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Lawrence, Kansas, United States

Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Deadwood Derby 2008"

Vegetable is a funky rock band from just down the block. Influences include rich top-soil, direct sunlight and plenty of water. OK, not really. Maybe you should just go see them play. -

"Deadwood Derby Round 2 April 15 @ The Replay WINNER"

Round 2 April 15 @ The Replay
WINNER- Vegetable: 189

(J1=90; J2=89; J3=88) (Avg=89)(crowd=100)


"Deadwood Derby Finalists"

Round 2 winner over The Graves End, Censura, and Psilenus

Vegetable is a funky rock band from just down the block. Influences include rich topsoil, direct sunlight, and plenty of water. OK, not really. Maybe they should just explain it:

What kind of rock and roll do you guys play?

Kris Losure: We embody several different genres: pop, rock, blues, jam stuff. It's got a singer-songwriter feel to it, but it's electric. One of my friends said, "It's something you can dance to that might scare your neighbors a little bit." I thought that was appropriate, especially considering that we did scare one of my neighbors and we had to start practicing at Marc (McMiller)'s house. This one goes out to Dan the Democrat, who killed rock and roll in East Lawrence.
Oliver Good: He came over and said that he was trying to watch Hillary and Obama and all he could hear was the bass.
Losure: Dan's going to vote Vegetable because he's confused.
When are you going to put out a record?
Bane: Uh, after we win the Deadwood Derby.
Losure: We're going to be in the studio regardless this summer.


-Vegetable. Only original act on the card -John Sams -


Living Room
Gunpowder (pending Release)



Vegetable formed in a sweaty root cellar in the summer of 2007. That winter they recorded their first session “Living Room” independently whilst watching television. The sound they found was a musky blend of Stoner Rock and Existential Power Pop marbled with hints of an underground current they dubbed Neon Country.
Songs like Glossolalia, Fortunate Cookie, Ra! and Billy Biscuit (and the Birth of Neon Country) propelled Vegetable forward into the 2008 Deadwood Derby battle of the bands competition where their music was aptly compared to Ween, The Pixies, as well as Queens of the Stone Age.
Vegetable performed admirably and placed 3rd out of 16 bands.
Basking in the afterglow of success they enjoyed a steady flow of gigs, sharing the bill with national, regional and local acts like Run Run Run, AutoVaughn, Guse, Neil Hamburger, Bacon Shoe, and The Canvas. Vegetable accepted several separate invitations to play a popular series of Ween tribute shows.
In the spring of 2009 Vegetable harnessed its power to record a second album in a guerilla studio named Mixtape Meditations, after which the studio collapsed and swallowed itself. During their sessions, Vegetable was delighted to experiment with the wonders of studio magi. Accordingly Vegetable honed its sound down to an edge barely visible to the human eye. They managed to mesh the sincerity of Classic Rock and 90’s Garage Rock in such a way that their parents were proud and they felt cool. Vegetables second album awaits release. But soon very soon Vegetable will plunge into the youthful hearts of millions and uplift those who have been looking for something new to listen to.
Currently Vegetable gigs in the Lawrence, Kansas City, Manhattan area and has plans to expand its act into a regional tour by the end of 2010.