Vav Jungle

Vav Jungle


Electronic music that makes you want to dance until exhaustion and pee on the floor - futuristic-sexy/sophisticated go go


Electronic music with a kicky 'Nancy Sinatra beating Depeche Mode over the head with a keyboard' appeal.
Eva plays keyboards over tracks she has created and simply wants people to dance & see something they don't totally see in a bar/discotheque setting. This is old school new-wave that's simple/danceable and different enough to make you feel that 'I've never heard anything like this' - David Wisdom, CBC Radio 2


Stereos of the Time

Written By: Eva Rice

* Drain out all the pain and all the fists inside your mind * It's all because we're saved from another planet of the time * We save in time and thoughts and another rotten corners something aside * How much will you make to hide the stereos of the time?*


Release in Sept. '07 - I Love Presets, '05 - Canadiana Striptease, '02 - Cream Corn Bath, '00 - Models For Jelly, '97 - Zig a Dig
There are tracks on myspace with video clips - go there for more complete details:

Set List

'I create new songs and perform some from the older albums - I add at least 2 new songs for every show that I do - that's the deal I made with myself to keep it new and fresh like the panties I wear on stage.' - Eva