Powerful band playing mainly music influenced by klezmer and balkan music with a touch of Icelandic folk music, rock, jazz and lots of everything. Great for parties as well as dinner music. Varsárbandalagið is not only music but also quite lively on stage - dress up in costumes and fool around.


The origin of Varsjárbandalagið runs back to october 2008 when the financial crunch hit Iceland. Two friends decided to perform at a crisis party - playing jewish songs amongst other music. In february 2009 Varsjárbandalagið was no more a party joke because Sigga,. Hallur and Magnús decided to form a band. Sigga playng accordion, Hallur playing bass and Magnús playing clarinet. Soon Karl the violinplayer joined the band. To cut a long story very short there was a trumpet player who could also play guitar and a handfull of drummers. Steini the drummer joined the band in april 2010. In january 2012 the trumpetguy left the band and Geiri the Guitarplayer joined the circus.

Varsjárbandalagið has played concerts in various places in Iceland using different styles of program - what ever suits the occation.


Russian Bride - CD - 2011 (10 tracks - available on,,,