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"Vehemence - Helping The World To See"

Vehemence has quickly become one of the more recognizable names in underground metal. With the work ethic they bring to all aspects of their band (music, lyrics, artwork, touring, publicity, etc.), they deserve every ounce of respect they’ve received. 2004 finds Vehemence releasing their second full-length, Helping The World To See, for Metal Blade Records, and to be honest, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I thought their first full-length, God Was Created, was a very solid effort, but I wasn’t sure they could maintain their uncanny ability to combine brutality and melody without sacrificing one over the other. In the past, bands have greatly disappointed with their attempts at this. In fact, with the exception of only a select few legends (Carcass, At The Gates, etc), I’ve been disappointed WAY to many times.

Not to worry! As far as I’m concerned, with the release of Helping The World To See, Vehemence has taken a giant step beyond even God Was Created. Furthermore, I am enjoying Helping The World To See just as much as I did Heartwork, when it was first released. While Vehemence is generally slightly more brutal than later day Carcass, I can see parallels with their musical styles. Listen to “Kill For God”, and tell me that couldn’t have fit in perfectly on Heartwork. Not to shortchange Vehemence by constantly comparing them to other amazing brutal/melodic death metal bands, though. Vehemence has already started to solidify a sound and style all their own, and after such a short existence, that is not easy to do.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Helping The World To See is not simply a continuation of God Was Created. On Helping The World To See everything flows MUCH more smoothly. Riffs, melodies, solos, and brutal breakdowns all seem to fit much more naturally. Vehemence no longer sound like they are trying to meld various extreme metal styles; their songs just seem to sound like a style completely their own. If you haven’t actually heard Vehemence, think of everything good you’ve ever heard in metal, the twin guitar melodies of Iron Maiden, the chilling blasts of black metal bands like Emperor, the brutal pummeling delivered by Morbid Angel and Deicide, and so much more, and combine it. In a way Vehemence is a map of metal’s past, present, and future.

I’d love to go into the importance of lyrics in Vehemence’s music, but I have to try to keep things short in this review. Let’s just say that Nathan Gearhart has expanded his lyrical prowess to include subjects such as euthanasia, suicide bombings, soldiers in battle, and divorce. Don’t worry, though. Gearhart still puts his psychotic twist of horror on each subject. Oh . . . and if you miss the days of tales of Catholic school girls being raped, mutilated, and skull-fucked, bonus-track “Her Beautiful Eyes” will delight.

Vehemence is a rare band that can appeal to nearly all fans metal. With its ability to combine everything from classic metal to melodic death metal to brutal death metal to black metal without sounding contrived, Helping The World To See should become a favorite of many in 2004.

- Nathan Pearce of

"Vehemence - Helping The World To See"

One Word Review: Outstanding!

Favorite Tracks: "You Don't Have to be Afraid Anymore," "Spirit of the Solider," and "Darkness is Comfort"

Finally Helping the World to See has arrived, and I couldn't be happier!!! These Arizona boys are back for their 2nd attack on Metal Blade Records with Helping the World to See! This release has been buzzing all over the Metal community with crazed anticipation, and it has hit stores with a severe bang! What a package!! Not only does this album have 11 tracks including a special Bonus Track of previously recorded material, but it also has a 57-minute multimedia video/timeline of the band and their journey through Metal. This video includes rare live footage of the band from 1997-2003, and behind the scenes footage of their 2002 recording sessions of God Was Created... How in the fuck can you beat a package like this, eh?

I have been following this band for quite sometime now. All the way from their The Thoughts From Which I Hide (self-release) days, up to Helping the World to See, and I can honestly and powerfully say these guys have come a long way. If you look back on The Thoughts... days you see more of a straightforward, brutal Death Metal influence and a style that was emerging as "Vehemence"; you also see a more gore-oriented lyrical pattern. Then take a look at God Was Created; and you see a progressively more melodic sound forming that will soon be known as "Vehemence's" unique, in-your-face trademark sound. And, you also see a storybook theme among the lyrics in GWC - with Jesus as the main focus - creating a concept to be followed throughout each track. And lastly, we have Helping the World to See. I really believe with HTWTS, Vehemence has captured their mature, permanent, groove-laden sound, and they have laid the groundwork for many great albums hereafter. Nathan Gearhart took a complete left turn with the lyrics for HTWTS. He focused more on realistic situations that plague this planet, and concepts that one can easily relate to, which was a fantastic approach for this record.

