out
That hat’s been hanging on the rack for the longest time
These gals stay cool, calm and collected
We know the line but we cross it almost every night
And you put music on, the right night music on
Your eyes set the sky apart from your constant gaze



Everything You're Doing (Is Bad)

Written By: Nations

Things are not the same
Everyone’s so simple
Clouds are on the radar
Who and what’s to blame?
Now you say what I say
Skies ahead will clear up soon
Our children will be proud
Tired of walking amongst this dead end crowd
Things will become beautiful when we all think aloud

I’ve got a song you need to sing it goes, oh oh oh
I’ve got a speech you need to hear it says, oh oh oh
I’ve got a show you need to watch it’s called oh oh oh
Good talk, nice form, team
Let’s go, now get on out there

We could be an answer
A light goes on upstairs
Grinding down this plastic world
To what we think is fair
If you say what I say
The future’s bright for a first time
Come on let’s get loud
Tired of walking amongst this dead end crowd
Things will become beautiful when we all think aloud


All we want is flowing backwards
We could be the only hope
Tenaciously rebuilding vibrant stacks of glowing light


Memphis Decisions (Be Cool)

Written By: Nations

This guy here with us is trouble, he’s gotta go
He’s becoming too much to handle and I don’t even know
Where we’ve come from or been to, a matter of myself again?
Awaking crowded and faded and where’d my ego go, oh, oh, oh?
The neon nights are a comfort, the golden days in tow
The streets bestow their pride, hey; we put on quite a show
And I could stand here writing a letter to myself again
Rewinding daydreams amidst a blanket I might throw oh, oh, oh

And you’d like to see me open up again
And I’d revel in this time and time again
You should have thought to maybe have taped this
We’ll always know to be cool

If this is what you desire then this is how it goes
All these walks are depleting but that’s how mountains grow
Familiar clip-clop, it breeds fashion that could flow
Memoirs make for great colloquy especially in tuxedos, oh, oh, oh




Written By: Nations

I’ve got somethin’ you oughta know
I’m gonna put myself where everyone knows
A salt truck out where it never snows
Whispers are cheap and go with the flow
Hazy glass lanterns, mysterious gentlemen
And shifty go-betweens are par for the course
The names on all the headstones, they seem to be monotone
I think it’s time we made a run

While we’re out stompin’ around
The world is not stoppin’, the town is still poppin’
We’ll regress holding the crown
My heart is still with it and all of you can kiss it
Send my regards; I know someday I will be old
Remember me always

Tear drops never did much for me
We had one night to see how much we could be
A flowerless gesture for me to see
Returned with a smile, a slap on the knee
Campfire secrets, tell me your regrets
The river’s mouth is open wide


And I miss you
It’s a comfort thing I’ve had since zero-four
If I kiss you I might just drown in you tonight


The Fleeting Starlight

Written By: Nations

Awake, a fire
And it keeps me, it keeps me warm
I’ll wait, admire
It does me, it does me no harm
I’ll stay if that’s what it takes
To make this last one click

A dream, inspire
Tearing me, tearing me down
I’ll hope to enlist it
Turn it all, turn it around
She’ll say, “I’ve seen this done”
I’ll say, “Where’s she at? Point her out”

Asleep and wired
Peeling off, peeling off sound
Did you ever believe?
Did you ever not trust me?
It’s a feeling that I’ve long thought dead
The end’s a long ways off
Right now enough’s not enough


Written By: Nations

Party’s thinin’ out for the evening
You go to get your coat and I wait…and I wait
It’s not like this is some new program
You and I have had our episodes
Looks, they can be inviting
And after all, you see I’m just a man…or a boy
Guys my age have learned their lesson
Call me dumb or call me immature

John, it’s fine with me if it’s fine with you
You’re the one who has to live with all the shame, blame, etcetera, etcetera
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh talk’s not cheap so close your mouth
Show me just a little of what you can do

I told myself I’d keep to myself
But your eyes and your shape make me ache, I’m awake
And the lipstick on your wine glass tells me
More than looks or blunt words ever could
Forgetfulness tends to offer
Little in the way of comfort, I’m not ok. Ok?
Little white noises block receptors
Pull me out, it seems I’m dying here


Everyone says that folks can change
And I told you once it’s always all the same
Come to me and meet me halfway through
It’s affirmative that I’ll still be here
Gimme just a little bit, I’m never gonna go away


You asked me if I wanted to dance
But we both have two left feet
You asked me if we could toast the night
But champagne will only complicate things more

The Perils Of Time Travel

Written By: Nations

Put on your face, it’s magic time
We gotta go, gotta go in the blink of an eye
It’s everywhere, it’s everything to me
Maybe the tides are laying low
It’s got to do with the moon or the time of the year
Don’t think too slow, don’t look away too soon

Now there’s a light that’s claiming me
Out of my room in a pull, there’s a chill in the air
There’re animals where that chair used to be
Maybe the stars are sinking low
And there’s a drone, there’s a drone in spite of your own
And blue light shines and rethinks everything

But I have control of you now
Control of this thing I don’t know
And if you will walk I’ll show you
Some things that weren’t meant to be seen
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhhh
Ohhh, ohhh, OHHHH!!

This time your roots are slipping out
There’s not a soul, not a soul on the face of the Earth
That buys your yarns or turns you into snow
But I have a mind that’s quick to turn
And your scorn is a thorn, there’s a place for you here
Between this cave and 1862


Maybe the lights are fading out tonight
Maybe tomorrow I’ll call in sick

The Last Few Days Of This Splendid Town

Written By: Nations

Wasting all my days on a hidden attraction, oh
Chasing after you is just a perfect distraction, oh
I could’ve been and should’ve been an anchorperson by this time, no?
A lie beneath the stars at night won’t be the same come spring

Worlds cannot combine but here’s to the hopeful, oh
You think my heart can break and I’ll scrap this whole section, oh
Tell my mom and dad that this is something that I have to do, oh
People will talk therefore my point will have gotten across
They’ll say…

So long, goodbye
This town’s not worth the spit I wasted saying its name

The trees are holding on with a dying affection, oh
And I’m left sitting here with a minor infection, oh
The worst could be that someone says, “Where is Bear Ridge?” and someone says, “Huh?”
My town is falling off the map, this time next week I’ll be on the floor
Hoping I’ve grown gills

So long, goodbye
This town’s not worth the spit I wasted saying its name
Goodbye, farewell
I love you but the mayor’s literally sunk this town right into the ground



TITLE: Hypoluxo (EP)
RELEASED: July 22, 2014
LABEL: Unsigned

1. Memphis Decisions (Be Cool)
2. R.M.A.
3. The Fleeting Starlight
4. Lipstick
5. The Perils Of Time Travel
6. The Last Few Days Of This Splendid Town


TITLE: This Party Will Be Fun. (EP)
RELEASED: November 22, 2011
LABEL: Unsigned

1. Wedding Night
2. Blackout Weekend
3. The Universal Dance
4. You Should've Thought Of That Before
5. Blame It On The Night
6. Everything You're Doing (Is Bad)

Set List

Stage Intro
The Perils Of Time Travel
You Should've Thought Of That Before
The Universal Dance
Rainbows On The Wall
The Fleeting Starlight|
The Worst Is (Almost) Over

Everything You're Doing (Is Bad)
Wedding Night
Haarmann's Skeleton
The Last Few Days Of This Splendid Town
Memphis Decisions (Be Cool)
Blame It On The Night
Casual Sex
Blackout Weekend