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Weird and wonderful.A new Zappa/Beefheart on a Billy Squire level with Disney overtones.An Alice in wonderland weened on Devo and the B52's.I saw and heard myself his magic in front of a noisy underground audience.He conquered. - Kim Fowley

You know where you find mad genius? At the bottom of the fucking heap.they don't have a Be My Backing Band contests or agents or cover stories.So that's where I went to fin one:the bottom of the bin labeled"CD's for review"
And this is what I found.A one man industrial electro-circus-pop band called Vasoline Tuner that recalls Zappa,Capt.Beefheart and Mr.Bean in equal amounts.This guy Billy Tsounis is absolutely fucking nuts,for better or for worse,and the album he sent me,chocked full of songs like "Buttsweat is not Butter","Dracula was a Ding Dong" and "Clouds are Sexy" is addictively fucked up.
Do I want to see this lunatic live? Probably not.Do I want to give him the cover of L.A Alternative Music issue.No sir.But I sure as hell like singing along to "The Power Of Mariah Care's Pussy." - Los Angeles Alternative press

Neat with a deep bass groove,solid funky drum beat and droning guitars made me think of a bar scene somewhere in outer space. - Monkey Magnet

One of the most abtuse and underrated bands on the planet,the guys in Vasoline Tuner continue to do things their own peculiar way...creating challenging music with a decidedly hilarious sense of humor.Rock out with your cock out is easily the band's funniest album yet, featuring lyrics and song titles that are almost certain to make even the most jaded listeners howl out loud.The album begins with the furious tension of "Ugly girls fuck better" and then plunges into the overtlysilly "Staying at the Y".Before you can catch your breath,the band proceeds to present thre trippy,thoughtful, and eerie"Your mom is a man".Vasoline Tuner is always a strange and bewildering experience...but they've outdone themselves with this little sucker.In an age where creativity seems to be getting harder and harder to find, these guys prove that all it takes is a vivid and intense sense of imagination and the ability to play a few instruments. This band's crazed music is highly reminiscent of the super creative stuff that was released on Frank Zappas Bizzare Records label decades ago.Absolutely great and intense stuff.This band just keeps getting better as the years go by.Highly recommended - Baby Sue magazine

Sounds like an experiment on an old Atari computer with some weird rhymes.Electro porn music,disco for dirtbags.Maybe you should check these guys out,the fun factor on this cd is really high if you listen to just the lyrics. - Daredevil Magazine

One day I opened a promo parcel and I found inside a cd and a bio sheet with a giant picture of a long haired,sunglasses-wearing guy in his shirt,screaming and pretending to buttfuck a small panda teddybear.I suddenly thought"what the fuck is going on here dude?!!" and I put the cd into the player,I was struck by a crtazy mix of disco music,art rock,punk and demented songs.Vasoline Tuner,the name of this band,got me totally hooked wqith their infectious electro-punk-weird melodies.coming from hollywood,you'd better score this dude's music and dance. - Garbage Dump magazine


Beyond Repair- 1997
Solid Gold Shopping cart- 1999
Sensetive artist beachball- 2001
Rock out with your cock out-2005



Vasoline Tuner is an eclectic tongue in cheek act channeling a stoned ghost from a planet adjacent to the one we are on.The planet with meat and bubbles growing on every street and where imagination is king.Lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Billy Tsounis started life in Athens,Greece,the original home of gods,showbiz,orgies,entertainment and education.Moved to Johannesburg South Africa to absorb the wild and beautiful primal energy,later cock rocked in beautiful Boston and then moved to a haunted mansion in Hollywood California enjoying it's sunshine and it's darkness.It is through this international fast food osmosis that these irreverant impulses come to their most creative fruition to challenge all the taboos of our modern day culture.The debut cd "Beyond Repair"by Vasoline Tuner was released internationally by TON records in 1997 and since then Vasoline Tuner has released another 3 cd's.Vasoline Tuner has been described by one of it's most colourful fans and supporters,the legendary songwriter/producer/impressario,Mr Kim Fowley as weird and wonderful.Vasoline Tuner has performed throughout California,Las Vegas,Arizona and has had it's music placed on MTV's road rules extreme challenge show as well as on the CBS morning show.
This is music for now and beyond.We need to have a different way at looking at things in a different sense of reality and you will find new reality contained within this music.It is your decision as to what that reality is. A new cd "Easy and Cheesy will be available soon.
Other assorted influences for Vasoline Tuner are science fiction and the outer regions of space,disco,cartoons,porn,national geographic,occult science,Frank Zappa,Sensational alex Harvey band, Village People,Funkadelic,Ween,UFO's,plastic surgery disasters,Salvador Dali,The residents,Almodovar,Klaus Nomi,Motorhead,70's and 80's pop metal,AC/DC, Van Halen,Sesame street,Biz Markie,Wall of Voodoo.