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The Prelude

Eye Paint Words

Shapes In The Air



V.A.S. is a multitalented independent artist skilled in the areas of producing, singing, rapping, dancing, and even acting! From a young age his strong passion for music led him to learning a variety of instruments and writing rhymes in his spare time.

“Piano was my first instrument, I started at a young age as my parents encouraged me to play an instrument. I found passion in music and from then on I learnt to play more instruments such as the guitar and clarinet. Along with learning how to play musical instruments, I learnt how to compose. Music is now second nature to me, instinctive and fresh”

Although an unsigned artist, he has had an astounding amount of support and has had great success at various shows and performances around the United Kingdom. His music reaching all contents of the world have got people making their own videos and dances to his music. Martin Jay from Choice FM has said, V.A.S. has “…animation, confidence and originality” and it seems many can’t help but relate.

The single ‘Beat Up’ not only caught the attention the famed model and TV personality Tila Tequila , but also many others over the globe. She agreed with Martin that he has “refreshing” originality. Featuring V.A.S. on her “Spotlight Of The Week” she explains that the “mad fresh” individual is “just him”. Tila also comments on this attribute saying “And I just love it!” giving V.A.S. a 5 star rating overall.

Fresh off its release dancers London to America were making their own videos to Beat Up. The song also fuelled many collaborations with individuals from Germany, Canada and many states in the USA including Pittsburgh and Miami. This upbeat had received many daily blog posts of the video and song to date.

“I love the fact that after people hear a performance they still remember my lyrics weeks after and recite them back! It is a great feeling to know that I’m remembered for my talent.”

Highly successful in high schools V.A.S. gained more support from young fans by performing at community events and joining in with their projects. Not only capturing a high amount of teenagers but also older fans allowing him to fit into both markets performing in clubs.
Being an all round entertainer he went on to being a ‘Freelance Presenter’ distributed across Virgin Media, The Guardian, The Independent, IPC and leading fashion blogs.
Being backed up with support from Shaketastic the support only grows with time and never slows down.

Versatile And Sophisticated, he does not only bring catchy choruses but also a smooth, funky and witty style to the music scene; with his video to “Safe With Me” entering Channel AKA’s top 20 charts. The release of safe with me quickly reached blogs overseas within 24 hours fuelling people to make their own YouTube videos.

Due to self determination it is impossible to hold down V.A.S. as he shows development and progression through every release.
On the same day V.A.S.’s ‘Shapes In The Air’ dropped DJs have been spinning the track and “giving it reloads”. Also A-Listed on Channel AKA with the video to ‘Shapes In The Air’ a week after release, and placed in the top 20, the increase in his buzz continues.

Being playlisted in DJ Yasmin’s set and Rinse FM have risen from this buzz, however are not the only ways V.A.S. has connected with a ‘radio scene’. Receiving a weekly rotation on Westside Radio he was then called in for a freestyle in which he ‘tore up’ his time on air.

The Unique production of V.A.S.’s music combined with his diversity on each track unquestionably shows a special creation of music. His crazy, “out there” but laid back cool and fun personality creates the vision that he will, no doubt, break new musical ground.
You’ll have to look far and wide but it is unlikely that you’ll find anyone like V.A.S. He has a certain ‘essence’ that everybody strives to find.

If you would like to hear a taste of this “essence” listen to V.A.S.