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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Featured artist interview with TRL magazine featuring Cleveland artist Veeno"

how long have you been doing music?

I've been writing since I was 15 but I actually didn't start recording until I was 19, so I would say about 8 years. I never really had the opportunity to record what I was writing until I was 19 so I kind of always just kept my rhymes to myself. When I started writing and recording was just a hobby and something I had fun with, I never really took it serious. I started taking it serious right around when I turned 23. That was the turning point when I started putting together an actual project instead of just releasing original music and remixes with really no direction. I started taking music more seriously, started to build my first project and began pushing myself as a solo artist. I released my first solo mixtape "Ridin Round The City" on my 24th birthday so I would say that was the turning point. Since then I can honestly say I have found myself as an artist and am very happy with my creative process, my delivery and flow that I have created.

Did/do you do anything else in the hip-hop culture besides music? (produce, graffiti, etc).

I've recently started dabbling in producing, just learning the basics of it and getting my feet wet. It's something I definitely want to experiment more with this year and get a better grasp on. I look at artists like Big K.R.I.T. and J Cole who rap as well as produce and I think it just makes you better overall as an artist and for your audience. You have the ability to control and direct a specific sound that you like and it also opens more doors when you bring more to the table than just rapping.

What is the Cleveland music scene like now? Has it grown (up or down) in the past 5 years?

I feel the Cleveland music scene is at an all time high right now. People in Cleveland are actually starting to demand to hear their favorite local artists on the local radio stations here in Cleveland, that wasn't happening 5 years ago. I feel the emergence of MGK, Kid Cudi and King Chip in the industry has helped with this and has also brought more eyes and ears towards Cleveland. There is a lot of competition in Cleveland and as result of that there has been a lot of good music that has been coming out of Cleveland over the last couple years. The quality of the music as well as the production coming out of Cleveland has drastically improved and continues to get better day by day.

How important is it for an independent artist to travel and perform?

I believe it is very important for an artist to travel and perform. Out of town shows are always great, it gives you a chance to perform in front of an audience that may have never heard of you before and a chance to gain new fans. I never underestimate the power of word of mouth, it's great to have an internet presence but to provide a rememberable live performance for an out of town audience is just as important. I feel people are more likely to tell their friends about an artist based off of a live performance rather than a song they heard on soundcloud.

What are you currently working on?

I just released my debut album "Myself as I Know It" back in August of 2013 so I'm still promoting that pretty heavy. You can find my album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and pretty much any online music store. It can also be streamed on my soundcloud page. Currently I am working on a couple singles I'm going to be releasing over the summer and putting together an EP as my next project. It's still in the early phases of writing/recording but should be out before the end of 2014.

Any final shout outs?

Shout out to they are one of the biggest local blogs here in Cleveland and have always supported me and the really whole KushNERDS movement we got going on. Also shout out to the whole 2-1-Sick radio show crew for always playing my music on their show every Saturday which is broadcasted on 89.3 FM. Shout out to Essince as well for giving me this outlet to people on the west coast so they can get to know me and maybe get to know other Cleveland artists! - TRL magazine

"KushNERDS return in style"

To celebrate 4/20, the KushNERDS decide to hit the net with all new everything. Today they launch their new website, as well as (where new merch can be found). Below you will be able to find three new tracks from the group. -

"Who are the KushNERDS?"

The KushNERDS recently debuted their website along with 3 new singles from each of their artists: ZuP, Veeno & Patrenzo Kennedy; along with new merchandise on 4/20.
There are currently only 3 T-shirts in their line at the moment but I would describe them as “Simple Dopeness”…yes I made that up and I’d like my 10% for usage of said phrase! Lol! One of my favorite T’s is the one shown below featuring Mark Price. If you’re from Cleveland then you know the story behind this Cleveland Cavaliers legend. The T’s and other merchandise can be purchased here:

KushNERD artist Veeno releases his first single “UAMB” since dropping his debut album “Myself as I Know It” in August of 2013. UAMB is produced by fellow KushNERD Patrenzo Kennedy and is a raw, gritty track with Veeno dropping lines about underachieving as a teen and how music and bleezers bring out the best of him in the worst times. UAMB = Underachievers And Mad Bleezers.

