San Diego, California, USA

Original and psychotic to tame. Pop rock to thrash, but pretty much good ole rock n roll. We like to comment on society and probably take ourselves way to seriously but love to clown around. We are like manic depression on stage and raw, not polished will give it 100 percent, the most posssible.


Here is our story. We are poor, we know that. We come from nothing, but thats ok. We are making all the right moves and with the right woman we will go straight to the top.


Royal Maya Crypt - 105.3 FM San Diego

Set List

No Covers - here is an example of 45 min set.

Us 3

how's the weather?

Internet Porn?

It's a girl

Ape Ass


Royal Maya Crypt

The Day After

Cyborg is Dead

R President