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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo R&B Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Voice's Vedo on Surviving His MTV Past, Tackling Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson"

R&B crooner Vedo already felt like a champion at the end of The Voice‘s Season 4 Blind Auditions — mainly because he’d been able to share the experience with his mother, who was gravely ill with lung cancer and succumbed to the disease shortly thereafter.
“That meant the world, man,” he says. “The doctors had advised her not to travel, because [she was undergoing] chemotherapy. But she was just like, ‘I have to go. This is my son’s first huge appearance on TV, and I really want to be there.’ A lot of people don’t know, but the day she arrived from Indiana, she got really sick and ended up in the hospital. I was worried, thinking, ‘If I don’t get a chair turned, this was all for nothing.'”
Ultimately, Vedo’s rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” landed him a spot on Team Usher — and he made it all the way to Season 4’s Top 12. TVLine caught up with the singer to discuss his prior near-miss with music fame, his covers of power ballads by Bryan Adams and Phil Collins, and that super-close Battle Round bout against Jessica Childress.
TVLINE | During your time on the show, I don’t think we got a real sense of what you were doing prior to coming on The Voice. Were you able to make a living through music or did you have to have a side job?
I was actually performing a lot –10 or 15 shows a week — schools, nightclubs and things of that nature. I was making just enough to stay afloat before I auditioned for The Voice. Of course, [to get to that point], I’d been working since the eighth grade on my artistry and my writing. I shot my first music video when I was in the eleventh grade, for my song “Traffic Jam,” and that was a big step. It appeared on BET, MTV, VH1. Then from there, it was a downfall, but eventually it came back up, and here we are now.
TVLINE | You were pitted against Jessica Childress for the Battle Rounds, and that was a brutally tough matchup. I’d even say she went into that as a front-runner based on her initial audition.
We were close before we even got matched up, and we became like little brother and big sister. She’s an awesome singer, she’s an awesome performer, and I was humbled when Usher picked me [as the winner]. Honestly, it could have gone either way. But my mindset was really about just connecting with the song. Because if an audience feels like you’re trying to outdo the person that you’re going up against, it automatically turns them off. If they can sense that you’re actually having a good time and you’re drawing them in with the amount of emotion and the amount of excitement that you bring to the song and to the stage, that will win them over versus doing a bunch of vocal theatrics.
TVLINE | I found it a little surprising that someone your age would get to the Knockout Rounds and pick “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” a ballad that’s more than 20 years old. Had you ever sung it before? What was your reason for choosing it?
Honestly, I had never sung that song before. My mindset was like, “Hey, you know what, let’s do something that the people wouldn’t really envision me doing.” And then it was, “Hey, let’s try this Bryan Adams tune.” I listened to the record and it coincided with everything that I was going through.
TVLINE | And then you ended up with another older ballad when you got to the live playoffs. Did you have any hesitancy about “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”? And were you aware of the history that it’s one of the most covered songs ever in American Idol history and had also been done in Seasons 2 and 3 of The Voice by Jermaine Paul and Trevin Hunte?
You know what, honestly bro, when I heard the song, I was like, “Okay. Good song.” I don’t watch Idol. I haven’t watched Idol in…I’m not sure the last time I watched. The Voice, I watched Season 3, but I didn’t watch it all the way through. People told me after I was done that Trevin Hunte had performed it [last year]. I was like, “Oh wow, I didn’t know that.” And it’s a good thing that I didn’t, because if I had known that going on stage my confidence would have been thrown off.
TVLINE | Do you think Usher chose Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” for your final week on the show as a way to switch up the tempo after back-to-back ballads?
It was just something that Usher pulled out of the air, and I was happy with it simply because I’m a performer and I thought, “Let’s get out here, let’s have fun, let’s entertain people, let’s see what happens.” Plus, it was an honor because it was the first time anybody ever was able to do a Michael Jackson song on The Voice.
TVLINE | What’s next for you?
I feel like this is a situation where once you’re off The Voice, everybody is like, “Hey, I’m still going to support you forever, this and that.” You want to make them happy by giving them new things. For me, I’m going to get back home to Atlanta, I’m going to get in the studio right away. I’m going work with a bunch of producers, try to develop a sound that is uniquely mine. I want to try to work on my album and start releasing singles within the next month or two. - TV Line

"OK! Exclusive: Vedo From The Voice Tells OK! His Weird Eating Habits And Which Celeb Just Followed Him on Twitter"

Every week until the end of The Voice this season, is going to be interviewing the cast-offs from that week's episode. It's sad that they're getting the boot from the show, but we're thrilled to chat with them! Is that selfish?

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And this week? We talked with castoff Vedo, from Team Usher, about his weirdest qualities, why he loves Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, the celebrity that just followed him on Twitter and more. Read below, and come back every Friday for more interviews from The Voice!

OK!: We're so sad to see you go! Is there a song you wish you had gotten time to sing on the show?
Vedo: Maybe a Stevie Wonder song. Stevie Wonder is a big influence. My all time favorite old school singer. I really wish I had gotten to sing maybe "Knocks me off My Feet," "Superstitious," something like that.

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OK!: Glee just did all those songs!
Vedo: Really? Wow. I need to audition! No, I’m kidding.