Veeno just keeps getting better and better! His wordplay, catchy phrases, and ability to ride the beat has certainly improved since his last project and the very first. He is the epitome of ‘doing what you love and working towards making yourself the best’. He may not be nominated or considered Lyricist of the year but he certainly lets you feel him through his songs and if you can’t respect where he’s come from and where he’s going you my friend are a robot. This track has somewhat of an EDM feel to it which is such a breath of fresh air from “Trap Music”. Take a listen and download the track if you’re feeling it…leave a comment as well.


noun \ˈtra-jə-dē\

: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death

: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret

: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character)

“Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose. When you go through tragedy you can either let it destroy you and you become biter and you never let it go, or you can let it make you stronger and let it make you grow”- Evanescence

On ‘Blue Lines’ Zup let’s you in on the loss of his unborn child; the joy of finding out, and the pain of the loss. I almost turned the track off midway through because of all of the emotions that this track exuded but I held on until the end. There aren’t many words that need to be said that the track doesn’t speak for itself. Take a listen, download, and comment.

In pure Nerd fashion this track opens up with a WWE Wrestling clip then transforms into a synthy (yes another word I made up…remember my 10%, Lol!) Hip Hop beat. Nice fun track, definitely something to jig to if you aren’t afraid of getting a lil’ Nerdy!! Hahahaha! Too bad there wasn’t a DL link but you can stream it below and leave a comment.
Patrenzo Kennedy – New Age Outlaws Ft. Veeno & Ray Gibson
Stream New Age Outlaws Here
Follow them on Twitter: @PatrenzoK @VeenoHAMZ @Ray_Gibson216 - MsCreamOfTheCrop

"Sparkplug ENT review - "LOOKIN" Veeno, Phenom & B_LO"

Sparkplug ENT founder Jenny Pooh reviews Veeno's summer single "LOOKIN" via - Jenny Pooh

"Sparkplug ENT review - "Back 2 Cleveland" VIDEO"

Sparkplug ENT founder Jenny Pooh reviews Veeno's "Back 2 Cleveland" video via - Jenny Pooh

"ZuP, Veeno & DJ Swerve LIVE on Da Jock Boxxx Radio Show"

ZuP, Veeno & DJ Swerve were recent guests on a local Cleveland radio show "Da Jock Boxxx Radio Show" on - Da Jock Boxxx Radio Show

"DJ Booth reviews "NOWHERE2GO" DJ Swerve Feat. ZuP, Veeno & Patrenzo Kennedy"

The world famous DJ Booth reviewed and posted a collaboration song Veeno was featured on titled NOWHERE2GO back in October of 2012 - DJ Booth

"Welcome To Creams World Exclusive: Veeno - "Myself as I Know It" (DL) & Interview"

Welcome To Cream's World Exclusive: Veeno - Myself as I Know It post, review and AUDIO interview. - MsCream OfThe Crop

" post & review of Veeno's debut album "Myself as I Know It"" post and review of Veeno's debut album Myself as I Know It - John Stursa

" post of Veeno's "Back 2 Cleveland" video" did an exclusive release of Veeno's highly anticipated music video for his single Back 2 Cleveland which was released in August of 2013. - John Stursa

"Ohio Hip Hop Awards post of Veeno's debut album "Myself as I Know It" & interview"

The Ohio Hip Hop Awards sat down to interview Veeno regarding his debut album "Myself as I Know It" and his music career thus far. - Essince

"Ohio Hip Hop Awards video post of "The Follow Up""

The Ohio Hip Hop Awards posts Veeno's official music video for The Follow Up - Essince

"The Follow Up review"

DJ Swerve reviewed and released Veeno's sophomore mixtape "The Follow Up" through his blog page. - DJ Swerve

"Creams World post"

Creams World recently featured my single "By The Way" - Ms Cream Of The Crop

"Back 2 Cleveland on"

