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FIONA RIED talks showcases, songwriting and self- belief with up – and – comers Vegus Nerve

Winners or a recent heat of HOTPRESS Ignition Unsigned band competition, Vegus Nerve are a testament to the benefit that showcase gigs can have on a band’s morale and growth curve. Together for only a year, the band started out playing small pubs in their hometown of Bray, but are fast finding that platforms like the IMRO Showcase and Ignition Unsigned can give them access to better venues and a wider audience, not to mention a huge boost in confidence.

Their first EP, ‘Hole in the Ground’, recorded at Solitaire Studios, is exceptionally strong on infectious melody, with a nice confection of innocence and attitude –laden cynicism in the lyrics. In songs like Destiny’s Blind and ‘Remember My Name’, Britrock influences prevail, with sterling bands like the Beatles, and the Stone roses cited by the band’s two main songwriters, singer Andrew Hogan and guitarist Sean Casey. The pair went to school together and were involved in a “Mickey Mouse band called The Judes for a while”. After that fell apart, they hooked up with bass player James Hall, newly returned from Newcastle after a stint in a band called Hive. With the addition of Drummer Neil Byrne, Vegus Nerve was born.

“We rehearsed three times a week in a freezing shed in Bray. In the early days, we were playing to just a handful of people, which can be a bit dispiriting.” Sean remembers. “After a few gigs, we have started to get a huge buzz off the crowd and in the last few months both the gigs and the feedback have been great.”

They have a refreshingly positive attitude towards the Dublin music scene at the moment. As Sean points out, “even up to four months ago the music scene in Dublin wasn’t too good – we were all set to back our bags and go to England. But things have definitely picked up here as far as live music goes.” Much of this can be attributed to the rise I n the number of venues where young unestablished acts can get a foot in the door. In James’ view, “Showcase gigs give bands access to good venues with better sound quality, which allows you to really push what you can do as a band. When I was touring in England, there was no support whatsoever, no-one helped you get gigs or get your name out there, so in that respect, Dublin’s a really good place to operate out of at the moment.”

The lads are extremely complimentary about all those who have helped along the way. Andrew gives credit where it’s due. “There’s a guy called Bill Casey, a pub supplier, who got us gigs in the early days by putting in a word for us with the owners. Also Dermot Flynn has been a big help, as regards IMRO showcases, and HOTPRESS journalist Stuart Clark has given us loads of encouragement.”

As for the current state of Irish Music, Andrew says, “we admire JJ72 for paving the way for other Irish bands and showing the world that there is more to it than just Riverdance and boybands. Their flying the flag for Rock n’ Roll.”

Vegus Nerve consider themselves a classic four-piece rock band, with “plenty of room for expansion.” According to Sean. Eager to experiment, all manner of radical new implements such as synthesizers have been mooted. The plan is to get together another EP before moving on to a full album. Lead vocalist Andrew absolutely brims with enthusiasm. “Our strength is our songs. I know for a fact we have a really good album in us. All our songs say something different; you have the ballads and then the ‘pure hate, fuck-off songs.”
The interview comes to a close as the lads get another round in, amid whispers of phone calls from Polydor execs and more affirmations of self-belief. In the future, plenty of exciting developments can be expected.

Vegus Nerve play Eamon Dorans on 23 November
- Fiona Ried, HOTPRESS

"Reviews - Vegus Nerve, Acoustic Sessions"

VEGUS NERVE - Acoustic Sessions

Vegus Nerve are a pack of ex-pat Dubliners who take 50 years of British invasions and make casserole. Alternately mining veins once gilded by Beatles, Kinks, Pistols, Incredible String Bands, the Smiths, their hooky, punk rock approach to old Brit bummer-folk gives them depth and an implaceable sound, at once everybody's and all their own.
In their own words, Andy Hogan (Vox), Sean Casey (Guitar), Conor O'Brien (Guitar) and James Hall (Bass) aim to "create music the way it was was originally intended to be: truthful, powerful, honest and meaningful." Their dedication to recapturing the purity of bygone musical eras rings true in every note. Keep an eye out for them -- with a name that hints at the latin for "wandering" and a sound that is distinctly troubadorial, it's not unlikely that they'll show up at your door, guitars in hand and play you a tune. - Daniel Arnold,


Acoustic Sessions (2006)
Staying Indoors (BFM - 2005)
This is the Way (single- BFM - 2005)
Hole in the Ground (2003)



Vegus Nerve was formed in late 1999 and quickly developed a strong reputation as one of the most energetic live acts on the undeground music scene in Dublin, Ireland where they attracted a strong and consistently loyal fanbase. After releasing their first EP "Hole in the Ground" in late 2003, the band signed to Irish independent label, Big Fish Music in 2004. The release of their debut album coincided with national TV and Radio appearances and shows in prestigous Dublin venues such as TBMC, the Ambassador, and the Olympia. Vegus Nerve have now come to the US to spread their music and message across new terrain. With a void in music that has been left open for so long, a band have finally stepped up to the mark and slotted in effortlessy.