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The best kept secret in music


"Vayden Rocks!"

The Marquee Theater may be taking
contractor’s bids for the roof that was
blown off by the explosive performance
of Vayden, where the fuse was lit during their
CD release party on Friday, March 24th.
Every band that preceded Vayden played a
key role in adding to the fervor that resulted
when the lights went down, and the electricity
of the crowd was so intense, it felt as if the sun
would burst through the ceiling to blast its rays
on their triumphant attack of the stage.
And attack the stage they did, with a flair
that put many bands to shame. It is their music
that brought 1300 people together that night.
The soulful whisperings of Curtis Casey could
bring you in so close you believed that you
felt his lips against your ear. One story would
begin, and when Bill Deliru, Rob Robbins
and Bruce Weitz pounded that next sentence
into life, it was a symphony of emotions that
brought over a thousand souls into a unified
understanding of who they are. The stories of
Vayden are for everyone. Their expressions of
thought blended with sexy, wooing vocals and
ultra high-energy rock mastery, bring a mes-
sage that is unique to each listener.
Vayden is an international caliber talent that
has, again, wowed the locals, and with good
reason. They are men of humble beginnings
as most artists are, but their humility and
sense of humanity keep them this way. The
“rock-star lifestyle” will never control them.
These guys will finish a gig and go to the mov-
ies together. They have time for those that ask,
and you know they care when they randomly
speak of things that you may have mentioned
in passing a month or two ago. This is the sort
of attitude that will help keep them successful,
and what makes them so likeable at the same
time. Vayden is composed of the finest type
of men, who create a rich form of music that
offers something more. If you don’t believe it ,
ask any of the thirty deep, semi-circle of fans
that waited in line for an autographed CD.
- Get Out Magazine, Arizona

"Almost Famous"

Aside from their dashing good looks and being mistaken for The BlackMoods, people remember Vayden for their hair. Well, and their music. This band is just, hands down, good. Their approachable personalities and sense of humor only add to their undeniable charm, and it doesn’t hurt that they rock as hard as their hair is long. Their live performance is tight — charismatic, energetic, solid. Their recordings are polished. One, if not all of them, are perfectionists. Their new album was just recorded with producer Ryan Greene, and in 2006 they plan to be “forcing it on as many ears as possible,” according to singer Curtis Casey, the one with the killer on-stage moves. - 944 Magazine


Curtis Casey feels like a very lucky man. As the lead singer of Vayden, a self-labeled rock/alternative/metal band from Phoenix, Ariz., he has his dream band, his dream producer and a new record dropping March 24th with a CD release show at The Marquee Theatre.

"This is the type of band that I always dreamed about being in. Our drummer (Bruce Weitz) can do anything that is rhythmically possible with two wooden sticks. His mind is trained to be an elegant killer on his custom TJS kit. Our guitarist (Rob Robbins) can create moods as natural as rain and slash into any complexity of notes at lightning speeds. It is a level of skill that was almost entirely lost in the hostile grunge/punk take over of 93 and is still very rare to this day. Then to top it all off our bass player (Bill Delrieu) has the ability to command his bass so honestly that it commands the crowd to in turn command him what to do on his bass. It is a beautiful circle that is very hard to comprehend. Needless to say I feel like the luckiest kid in the world to be behind the wheel driving this musical reverie."

Formerly Simplfy, Vayden has enjoyed a fair amount of local success. Besides being one
of a handful of local bands who can still pack a sweaty, dark 21+ rock club on any given night in the valley, their recent acquisition of famed producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, Megadeth, Lagwagon etc.) to produce a twelve track CD, as well as their high media rankings in such opportunities as Mix 96.9's open for Bon Jovi contest, Vayden brings a shout-along cocktail of counter choruses and soaring calculated guitars and that could make almost anyone arguing the moot point believe that rock music is not dead.

Influenced by "good and no particular order," Vayden brings a fresh spark into what sonically could traditionally fall into the big (and almost always boring) rock radio format. Which is interesting considering the one similarity I would truly place upon Casey's live shows and vocal stylings would be along the lines of fellow vocalist Jerod Woosley of local breakouts Fivespeed (Virgin Records). Where they differ is Woosley originally hadn't drawn such a formatted map to three chorus anthems that fall right at three minutes and thirty seconds (before signing to Virgin, their tracks were loveably and slightly more naturally paced in an indie rock format), and Casey's mark aims straight for the mainstream jugular we all (some of us secretly) posses. He does offer like minded throaty, raw vocal projections that tend to make his lyrics as believable, which is something extremely difficult to achieve in this consistently over-friendly, basic rock genre.

I am not saying Vayden is a "safe" band per say, what I am really saying is if Vayden continues to sprint upon the momentum they are currently creating, Vayden is a safe bet. The band’s charisma while performing live on stage, as well as their attention to their fan base create a nice platform with an even nicer slice of potential. But don't take my word for it. Vayden will perform alongside Yoko Love at the Marquee Theatre
March 24th. Tickets a $10 and the show is all ages. Recommended listening tracks
are Anthem of the Used and Uniforms.
- Get Out Magazine, Phoenix


"Children of Our Mistakes"
12 song LP Produced By Ryan Greene
Released April 7, 2006
Air play on KEDJ Phoenix:
"The One You Left Behind", "Anthem of the Used", "Nothing to Say"


Feeling a bit camera shy


"VAYDEN - Phoenix based high-energy, four piece rock/alt/metal band”

Debut album recorded with producer Ryan Greene.
(NOFX, Bad Religion, Lag Wagon, No Use for a Name, Dishwalla etc.)

Released debut CD "Children of Our Mistakes" March 24th 2006.

Vayden's original sound has led to spins on Phoenix top rock and alternative radio stations:
The Edge 103.9
The Zone 101.5

Opened for:
- Matchbox 20
- Three Days Grace
- Alien Ant Farm
- Slightly Stoopid
- 30 Seconds to Mars
- Kings X

Band Philosophy:

Curtis (lead singer) "Never strive for perfection – but always strive for progress. Perfection is an ideal in which progress is the vehicle."

Bruce (drummer) "Good is never enough when you can have great; take risks for what you believe in."

Bill (bass guitarist) "Present to others what is the best of ourselves through music."

Rob (lead guitarist) "Remembering the greatness which lies within – the integral search for these things that remain hidden."