Baltimore, Maryland, USA

We'll get you tapping your toes and humming our songs for the rest of the day. Our indie rock vibration creations will tickle your inner ear.

You should give us a listen, we'll impress you with our gentle-manliness. Maybe buy you a couple drinks. We'd definitely call you in the morning. Honest.


Influences would include Pavement, The Shins, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Animal Collective

We like to tread lightly in dissonance. Then we write books about out experiences to give to our friends. We enjoy listening to music.

Vasco's creation was happenstance. All of the right ads on Craigslist were answered at the right time by the right bored 20-somethings. Or, you know, planets aligned and whatnot.


The Lost Weekend

Written By: Kevin O'Connor

she's on vacation, no one knows it, but i won't call it deceit
the brave new world in blue wallpaper, she'll never know what to be

there's love that don't come, but that is easy, there's love that no one can see
the doctors sigh and they call it nothing, but nothing's just blind to me

it don't change when i'm there
it don't change when i'm gone
you have to always win
well forget this time, there won't be a next time
if you walk out that door

now i can't stop dreaming' that blissful nightmare, with storms and fire and trees
when you were runnin' i can't remember, from that far ocean to me

but so long to nothing, so long to drunken phone calls in the rain
with no umbrella, no good reason, you want just to enjoy the pain

Basement Life

Written By: Kevin O'Connor

don't wake up on a carpet floor, or out on the lawn where the stars aren't born
i heard you there through the chamber door, breakin' the ice with a high school bore

it's a basement life if you want it to be
you can spend your time, watchin' TV

one good day, and one good night, you left me there with the sunrise
to keep this place, we've got to fight, keep on the AC let the sun die
or we're out of luck, and out of time, an empty page and an empty line

it's a basement life if you want it to be
you can spend our time, watch some TV

No Blizzard

Written By: Kevin O'Connor

It was a year I had a style
I mean you run for a hundred miles
Built a palace out of ice
and the common square in the middle of night

we still can, we still can run
stolen golden sun

she wouldn't talk shut my eyes
pulled the colors out of the lights
you can't burn out, you can't shut down
we need you here to make that sound


The Lost Weekend EP - April 2011
House Taken Over LP - Written, currently recording.

Set List

House Taken Over
The Lost Weekend
Bad Prose
Rain Battles
Tide of Ides
No Blizzard