Varix Vanity

Varix Vanity


This is the collaboration between two bands coming together. The Queens, NY solo project ZIPPERGRIN by Gavin Reign and the Brooklyn, NY band formerly known as DIRTY MOTHER NATION. The two combined when DMN was searching for a new lead vocalist and Gavin Reign fit the bill. Now, theyre unstoppable


It's almost always impossible to find the words to describe a group or band accurately. No band wants to identify completely (or in many cases even partially) with another group, sound, or even genre. Everyone is 'breaking conventions', 'defying the norm', or 'going a step beyond' the established sound. Why bore the reader with these clichés? Why not just give an authentic story of how the band came to be and why they think they're here?

By that token, Varix Vanity is best described as a group with divergent interests but common purpose.

Matt and Dan Douglas were raised in a musical household; it wasn't uncommon to see them playing drums and bass together for ten hours straight on a hot July afternoon. The untimely death of their older brother and musical mentor brought them out of the juvenile musical hobby shop and into the idea that they wanted to succeed as musicians both for satisfaction and redemption.

Paul Lucenti, the oft regarded "eccentric lead guitar player", is the silhouette that comes to mind when people describe a 'guitar guy'. He would tell you that music is the only thing he's ever really wanted in life. When he's not playing his own music, he's teaching music, recording, or working the stages of various concerts. Paul and the Douglas brothers first started collaborating in the Fall of 2003 with the group Dirty Mother Nation.

Sean Kerrigan could be seen as a link between Paul, Matt and Dan. Quite fatefully, he first met the brothers while taking lessons from Paul. When DMN was seeking a fuller sound and a new creative partner, Sean, one of Paul's most gifted and dedicated former students, was an obvious choice. Sean quickly took on an active role in all aspects of the project.

In early 2008, DMN parted ways with their front man and the search for a new one looked to be a very challenging one. Fortunately shortly after the search began, Zippergrin's Gavin Reign came in contact with what was left of DMN and everyone involved knew that there was definitely something special there, and Varix Vanity was born.

The very different styles and influences of Gavin's adds a much more eclectic touch to the style from Sean, Dan, Paul and Matt. The collaborative project that was Dirty Mother Nation combined with Gavin Reign's musical endeavor, Zippergrin have created something much bigger and much better….



Written By: Gavin Reign

i can't imagine what i could have done,
just to get your trust and i would forsake everyone,
for you.

you've made me realize that flowers can't forgive.
all that grows are all the holes that i have sown within,
for you.

never before have i been shook to the core in this manner;
but how can i win if you won't let me in, it won't matter.
i've been known to tear down walls.
i will catch you if you fall.
just one chance i ask is all.
can't you see me on my knees to
crawl for you.

you can't imagine how i couldn't breathe,
choked to death by everything especially the weeds,
for you.

To All...

Written By: Gavin Reign

it's not how long you live;
it's if you live at all.
and in this world of hate,
no wonder that you fall victim to this.

keep it under glass;
and shatter if needed.
according to your past,
you're an atom bomb, waiting to explode.

remember me when i am gone.
won't be long now, 'til you realize who's at fault.
remember me when i am gone.


Written By: Gavin Reign

we all suffer in silence,
and make the best of it...
so what have i become of late?
a shell of me; a hollow state
as you watch and wait.
and that's why it hurts...

you rely on misery
to keep the lines in front of me.
nothing that i do will ever change.

we push harder to forward,
and scratch our ears to deaf...
so give up some of your control,
this shining beacon's raped with mold,
and still you don't release your hold.
and that's why it hurts...

you rely on misery
to blur the lines of slavery.
nothing that i do will ever change you.


September 2008 Demo

Set List

To All...
Man In the Box (Alice in Chains)
The Hand That Feeds (NIN)
Good Nature
Warrior Son

Average Set Length: 40-45 Minutes