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Their sound is ecclectic and very energetic. Their music has a funk/jazz rock backbone, which is emphasized by various different vocal approaches from song to song. The guitars and vocals also provide enough "hooks" to catch any fish in today's sea of listeners.


"It's all about the live show,"- These are the words that VEGA lives by. Hailing from the tiny state of Rhode Island, this quartet brings a unique sound that translates into an explosive on-stage spectacle filled with energy and variety. Fusing alt. rock, funk, and hip-hop, they are often compared to bands such as 311 and Incubus. Each member of the band plays multiple instruments and sings which makes for some interesting arrangements as well as harmonies. When it comes to songwriting this band is only interested in one thing; getting you to move to the music. Whether you dance, shake, jump, or groove, you will do just that when you hear VEGA. As a band, they are fairly young with only a year of touring under their belt. Individually they are seasoned musicians, each having had played in bands for years previously.


The Rythm of Rhyme and Reason LP [Debut Album]

Set List

Vega is able to cover slots as an original act, cover band, and an acoustic act. As an original act, Vega can cover anywhere from 30 mins to one hour and 30 mins. As a cover band, Vega can perform from 30 mins to an hour. As an acoustic act, they play both originals and covers for venues where acoustic is desired.