As I have mentioned before in previous reviews/show reviews of Vehemence, if you are not familiar with their exceptionally profound sound, you need to get your ass in gear. They cannot be compared to any one band, but they have elements that make Opeth so fantastic; the technicality that makes Decapitated and Theory in Practice so interesting, and the melodic brutality that makes Amon Amarth and A Canorous Quintet so inspiring. Throughout Helping the World to See - in every track - you will find a harmony that is full of emotion. These guys take time, and put a lot of heart into writing their tracks, as you can see in the instrumental "Alone in Your Presence." I am particularly fond of the lyrics for "You Don't Have to be Afraid Anymore." This song tells a tale of a true story that occurred in Phoenix, AZ a few years back. It involves a devoted father who went insane, dead babies, and a lot of blood. This track is amazingly moving, and very well done. Here is a little excerpt of the lyrics, and with this passage you can make your own assumptions as to where the song will lead:
"Married thirteen years, I loved my wife and my job
Three perfect daughters I did not deserve
She took them away, said I had grown cold
They found another life with a new Daddy to love"

A bonus to this whole album package is the incredibly beautiful artwork that was constructed by none other than the man himself, Wes Benscoter. This intricate artwork is the icing and cherry on this Metal cake of goodness! I also believe it is one of his best pieces to date; it is just so DAMN GOOD! In addition, keep an eye out for Vehemence's debut video to be released shortly for their track "By Your Bedside".

All in all, this album is a bit more upbeat and animated than God Was Created, and it gives you a whole new outlook on Melodic Metal. These boys have worked their arses off to create one hell of an album, and they deserve a lot of support and the dedication of fans who love their shit! I demand that everyone buys this album - it is a must for any metal collection.

5/5 - Sabbath from Metal Judgment

"Vehemence - Helping The World To See"

“Know your enemy… Know your fucking Enemy…”

I’ve got to admit that I drooled all over this bands last release, God was Created. I thought the music was incredible and fresh for melodic death. American style. But, what we find on Helping the World to See is a band that has matured beyond any prediction that I could make. They’ve forsaken taboo lyrical content to focus on reflective and world aware lyrics -- although some of those mental lyrics are still present in small doses. The musicianship has expanded, revealing a tightly synchronized band that feeds off of, and seems to mirror each other’s moves. A perfect example of that is the guitar work -- with seamless interaction between the two guitarists (Bjorn Dannov and John Chavez). Fluid, slithering, fast riffing interlaces through every song. Rich, thick tones, solo’s that are verge on the grand, leads shoot out when you least expect them. However, make no mistake about this band: This is “brutal” melodic death. Song writing/song structuring has not been sacrificed to brutality entirely. They’ve incorporated sophisticated melodies that reach near epic proportions. Breakdowns and bridges are gut punching. This has the flow that we all want in our music. Intense drumming is an understatement. I think he’s (Andy Shroeder) a mutant with four feet, heavy use of cymbals -- they aren’t loud, wrist snapping rolls, and a natural sounding snare. The vocals aren’t really understandable on the whole -- that’s where the lyric sheet comes in. Nathan Gearhart goes as low as anyone can, while being accompanied by the bassist (Mark Kozuback) who does the high pitched screams that come from farther back. In one phrase, this is savage beauty.

- advertisement -


1) “By Your Bedside”--About a friend being kept alive by a machine. Pure pained aggression, speed, massive high-pitched screams. Samples of the flat line sound are mixed in.