"Back 2 Cleveland" Feat. Zup was recently featured on - ThaDoubleO.Com



"Ridin Round The City" - January 22nd, 2011                   

"The Follow Up" - August 1st, 2012


"Myself as I Know It" - August 20th, 2013


"Blue Collar Party Ft. Danny London" - October 2011

"By The Way Ft. Phenom" - July 2012                

"Back 2 Cleveland Ft. ZuP" June 2013

"SHIT YEAH Ft. Boss Lucci" July 15th, 2014



Veeno is 1/4 of the Cleveland, OH hip hop entity known as the KushNERDS. Veeno offers a very versatile flow and is looking to bring back the creativity, world play and meaning to music the he feels influenced him in a major way when he was younger. In a recent interview Veeno recalls the different genre's of music that influenced a lot of what you hear today, and how music has helped him in every day life. "I remember middle school, thats when music really started to become a big part of my life, on any given day I could be listening to DMX on the bus ride to school, and then switch to Blink-182 or Sum 41 on the ride home. I was a quiet kid who kept to myself a lot of the time at school. I would come home from bad days at school, lock myself in my room and just put my headphones on. Music was like my escape from the problems I faced in every day life as a teenager, and it eventually helped me open up and grow as a person. Music helped me become more outgoing and not be as much of a loner as I was early on in my teen years."

On January 22nd, 2011 Veeno released his debut mixtape "Ridin Round The City". Ridin Round The City is a collection of Veeno's original music and remixes recorded between 2009-2010. It was a solid starting point and project for an artist who was just starting out and still trying to find his place in the heavily talented Cleveland music scene. 

August of 2011 was a turning point in Veeno's career as an artist, it was his first time releasing a song with a DJ behind it. Veeno was featured on a local mixtape compilation titled "Sid and Friends" hosted by Kent, Ohio's own DJ Swerve. The song was titled "Blue Collar Party" and was a stand out record on Sid & Friends. " Veeno's summer party anthem on the mixtape was titled "Blue Collar Party" and featured local singer Danny London on the chorus. Sid & Friends soon saw it's release in October of 2011. 

In April of 2012, Veeno and DJ Swerve linked up again, this time for a song that featured a multi-artist collaboration. Veeno was featured on a single song release from DJ Swerve titled "NOWHERE2GO" "NOWHERE2GO" was featured on DJ Swerve's sophmore mixtape "First Impressions" and was also featured on DJ Steph Floss' mixtape "State Of Emergency" that dropped on July 4th 2012. In October of 2012 "NOWHERE2GO" caught the ear of Z over at and was posted and reviewed on one of the biggest hip hop blogs in the world.

Veeno released his sophmore mixtape "The Follow Up" in August of 2012. "The Follow Up" was also a collection of original songs and remixes but had a different feel than Ridin Round The City. The songs were a real and raw reflection on how Veeno felt as an artist being underrated, overlooked, and how he dealt with these issues and kept moving forward. The Follow Up was featured on multiple blog sites in Ohio and featured the single "By The Way" which was recently featured on a Coast 2 Coast Indie Top 50 mixtape.

In March of 2013 Veeno took his biggest step as an artist by taking part in SXSW 2013. On March 13th, 2013 Veeno performed on the NERVE DJ'S showcase at Republic Live in Austin, TX. "It was a really great experience for me" Veeno recalls. "It opened my eyes to a lot, people were really acceptive of me down in Texas. The crowd really liked my set and the music I was putting out. I took around 500 copies of my mixtape and got rid of nearly all of them in only 3 days. I definitely am making it a priority to make it back down to Austin or SXSW14. It was one of the greatest experiences for me personally as an artist to date."

On August 20th 2013 Veeno released his debut album "Myself As I Know It" across all major digital music distribution platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, bandcamp, Rhapsody, spotify, etc.) Myself as I Know It is a look into the life of Veeno. The album expresses some of Veeno's deepest thoughts and touches on very relatable topics, but the album also has a few note worthy "bangers" such as "On My Grind" "On This" "Poster Childs Remix" and "Killin Em". Overall it is definitely a sound album that promises to provide a little something for everybody. Stream "Myself as I Know It" for FREE on Veeno's soundcloud page!

On April 20th 2014, the KushNERDS dropped their official website, and released the start of their merch line as well. 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Veeno and the KushNERDS, who seem to take on step forward with every move they make. 

Veeno recently collaborated with fellow Cleveland rapper Boss Lucci and his set to release his latest single "SHIT YEAH" on all major digital music outlet stores on Tuesday July 15th. SHIT YEAH is an upbeat record that is sure to turn some heads and get the party started! SHIT YEAH!

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