OK!: And so now that you’re a TV star…ha, you’re getting awkward! Is it weird that youre a TV star?
Vedo: Nah it isn’t awkward. I've already wanted to carry that title but now I can because I've been on national television. But I'm not a celebrity. Just a few more people who my name and heard me sing. A celebrity is Usher. I really try to inspire people love music, I love dance, I love R&B. I like to make all types of music from dance music to love making music, but ultimately I want to inspire someone with all types of music that I put out, whether it be whatever.

OK!: Any other celebrities you want to meet other than Usher?
Vedo: I would like to meet Justin Bieber. I really wanna see what type of person he is. He's always under wraps so much, you never really get to know who Justin is. You only speculate. I would also like to meet Chris Brown, I want to see what type of person he is. Again, we see what goes on with him but I’d like to see what type of person he is at heart.

OK!: Who’s your musical man crush?
Vedo: (Laughs). When you say man crush…like…define man crush.

OK!: It could be you think they’re talented or they’re good looking…
Vedo: I would say Chris Brown. I think he's like, super talented. He displays a mixture of athleticism, vocals, emotion, all in one. That’s hard to do. Usher will tell you. It's really not easy to sing and dance at the same time. Before Michael Jackson passed I think Usher and Chris Brown are the ones that really are doing it. And I want to be that way too.

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OK!: What’s the weirdest thing about you that your fans don’t know yet?
Vedo:The weirdest thing about me, is uh…. Um….wait. People don’t know about me. I love to eat bread. And that’s it. Like, I would take a bunch of bread and like eat it.

OK!: And that’ll be your dinner?
Vedo: That’ll be my dinner, like a bunch of bread and water. Jelly sandwiches, no peanut butter. I’m allergic to peanuts. And I grew up doing that so that’s what I do.

OK!: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Vedo: On my iPod. Uh. Let me see.

OK!: There’s gotta be some, like, One Direction on there…
Vedo: You know what, it's "Little Things" by One Direction. I actually did a cover to "Little Things" too and I think that’s probably the most embarrassing song. It's like 'Oh, Vedo you’re a little sap.' You’re a sensitive person. But I think that’s probably the most embarrassing song on my iPod.

OK!: No Bieber?
Vedo: I got some bieber on there but I don’t think that’s embarrassing. Hes got some cool music.

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OK!: So now just get Usher to hook you up with Bieber and you're all set.
Vedo: Actually, yeah! Scooter Braun just followed me on Twitter.

OK!: OMG, that’s my dream in my life. To get Scooter Braun to notice me on Twitter.
Vedo: Yeah, he follows me, so that’s pretty cool, man. I just found out that he follows me today. So that was pretty cool. - OK Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vedo is a 23-year old American singer, songwriter and entertainer most recognized for his stellar performances on season four of NBC’s popular talent competition, The Voice. Born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan Vedo began singing at the age of 9 when his mother discovered his vocal ability was above average, impressing anyone that heard his distinct tone, range and perfect pitch. Although his voice was certainly a gift, it was a curse as well, bringing more attention than many of his peers in the form of admiring girls and fast crowds. His childhood wasn’t easy, moving from place to place, homeless more often than not and as a result, Vedo developed a tough attitude that eventually led to trouble in school, fighting and not achieving his true scholastic potential so in 2008, Vedo’s mother decided he needed a change and moving to Atlanta, GA with his father was it. Vedo did not want to leave his mother and friends behind, however, that decision became a blessing in disguise and an integral part of the journey to his dream.Upon arriving in a new city filled with talent and opportunity, Vedo’s passion for music intensified as well as his focus on academics, becoming an A and B student at Southwest DeKalb High School. He was inspired to delve into his inner songwriter and perfect his vocals; these efforts combined with his natural ability led to Vedo becoming one of the top finalists on The Voice and writing songs for major label recording artists and highly acclaimed music producer Troy Taylor.In addition Vedo has remained dedicated to honing his skills as an all around performer, engaging his audience with his physical command of the stage, incorporating cutting edge dance moves and pure passion into every show. In a short period of time, Vedo has garnered the respect of peers and veterans of the music industry alike. Vedo also won Male Artist of the Year in 2014 and Video of the year in 2015 at the Georgia Music Awards. His first single “All I Wanna Do” peaked at #46 on the Urban Mainstream Radio Charts and his second single “Classic” is Peak #38 on the Urban Mainstream Charts and #36 Urban AC in 2015. He also release a mixtape with 12 original songs entitled “93” on October 30th 2015. His latest EP entitled “State of Mind” released April 8th, 2016 debuted at #13 on the iTunes R&B Charts and hit 6 different Billboard ChartsHistory has shown many great singers experience adversity at their breakthrough moment and Vedo is no exception. When auditioning for The Voice, his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and although she was able to see his blind audition that wowed R&B singer and Voice judge Usher, she sadly passed away one month before his national debut. Many could not have made it past such a difficult time but Vedo used the loss of his mother as his strength, singing his heart out week to week in her honor. And though The Voice is behind him, he says “I’m still striving to make her proud...I know she’s watching.” Ever since this life changing event, he has spent his free time volunteering for campaigns that speak to his own personal experiences such as the Lung Cancer Alliance, singing for Atlanta’s Channel 11 telethon to assist the Oklahoma Tornado victims, performing for the Toyz N Tha Hood Tour in Atlanta with the Hitman DJ’s and participating in the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry and Homeless campaign.Vedo currently signed to his own label New Wav Music Group and resides in Atlanta, GA where he continues to work on his music while lending his melodic voice and life experience through lyric to others.

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