2) “Kill for God”--Strap a bomb to yourself, and take out as many lives as you can. This one has head swirling riffing that ties it together, while pushing limits in the melodic death genre. Both the bridge and ending lead are very memorable.

3) “Trinity Broadcasting (Know your Enemy)”--TV: the great pacifier. The tool used to reach millions for money--specifically the Christians. Starts off moody and slow, then escalates into a fast, pissed off anthem. I can’t tell you how deaf I made myself with this one. Heavy breakdowns broke up by lightening fast leads. Then you get the mother of all bridges. It’ll raise the hair on your arms: “Know your Enemy…know your fucking enemy!” Complete with a memorable and beautiful solo--a song that just won’t let you off the meat hook.

4) “To the Taste”--Such a punishing and fast song. The drummer simply shines through everyone. Lyrical content would surprise you here, and maybe make you smirk. Not typical for a "brutal" melo-death band.

5) “You Don’t Have to be Afraid Anymore”--I don’t have the words to tell you how beautiful the intro to this song is. Light piano touches soften the heavy riffing, and bowel ripping vocals. However, this one gets faster every second it progresses. Powerful leads standout. The story behind the lyrics could be straight from your nightly news.

6) “Alone in Your Presence”--Unexpected delicate melodies, heavy palpable emotion, short soft-spoken piece. Outstanding metal instrumental with classical influences that retains its heaviness.

7) “Spirit of the Soldier”--This one is hell bent on being predominantly a death metal song, light on melody, heavy on the speed and sinister aspects in the music. An emotive solo precedes more speed and aggression--complicated and difficult to comprehend scales dominate this song.

8) “Darkness is Comfort”--Vocally driven song with many deep and high end screams. Intricate lyrics of social loss, and finding your individual (metal) way.

9) “What Could Go Wrong”--This one has every tempo possible, to many ups and downs to even describe. Every instrument is in sync--rapid fire in every direction. Mirrors the lyrical content perfectly.

10) “We Are All Dying”--Probably the fastest, most demented music on the disc. Many ups and downs break the song up.

11) “Her Beautiful Eyes”--Bonus track that originally appeared on their demo from ‘98. Return of the truly disturbing lyrical content: Catholic girls, who needs them anyway? The slow and heavy breaks make this standout, along with the open guitar work and excellent harmonization.

They've upped the stakes on this one. Fine production gives clarity, revealing the many layers and intricate details of the music. Outstanding song writing. Great lyrics, rich twin guitars. It's the total package. And yeah, I'm still trying to make myself deaf to "Trinity Broadcasting."
- Krista G. of

"Vehemence - Helping The World To See"

The thundering melodic brutality from Phoenix has returned.

Vehemence has released Helping The World To See, their long awaited follow up to God Was Created. The improvement in musicianship and creativity has advanced far beyond most peoples expectations. This is without question one of the most important releases this year.

Vehemence is the future of brutal melodic metal and Helping The World To See is the proof. Every so often a band comes along and shoves metal right up your ass and forces you to take notice. Vehemence have taken the metal world by storm and have managed to rise up and become a member of metals elite band's.

I have to commend the guy's on a job well done. The guitaring duo of Bjorn Dannov, and John Chavez have excelled a great deal since God Was Created. They bring dark, melodic, brutal riffs into the fold and give vocalist Nathan Gearhart the opportunity to make it sick as hell.

His vocal delivery sends shivers down your spine while the riffs tear it out and crush it to pieces. This is all backed by a rhythm section that knows how to bring the thunder. Drum guru Andy Schroeder and bassist Mark Kozuback are both equal to the challenge of pushing Vehemence to the next level. Andy's technique is what fuels the aggression and dynamics of this brutal masterpiece.

This is not to overlook the amazing production work of Will Solares and the band themselves. Great music and good productions equal a great listening experience. I have played on two festivals with Vehemence and I can tell you they are even more killer live. Helping The World To See is another giant step in what should be a long career for Vehemence.
The time for Helping The World To See has come, and now it will help us all to see how incredible the metal monsters of Phoenix have become. Vehemnce are now extreme metals newest King's.

