Vaudeville: A Dazzling display of heterogeneous splendor designed to educate, edify, amaze, and uplift


Music for music’s sake: This is the ideal behind Vaudeville’s refusal to be boxed into any single genre. Possessing a sound as eclectic as their influences, elements of jazz, blues, and even classical are layered over a solid foundation of rock and roll.
Combining their unique musical styling with a charismatic stage show, Vaudeville has packed nickel theatres from here to Timbuktu. So step RIGHT up, Give the punch-man your ticket, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.



Written By: Vaudeville

Stop and feel the pride
Oh, your hands are tied behind you
Stop, don’t think
You’re mine
It’s great to know
Everything turns out alright

It’s alright again
All this
It’s really for your own protection
Kneel down
Enjoy the blessed benediction
Crawl for me
Do it cuz you love your master
Just don’t ever be a traitor
Let me here you say stop

Stop, don’t speak that way
Don’t you dare
Betray the machine
Everything gets brighter in the night
As my justice makes it right
It’s alright again


Written By: Vaudeville

These days spent watching
The rainy streets
I almost hear the puddles
Splash with your feet
It breaks my heart when I
Snap back to life
And realize that
You’re not coming back

Through all of this I take the blame
Give up my crown
It’s my mistakes that bring me
Crashing to the ground
I’ve lost the only one
That’s worth a damn
I am empty of you

So many memories
Of better times
Your breath against my chest
Sleep in moonlight
How did it come to this?
It crumbles in my heart
I lay back down now
And close my eyes


Written By: Vaudeville

I don’t wear a Stetson hat
But I will protect you
I do not own a pair of boots with spurs
But I can fill these shoes just fine

My guns are blazin’ eyes are crazy
Lookin for the bad guy hiding in the midday sun
But there ain’t none there
I’m gonna save ya, maybe later
Pick you up and put you on my horse when you’re nearly dead
I’ll show you that I care

I wanna be your cowboy
I’ll be your hero today

Do you remember the last time you felt safe
Or do they run away now?
Well throw down the lasso
And let the man go free
Cuz I’m here to stay

A quick draw, barroom brawl, kickin in the door
I’m ready for the showdown
Locked in ready to go
But the streets grow quiet
I’ll bring it to ya, see ya through it
Hold you when you need it
And you’re closing up those sleepy eyes
Then the sun comes up

Go Back

Written By: Vaudeville

I know you’re asking me to dance tonight
I say, “Will you make me feel alive?”
So I go back, and I remember
The way we danced before
Keep your eyes on me
Only I know
Only I see
We dance so gracefully

So I
Go back
To see
The way that you move
So you
Make me
Burn up
Singing songs I never knew

I know we danced well in the past
Tell me what to do
I want to make this last
So be bad to me
Just be prepared cuz I dance too
I never thought I’d sing this
Song for you
I’ve never felt this way
And even now
I’m making time for me
To share this charmed embrace with you
I take you by the hand
And guide you to the floor
Feel the sweat
Let’s find it
That I ache to feel you

Lennon isn't Dead

Written By: Vaudeville

Take a look at me
Tell me what you see
Even when you call me pussy
Take a look at you
Wish that I could be so tool
You're a prodigy, and a mockery
Of an artist painting pictures
And inside your scene
I can guess who you'll make king
All tucked up inside
So you'll pick a fight
Cuz you've got your crew behind you
And its five to one
So you're sure you'll be a hero
But the ridicule
That we get from you
Bout the way we look, it hurts me
Your opinion please
Means the world
I want to be just like you

I know
When we scream the anthem
You'll find
Lennon isn't dead
Look now
Who was right you yuppie
Wake up
Lennon isn't dead


Vaudeville: The Demo

Set List

A typical set list consists of nine to eleven original songs, and runs at about 45 minutes to one hour. Songs are rotated in and out of set lists regularly to create dynamic, exciting live shows for fans. The following is a list of Vaudeville's songs:
Go Back
A Ghost of you
15 Miles
Red Alert
No Room for the Romantic
The Next Go Round
So Long
Friday Night
Lennon isn't Dead
Lay Back Down
End of Me