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All FEMALE ROCK trio from San Francisco Bay Area. Powerful vocals, melodic guitars, nice smooth beat. Songs are catchy, melodic, and have powerful messages! Their sound is in the vein of Heart, Melissa Etheridge & U2.


Vaylence - 3 parts passion, a spark of creativity & determined focus by three fiercely talented women musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The self-titled song,”Can you hear me?” which was written in memory of guitarist Karen Whitham’s sister’s tragic death, is a chilling and haunting conversation with someone who has passed. “ In your eyes”, a song about suspicion and infidelity, is an epic attestation of this band’s strength and power, showcasing their fearless songwriting abilities. The final song on the single, “ I wanna live forever” is an upbeat , feel-good anthem about living and “rediscovering questions we’ve all been fed.”

Can You Hear Me? produced by Jeffrey Wood (Penelope Houston, The Housemartins) and recorded at Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, California.) pushes the band’s undeniable sound further than it’s ever gone before. The band challenged themselves and each other to record songs that will be remembered and will put them on the map for the mainstream market.

To witness Vaylence perform live is to understand both their chemistry and the undeniable bond that the band unselfishly shares with it’s audience. Each have an insatiable thirst for creating new music
together. Incorporating passion, diverse musical influences and a strong work ethic, their musical
experimentation is innovative and daring but remains true and honest.


Vaylence - Can you hear me? 2007 CD Single

(All 3 songs on the CD are included in this EPK.)

Recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA
Produced by Jeffrey Wood. Mixed by Adam Munez.
Mastered by Ken Lee.

Set List

** We are available for live performances and we have over 40 original songs **

** A few of the bands we like to cover are...**

The Black Crows
Creedence Clearwater Revival
John Cougar Mellencamp
Melissa Etheridge
Led Zeppelin
Lynyrd Skynrd
ZZ Top
Rolling Stones