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Singer/songwriter Vasi has been compared to artists with such varied styles as Sade, Erykah Badu and Dido, a testament to her unique voice, equally fresh and innocent as it is moody and soulful. A fusion of pop and R&B with electronic undertones, Vasi's songs explore a range of styles, from jazzy soul, to dance, to ballads. Growing up in London and New York, Vasi always knew she wanted to be a singer and performer. After graduating from university, Vasi teamed up with producer Tony Mangurian, who produced albums for Luscious Jackson, and co-produced albums with Daniel Lanois. She began honing her songwriting skills, writing lyrics and melodies for her first album and performing live in New York City. Vasi was honored to be chosen to perform at the 2005 New England Music Expo and has been thrilling crowds in the NYC area with shows at the Canal Room, Crash Mansion, and the renowned Cutting Room. Her debut cd is available on iTunes and


Can't Go A Day

Written By: Vasi Papadopoulos

No puedo sintigo, mi amor mi vida (I can’t without you, my love my life)
Quiero estar con vos (I want to be with you)
Si vienes conmigo te lo prometo (If you come with me I promise you that)
Quiero estar con vos (I want to be with you)

Must’ve been fate
How in certain circles your name always traveled round
So the very first time we met, I knew it was you I found
You’re not like anyone I’ve ever known before
You whisper softly to me
Ven acqui mi amor (Come here my love)

Te quiero con todo mi alma (I love you with all of my soul)
Con todo mi corrazon (With all of my heart)
Todo de mi esperanza (All of my hope)
En cada sensacion (In every sensation)
Si vienes ahora conmigo ( If you come with me)
Te dare todo lo que tengo (I’ll give you everything I have)
No puedo vivir sin tu amor (I can’t live without your love)

I can’t go a day without you
I can’t even wait till I can touch you
I’m dreaming of your face, and how I’m gonna kiss you
I can’t go a day

Ooo, this feeling just won’t quit it’s taken over me
We can’t disguise this passion, it’s obvious to see
I can’ t control myself I’m delirious in love
Your gaze just burns right through me
Every time you say those words



Vasi self titled album is on cdbaby and itunes

Set List

Typical set is 30-45 minutes (8 - 9 songs) - There are 12 original songs and 2 covers in the rotation. The cover songs are "Back to Life" by Soul 2 Soul and "Sweetest Taboo" by Sade