VEHEMENCE - Helping The World To See

A massive dose of dark melodic brutality that many try and few succeed. This will rank among the best albums of the year. The time for terror is now and Vehemence is Helping The World To See what brutal melodic death metal is all about.
- Crusher of Metal Reigns

"Vehemence - Helping The World To See"

There have been quite a hype around Vehemence ever since the release of their Metal Blade debut God Was Created back in 2002 and it's certainly hasn't been undeserved 'cause Vehemence is not just another mediocre melodic death metal band. And I don't think the hype will become any less with the release of their new album Helping the World to See which really surprised me in a very positive way.

Vehemence plays melodic death metal with balls! Unlike so many other bands in this overexploited subgenre to death metal Vehemence manages to play their interpretation of melodic death metal with an authority and brutality rarely heard. Right from the opener "By Your Bedside" it's clear that Vehemence is not just another mediocre melodic death metal band. They delicately blend the best from old school death metal with melodic and groovy parts - turning it all into a lethal mixture that ought to satisfy even the hardest of sceptics. Vehemence manages to vary their compositions in way so they never lose their appeal or tend to sound alike, setting them apart from the countless number of faceless melodeath bands out there. Songs like "You Don't Have to Be Afraid Anymore", "Spirit of the Soldier" and "What Could Go Wrong?" witness of a band with great ideas and talent. The aforementioned songs are probably also my favourites on Helping the World to See but it's a really tough decision 'cause the quality of the material is very equal. Vehemence has truly succeeded in creating a beautiful and unique record.

Helping the World to See is definitely something out of the ordinary! It just sounds so much more fresh and in your face than your everyday melodic death metal record. I really can't think of anything negative about this album it just seems so flawless. - Metal Reference from Denmark

"Vehemence - God Was Created"

God Was Created is the second album from Arizona's Vehemence, and upon looking upon the typical death metal cover and spiky logo, was bracing for another assault of U.S.-styled Immolation copycat blasting or Suffocation worship. Man, was I fucking wrong! Instead I was graced with quite possibly one of the best U.S. death metal releases since the Florida explosion of yore. Yes, high praise indeed, and no, am not in Vehemence, nor do I know anyone in the band; this is just a simply a killer record that justifies the glowing words I am about to write.

Vehemence has recreated the same kind of sensation when I listened to Left Hand Path for the first time 11 years ago. That is to say, for me, God Was Created has simply perfected everything I personally enjoy about death metal with uncanny precision. Vehemence has taken pretty much a chunk from every spectrum of death metal: the brutality of the East Coast, the melody of Northern Europe and the songwriting ability of Florida, and simply blended the sounds together to create a special album that should appease almost every fan of classic or modern death metal.

To give you an idea of the resulting stunning cacophony, take the Christ-hating ideals and blastbeats of Immolation, throw in the atmospherics and subtle haunting melodies of Garden Of Shadows, the layered, harmonized guitars of Rapture and then the gargantuan sense of doom and ambience of Morgion, and you have a description that might give you some idea of Vehemence's sound. To be fair, a more brutal Garden Of Shadows is pretty good comparison, but this outfit's not nearly as "romantically" inclined. Vocalist Nathan Gearhart has a cavernous bellow that's both frightening and understandable, without being too hokey or cookie monsterish; granted there is a lot of effects used to layer the vocals, but the end result is perfect.

