Vega Omega

Vega Omega

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Fork the moon and the stars, open your earholes and let the sound rush in.


Every road goes somewhere, even the dead end streets.
So build yourself a home, it's a quiet life to lead.
The light is now shining bright and all your doubts fade into quicksand, the stars, they are dancing in the sky. I am losing my mind. My words all come out planned and weak. The real question: have you been true to yourself? you can't be true to yourself, if you are untrue with somebody else.

I hope that you have been listening, friend.


New Day

Written By: Jones

Wake up, a new day is here
No time to talk, no time to fear
It's cold outside, it's cold in your heart
Your all alone wondering exactly where you went wrong

You're all in shambles, tattered and torn
Dressed in rags looking tired and worn
No home to go to but the 8X10 you left last week
Your hopeless eyes show no signs of the life you once had

But you know, you know that you can turn it around
A new day, a new way to get your feet on the ground
The tables turned, now your at the head you take charge
No time to think, all your cards are down on the table

There was a time when you had it all
Living the dream you were infallible
That time was not so long ago....

You still got it but you don't know how to use it
Instead you take it out just so you can abuse it
Misuse abuse, babe, money is the word
With your ten dollar bill, you just wanna be heard
So you pull out the money and you put it in his hand
It's the market, stupid, supply and demand
It's those dreams of grandeur that came straight from your heart
They shot through your memory and tore you apart
So you don't even know what it is to be clean
You need to sober up son, you beady-eyed fiend

River Song Blues

Written By: Jones

The river’s high and it’s been raining for days
Maybe this water will wash my blues away
If I follow the footprints that are left in the sand
I might find an answer or I might find land
Which one is better, lord, I’m really not sure
I don’t know if an answer is what I’m looking for
Maybe it’s the question that’s been plaguing my dreams
Or maybe it’s you, babe, because you’re all I think of, so it seems

La da da da da la da da da da. (x4)

I told you once and I won’t tell you again
I hope that you have been listening friend
I won’t fight for your approval
Don’t even know what it is you would have me be

Raise the sails, let’s get ready to go
I feel a wind coming on and it’s looking like snow
I’ve got questions, I want more
I want a place to drop the anchor and row ourselves to shore
I’m looking for answers, I’m search for dreams
I’m breaking the bread, and I’m tearing at the seams

House of Rouse

Written By: Harvey/Jones

You’re quick on your feet but your timing is wrong
In your ears you can hear the dead singing their song
You know it’s just wind outside carrying on
But you choose to believe the words after they’re gone

Even with wit you can’t hide what you feel
Cowards, robbers and cheats can’t conceal
It’s not easy to live with yourself if you steal
The only thing that you have, all that is real

You’re tired of fortune, you’re tired of fame
Longing for solitude, calling its name
You live by yourself, but it still feels the same
So you start back towards the road on which you came
You’re in love with the times, but you hate what that means
All the self-proclaimed prophets are speaking of dreams
The man in the gutter is lost so it seems

Close all your windows and lock all your doors
But don’t lock yourself out, you’ll be sorry for sure
Don’t live for your thoughts, they may not be pure
It’s an illness to die for, there isn’t a cure

Nothing at All

Written By: Grace/Harvey

Got into my car, half drunk
All my hopes and dreams just sunk
I tried to say everything right, but found
My mind said nothing at all

But every time I try to speak
My words come out planned and weak
And every time I try to say
How I feel you’ve turned away

Thinking about last night, today
And the things I didn’t say
Memories are scattered and blurred
Still I wish I said those words

In the mindset that I’m in
All I want to do is win
But through the silence of your thoughts
I found out what you didn’t want

But every time I try to speak
My words come out planned and weak
And every time I try to say
How I feel you’ve turned away

Cloney McStudent

Written By: Harvey/Grace

A week’s long watch leads to this, my work will soon be complete
leaning slowly into the darkness, watching, waiting, I will not retreat

carefully I wipe the slate clean, in and out, nothing left in sight
boards back in place, mind set at ease, all done without a fight.

I can still hear the heart beating…..


Coming Soon....