Vast Atlantic

Vast Atlantic


We're a Folk/Country/Blues band from Southern California. We write music we want to hear. We perform music we want to see. The best kind is the honest kind. And we don't care about MTV. We've been called the illegitimate child of Wilco, Bright Eyes, and Ryan Adams


Who is Vast Atlantic? Vast Atlantic is the brainchild of Jarrett Killen, formerly from the Interscope signed band, Narwhal. After languishing in relative gridlock for three years, Jarrett’s disenfranchisement with “the system” grew to such a point that he began looking for another creative outlet. So he started writing songs on his acoustic guitar. Jarrett soon hooked up with multi instrumentalist Kyle Zantos (guitar/banjo/keys/vox) who shared his love of folk, blues and country music. Armed with mutual inspiration and a desire for substantial music, the two sat down and began to write what would become their first E.P., “Darker Days”, which quickly became a staple in many of their friends’ iPods and stereos. Seizing on the momentum that had been created, Jarrett and Kyle enlisted the services of Bret Hendry (guitar/lap steel/harmonium/vox), Adam Herro (drums) and Adam Poe (bass/vox) to form what is now the permanent lineup of Vast Atlantic.

Now a fully functioning band, Vast Atlantic set out recording their second E.P., “So Long” which was released in April of 2008. The record is a beautiful mix of Americana rock, folk/country, and blues and has earned the band comparisons to Ryan Adams, Wilco, and early Bright Eyes. Since its release they have played to a sold out crowd at the Troubadour; headlined The Knitting Factory, played at the Maloof Cup (the largest prize money skateboard event in the world) and been featured on LA radio station INDIE 103.1. Sharing the stage with such acts as Rocky Votolato (Barsuk Records), Portugal the Man (Fearless Records), and Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter (Barsuk Records), the band has been earning themselves an ever expanding fan base all the while. The upcoming months are full of potential as the band is currently planning a West Coast tour and is shopping their (in the works) full length to a slew of labels. All of this, mind you, from a band that has only been together for a year.

Vast Atlantic has a passion for making music that they want to hear and hope that along the way, others will want to hear it too. Always bursting at the seams with new songs and ideas, they hope to continue producing records and performing for fans for as long as they are allowed.


The "Darker Days EP" was released in 2007, and the "So Long EP" was released in April of 2008 both physically and on iTunes/AmazonMP3. We've been featured on Chapman radio, streamed live on and have been played multiple times on Los Angeles station INDIE 103.1

Set List

A typical set will include any combination of the following:

At This Point
Paddle to the Water
Ain't it Grand
The River Song
See You in the Sunlight

We often will play a new song or 2 that we've recently written too. We usually play about 25- 35 minute sets. Due to our local area and the kinds of shows we get booked on, our live sets tend to be a little bit more upbeat than our albums as wholes.