Guitar wise, the suitably American sounding tone (provided by Bjorn Dannov and John Chavez) is clean and heavy, if not a little bit flat, but the monstrous heavy sections still drip with oppressive menace and the melodic licks are crisp, but not too overly clean. Now onto the songs, starting with a surprising acoustic intro (remember what I was expecting upon seeing the cover), that lead of with a lumbering hulk of a song, "Made For Her Jesus", that sets the mood early. It starts slow, haunting and has a controlled crawl that builds and you know instantly that Vehemence can sure as hell write memorable brutality without blastbeat overkill. Then the real gem and my new favorite song ever. "She Never Noticed Me." This tune pounds along with somber melody, all with the underlying hum of some everso low-in-mix synths that subtlety add to the depressive mood of the song. Then it happens, one of those moments; you know what I mean. The incredible genre changing closing of "Left Hand Path", the opening of "Override of the Overture", the glorious mid-section of Disincarnate's "Monarch of the Sleeping Marches." It's that special moment in death metal where a band pens that riff or breakdown that just brings you to your knees. It starts innocently enough with an acoustic spoken word interlude at 4:03, and continues to build with instrumental beauty - you can feel it building. At 5:12, Vehemence unleash a emotional roar-laden riff and melody that summons up those special death metal demons inside that make you clench up, and scream inside; it takes every ounce of will power not to roar along to the breathtaking riff. Do not listen to this song on headphones on public transportation, an involuntary release of emotion in response to the melodic hate on display will get you thrown off. From this point, Vehemence not only has me hooked but also don't let up, or disappoint from the musical pinnacle of the second song. They follow up with the much faster "Fantasy from Pain," as if on purpose showing the opposite nature of the prior majestics; they rip out some shredding yet memorable speed and good old fashioned classic death metal chuggery. "Christ, I Fucking Hate You" follows with a schizoid NWSDM harmonies, lurching Floridian disharmony, and an anthemic hate-filled chorus that's sure to become a sing along favorite at shows. And so it continues until the final breathtaking note fades. Every song is a exceptional piece of songwriting that breaks the mould for what death metal should be; not in the sense of originality (death metal lost that long ago) but more in the sense of blending numerous dynamics that sound unique despite the obvious influences. From the drum-heavy Suffocation breakdowns in "Lusting for her Affection" to the 8 minute epic "I Didn't Kill Her", and the memorable, chorus-heavy title track, Vehemence simply roll death metal perfection into every song with ease, including intricate yet brutal harmonies with powerful grooves and emotional intensity. Add to all this, a slightly unusual, even sexual lyrical slant on the anti-Christian ideal, and Vehemence could possibly stand shoulder to shoulder with Nile at the top of the U.S. death metal hierarchy.

If you look up the word
Vehemence in the dictionary, it means intensity, passion, violence, fervor and strength - it couldn't be truer. I keep a mental note of my Top 10 death metal albums of all time, now I have to decide who to kick off to make room. No mean feat, as the list has stayed the same for few years. Until now. - Erik Thomas of Digital Metal

"Vehemence - God Was Created"

Vehemence - God Was Created Posted 6/27/2002 by Chris
“God Was Created” marks the Metal Blade debut of Vehemence and the second CD from the Phoenix, Arizona deathsters. “God Was Created” is a concept album that tells the story (this is a condensed version that spares the gory details) of a disturbed young man, his obsession with an abused girl (who has an unnatural obsession with Jesus and the young man’s eventual mental breakdown and demise. This is one of the rare (at least for me) death metal albums that manage to mix melody and brutality without going too far out in either direction. Tempos are all over the place from medium to blast and everything in between. Vocals are a mix of straight-up low/guttural and shrill screams and the overall musicianship is fantastic, at least to my untrained ear. The artwork for the album by Evil Dave is fantastic and goes very well with the overall theme and feel of the album. The concept/lyrics are creepy, sick and dark and would make a hell of a movie. The band is thinking of making a movie based on this album and has about half the CD sketched out already. I, for one, would really like to see this concept on screen; it would be one of the sickest movies ever.

I haven’t heard this much enthusiasm and passion in a death metal album for a long time, it’s apparent that everyone involved in this project really poured a lot of themselves into it. This is a fucking great album, easily the best death metal album I have heard this year. Fans of brutal and/or melodic death metal will want to get “God Was Created” as soon as possible, it’s well worth the money and time. This is gonna be in my CD changer for a LONG time!
- Chris Slack of Grave

"Vehemence - God Was Created"

Abyss's Review:

"This is a very important album."

