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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artwalk and Riverside Pit Review"

"As Vegan Coke assembles their equipment, everyone seems reluctant to let loose just yet; however, not one is hesitant to fill their plastic goblets with beer.
Watching Vegan Coke reminded me of a stoned jam session in a basement with friends. With delay pedals and some light sampling, along with effected guitar riffing and heavy drums, these guys have created a dark, southern rock sound with psychedelic undertones. Although it was their third time performing in one day, they had an energy as if they had been ready to play for hours and were finally able to release an attack on the blank faces of zoned out observers. They ended their set with a noisy progression of squeals and howling feedback, reminiscent of the hurricanes that never seem to actually hit Jacksonville. I am interested where this band will take their sound in the future."
- JaxScene

"529 Show"

VEGAN COKE plays dense, dark, post-hardcore riffs that arc and bend with precision and ingenuity." - Chad Radford of Creative Loafing - Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"Rockin’ Friday: Vegan Coke – “Weed vs. The Narc”"

Vegan Coke is a 3pc instrumental rock band with a wide range of tone, style & tasteful meter blending with an atmospheric chaos looming above you that reaches out to the loud, heavy, psychedelic soundscape of music. Their 4 minute and 20 second long opus, “Weed Vs. The Narc” was recorded for a sampler cassette which was released by Zap Cassettes for The Reactionary Records Fest which took place at the 529 Bar in East Atlanta on Thanksgiving weekend.

Their recent release of their 3 song album” Untzbnon”(untz-ba-non) was accompanied by handmade artwork using stencils for every copy of the disc, making every copy unique. It also accompanied by an 18 minute excerpt of a 45 minute live jam session entitled “Space Jams (Looney Tuning)”.

They are currently writing for a full length album tentatively titled “Narnia Business”. The idea of the album is basically getting lost in your own world of Narnia while listening to the album. - NORML


First EP called "Untzbenon". Self released.

Recorded @ Orange Peel Recordings in Atlanta, GA.

Track Listings:
1. Architeuthis (6:27)
2. Anhedonia (7:07)
3. Gay Gothic Cowboy (9:34)
4. Space Jam (Looney Tuning) (17:55)

The song "Space Jam" was taken from a live 45 minute jam session with a close friend of ours doing sound manipulations.

We design each case, so they all have different patterns and color schemes.

Artwork by Vegan Coke & Alex McCleskey

Recorded the song "Weed Vs. The Narc" for The Reactionary Records Fest sampler put out by Zap Cassettes.



With over 50 shows in our first year of playing music we've played everything from house shows to no shows, to celebracions and a quinceanera, to a weekend-long rave in the mountains of South Carolina, to 3 different sets in 1 night in Jacksonville, FL, to joining forces with our friends to play a live 2 hour improv jam, and also sharing the stage with bands like Dysrhythmia, God of Shamisen, Young Livers and more. We pride ourselves on reconstructing our live set to the environment we are playing in to create a truly unique aural experience.