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Vecar Is a 3 piece group from Bakersfield California. Vecar performs with Big Boom Beats, Catchy Guitar Riffs, And Intoxicating Bass Lines. Vecar has a dedicated fan base and never lets down the new comers. Vecar Has been on the Bakersfield Scene For 2 years and setting goals for the road. The Album "Love is a four letter word" Will be released on itunes at the end of April 2008.

Influences include The Smiths, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, Blur, RadioHead, Led Zeppelin, Buck Owens, Steel Pulse , Django Reinhardt, The Four Tops, and Kanye West. Slayer, The smiths.

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We danced

Written By: Paul Paramo

Lyrics for "We Danced"
this was your last request.
so i had to follow you down to your room.
so you just took off your shoes
and you gave me your hands.
and then we sway.
and then we danced.
you were an ocean away so i swam to reah you
you were a moutain high so i climb to reah you
but now you're about to die so i take your hands and
we dance.

Good as gone

Written By: Paul Paramo

you remind of a face i've seen before in a book i read in my youth and mistook.
the irony is possibly the cowardness of standing on your own.
your mornings grazed with silence carry on into the night and then you're sorry you're alone.

look i haven't seen you wandering in these parts and i'd rather you not start this my home this is my heart.
the trouble is i'm not sure where here is
i fumble through the door and to the street.
failing is rising over nothing esle is in your way and now i know you're good as gone.

what now? you left! your gone and i'm alone
you rise to fall to show me something i already knew.
the life i love is in the rain but running out and i'm lost again.
the life i love is in the sun which now i know is good as gone

Get ontrack

Written By: Paul Paramo

Get up, get on track. I don't need nobodies help to help me when Im going south, so get on track.
If your falling in love you'll need a bottle of scotch, it'll hurt so good like electric shock.
Then she''l burn your bridge leave you blue when she's through its true du do do.
So fall in love with your bottle of scotch it'll hurt so good like electric shock, So get off you ass and make your loving last-



Set List

Intricate Machine -Vecar
Get On track -Vecar
Wither Away -Vecar
You couldn't decide -Vecar
Stubby -Vecar
We Danced - Vecar
She's Impossible -Vecar
wake up - Vecar
We'll let you know - Vecar