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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sound Proof Kennel - March 28, 2014"

When I first heard 'Memories' from Brisbane three piece Fever Pitch, I instantly thought of bands that I was listening to in the naughties (worst name for a decade). Bands like The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand were all making clever indie pop that you could dance to and even though Fever Pitch aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here, it's nice to hear that familiar sound. -

"Marshmellow Pavement Review"

Fever Pitch’s ‘In My Veins’ is jam-packed full of youthful debauchery with their sunny, careless guitar strumming and in classic teenage-boy fashion lyrics to boot that fit, ‘I want to meet all the girls on the street, I want to show you all the places I’ve seen’. Despite at times it’s doubtful lyrics, ‘It’s in My Veins’ is a boot-tapping, forget about today day song waiting to be played. - Liam Apter

"Indie Sunset in Rome"

Ieri pomeriggio ho pianto, credo sia stata colpa dell’alcool. A ripensarci bene, sono sicuro sia stato quello il motivo. Avevo appena lasciato casa del mio migliore amico, ero passato a salutarlo sapendo benissimo che lo avrei rivisto solo dopo qualche mese. Può essere sia stata colpa di Jordan Lee, della giornata uggiosa, del sentirsi (in fondo) lontani dal tempo, i luoghi, le abitudini che ti riempiono il cuore e l’ippocampo.

Oggi, di conseguenza, ho aperto soundcloud ed ho virato deciso verso lidi più caldi e spensierati: l’emisfero australe (leggasi Australia per i pignoli). Ho scoperto i Fever Pitch.

fever pitch

Questo trio australiano di Brisbane, la cui storia ricalca il più classico dei racconti, si è formata dietro i banchi di un liceo, un po’ come quella volta in cui il compagno di banco si chiamava John e il soggetto del racconto Paul (non sono nomi fittizi, anche se il Paul della storia potrebbe esserlo).

Il loro sound ricorda molto gli Strokes, soprattutto nel singolo più recente Memories, in cui i cambi di ritmo sono eccezionali, così come le melodie e i suoni che sono ridotti all’essenza ma perfettamente funzionali allo scopo; It’s In My Veins, è invece un classico pezzo indie, che strizza l’occhio agli Arctic Monkeys mentre le chitarre guardano verso i primi lavori dei Bloc Party e tutto il British Indie in generale. Poi arriva il pezzo che mi convince del tutto: The Way We Are at Night, un pezzo che sembra frutto di Casablancas e soci ma con un “Scandinavian Touch” che lo rende veramente “poppy”, fra le righe, ma (qui si svela la loro bravura) mai troppo prevedibile. Un po’ come un pianto alle cinque del pomeriggio.

Ci sono amicizie che non si affievoliranno mai, spesso nascono dai banchi del liceo, spesso sono alla base di progetti meravigliosi, di litigate, di nuove partenze e nella maggior parte dei casi, è l’alcool a svelarne la natura più intima.

Ah, davvero bravi questi Fever Pitch!

Translation (Thanks Google Translate):

Yesterday afternoon, I cried, I think it was because of alcohol. Come to think well, I'm sure that was the reason. I had just left the house of my best friend, I had gone to see him knowing that he would see him again after only a few months. May be it was the fault of Jordan Lee, the gloomy day, the feeling (at the bottom) away from the time, the places, the habits that will fill your heart and the hippocampus.

Today, therefore, I opened soundcloud and I decided veered towards more warm and carefree: the southern hemisphere (read Australia for the picky). I have discovered the Fever Pitch.

fever pitch

This Australian trio of Brisbane, whose story follows the classic tales, has formed behind the counter of a high school, a bit 'like the time when the classmate named John Paul and the subject of the story (they are not fictitious names, even if Paul's story might be).

Their sound is very reminiscent of the Strokes, especially in the most recent single Memories, in which the changes of pace are exceptional, as are the melodies and sounds that are reduced to the essence but perfectly functional for the purpose; It's In My Veins, on the other hand is a classic piece indie, that gives a nod to the Arctic Monkeys and the guitars look towards the early work of Bloc Party and all of British India in general. Then comes the part that convinces me of it all: The Way We Are at Night, a piece of fruit that seems Casablancas and company but with a "Scandinavian Touch" which makes it really "poppy", between the lines, but (here is revealed their skills) never too predictable. A little 'as a cry at five in the afternoon.

There are friendships that will not ever fade, often arise from the benches of the high school, they are often at the root of wonderful projects, quarrels, new arrivals, and in most cases, it's the alcohol to reveal the most intimate nature.

Ah, really good these Fever Pitch! - Tristeisr (Italian)

"Made Static: Listen Up! It's In My Veins!"

FEVER PITCH are a group of indie poppers heavily influenced by the N.Y underground scene in the early 2000's, which is all on display in their latest single ‘It’s In My Veins.’

Poetic Lyrics, catchy riffs, melodic bass and infectious drum beats, ‘It’s In My Veins’ exhibits a diversity akin to the sounds coming from the likes of Arctic Monkey, The Strokes and Interpol. It’s a grungy, indie/rock song full of huge riffs, melodic drumming with sluggish/don’t give a F@#K vocals similar to Julian Casablancas.

Fever Pitch are getting ready to make 2013 their biggest year yet. With plans of extensive touring, radio, videos and heading overseas. So it would be best that you join us in the Fever Pitch love early before they get swept up by the masses. - Made Static

"AMBY? - Song of The day - "It's In My Veins""

It’s In My Veins by Fever Pitch! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath or over on the left sidebar throughout AMBY. Enjoy! - A music Blog Yea?

"New Music Mondays - Fever Pitch"

Normally, I tend to be wary of bands that sound exactly like other bands, as this often leads to unrealistic expectations and clumsily subjective judgement, but in the case of Fever Pitch, I am willing to look past the authentic infringement…if only for 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Why? Because their latest song “It’s In My Veins” is an unapologetically infectious tour de force of a pop/rock anthem that demands your attention whether you like it or not. And yes, the heavy riffs and melodic drumming are unmistakably Strokes-esque (all the way down to the Julian Casablancas vocal stylings), but shit, if you can somehow manage to pass for The Strokes without actually being The Strokes…well, that’s a monumental achievement in and of itself. To be fair though, the comparison (which is inevitable), may be a bit unfounded and premature as the Brisbane-based trio have only released two singles to date, a rather small sample size if we’re to make any kind of astute generalization about the band, but it was enough to make an impression on me. What I do know is that their music is stupid catchy fun, and as our pleasantly mild Southern California spring gives way to our pristinely privileged summer, “It’s In My Veins” just begs to hop onto a breezy backyard bbq playlist.

And it shall.

So leave those nagging radio-friendly pretensions at the door and allow yourself to indulge in some sweet grungy garage rock. It’s a guiltless pleasure, especially if you enjoy bands like the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and the Kooks. - Your Favorite Weapon

"The Eargazm! Fever Pitch - It's In My Veins"

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THESE GUYS OUT!? Fever Pitch is a start up band from Brisbane, Australia that is on the cusp of something big. How do I know, you ask? Check out their single It’s In My Veins, and you will see. Fever Pitch has the sound to back a claim such as this.

Now, on to why I’ve extended the band’s call for help. Fever Pitch is in dire need of assistance in recording demos and tracks to begin their journey into the world of music. On both their Facebook and Twitter pages, they have been imploring their followers to lend a hand.

They deserve it, too. With only two tracks released thus far ( It’s In My Veins and Meet Me Outside; I’m guessing at some point a while back they received the helping hand of a friend with a recording studio to capture these), Fever Pitch put enough into It’s In My Veins to catch my interest.

It’s In My Veins is a high energy, retro-electric, radio-ready track. Frontman Dion Shaw bears a striking resemblance to The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, with a distinct Australian twist. Comparisons to The Strokes continue from there, but It’s In My Veins brings a cleaner sound than much of The Strokes’ lo-fi earlier works that originally drew in such a following (their best days).

It’s hard to put a specific label on Fever Pitch, with only a few songs available to stream. However, It’s In My Veins is incredible. If their future productions can mimic this fun, catchy style, Fever Pitch may have a very bright future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Although, there won’t be anything to wait for if the band isn’t assisted in their production. So check out It’s In My Veins, and if you like it and know someone with the resources to help these mates record their tunes, lend a hand. It would be pretty cool to know that you played a hand in discovering the next Aussie great. Help em out, enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD and Get Your Earz Wet! - The Eargazm


EP - I Came Here Just To Argue

Single - It's In My Veins

Single - Memories



Varsity is most easily described as Indie Rock. Sounding like a mix of the Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Orwells and Yeah Yeah Yeah's - their style is both familiar and unique.

The foundations of the band were laid in 2005 when Blair Westbrook (Drums), Dion Shaw (Guitar, Vocals) and Jacob Siwers (Bass) were classmates in high school. In 2010, they reconnected after a chance meeting at a nightclub and started writing together. Over the next few years, Varsity found their feet playing shows in Brisbane and recorded a number of demo tracks under original name, Fever Pitch. In 2011 - still under the Fever Pitch name, they recorded their Debut EP entitled ‘I Came Here just to Argue’ - releasing the EP in 2012, it was followed up by a music video to promote the track “Meet me outside” and a number of shows and tours through south east Queensland and Sydney. After the release, the band stepping back from the live circuit to concentrate on writing, only playing a handful of shows in Sydney and Brisbane.

Reborn in 2013, Varsity recorded two new tracks at Studio 301 in Sydney. Their first single - "It's In My Veins" - was released in March through the A&R Department. The track, and it's B-Side "The Way We Are At Night", were acclaimed by critics internationally and placed on gold & platinum rotation on many digital and analog radio stations. This was followed up by a tours through out Queensland and New South Wales, as well as a festival slot in the Valley Fiesta music festival. 

In 2014, Varsity released their second single - "Memories" - to much of the same success. Being played on gold and platinum alternative radio internationally, they have recorded two more tracks with the release of their first international EP to the US and European markets in August.

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