The evolution of music in general and metal in particular is largely made up of small, forward-thinking innovations that set up an explosive step forward once everyone jumps on the bandwagon. And it is often that these little steps go unnoticed in the big picture. What I mean is that for every obvious era there are a few understated bands that fall by the wayside and never get the full credit they deserve. While At the Gates and Emperor and Mayhem are often thought of as genre pioneers, what we tend to forget is that they weren't the only bands experimenting with their respective sounds back in the day. Some of their peers continued on to success right alongside them, and some were lost to oblivion. Vehemence, I hope, will not be counted among the bands that met the latter fate.
This is a very important album. It signifies a shift in perspective that, while it seems obvious in hindsight, is quite innovative. Vehemence are too melodic to be "brutal death metal" and too weighty to fit in with the flighty melodies that drift over from Scandinavia. They remind me of the heavier parts of Opeth, but are far more ugly and guttural. The way Vehemence do this is by introducing their melodies to the background of the music, making you search for them rather than pushing them into your face. This makes for a unique and rewarding death metal experience, and one that won't be quickly forgotten. Upon initial listening this album sounds almost completely driven by its aggressive rhythms, but this is only because its subsequent sounds are layered below the heft rather than above it.

"I haven't heard lyrics this poetic and disturbing at once, since Acid Bath's When the Kite String Pops."

This band incorporates the dueling, harmonizing guitar leads that can be found in most melodic death these days, but unlike all of the others, theirs is understated. The guitars play and dance over each other, but they never betray the sheer weight of the rest of the music, so much so that, even with all of the melody, the music still comes across as "brutal". There are also understated keyboards to add atmosphere. They add thickness to the sound, but don't distract from it. In fact, nothing on this whole disc is distracting; it's all a perfect mix-complement upon complement.

The vocals spew forth like old Cannibal Corpse, or maybe even Dying Fetus. And the lyrics themselves? I don't even want to repeat them, as they are some of the most blasphemous utterings put on tape. Despite their venom and shock, however, they seem above the garden variety "I'm going to fuck Christ up the ass" drivel. Disturbing imagery, but well presented. I haven't heard lyrics this poetic and disturbing at once, since Acid Bath's When the Kite String Pops.

So if you appreciate the beauty of Opeth, but think they're pussies, this disc is for you. If you are a huge fan of brutal death metal, but haven't heard anything that stands out in a while, this disc is for you. However, if you think N'SYNC is soooo much cuter than the Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit are the new Led Zepplin, you might want to pass on this one. One word review: Inspired.
- Abyss from Metal Judgment

"Vehemence - God Was Created"

Who would have seen this coming? I remember hearing some demos of these guys a year or two ago and being pretty unimpressed. I would not have guessed that in just a few short years that they would create such an amazing death metal record as this! The music manages to be both undeniably brutal and incredibly melodic at the same time. This is truly melodic death metal if I have ever heard it before.

“God Was Created” is a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise dusty and boring metal sub genre. Here the listener is given almost a whole hour of quality extreme metal. Each song is epic and very enjoyable to listen to. It is one of those albums where it is better to sit down and listen to it the whole way through. The lyrics are vivid and brutally violent. Much of the vocal delivery compliments such lyrical content. In this case there is a bit in common with bands like Cannibal Corpse, but that is where such comparisons end. The music is very technical and brutal at times yet extremely melodic as well. This gives the record a more dynamic feel and the song lengths give the album an epic feel.

The music is what really sets these guys apart from many of their brutal death metal counterparts. The guitarists are very skilled in what they do. They go from technical death to melodic leads seamlessly. The drummer’s playing is exceptional as well. The more guttural styled screaming may be an acquired for some taste; however, there is enough diversification between vocal styles that one will soon forget they even had a problem with them in the first place. This record is a must for fans of extreme metal. Even those who are not into the brutal death style will still be able to find something they like in “God Was Created”. It is one of those death metal releases that sidesteps sub genres and just offers good music. This record can appeal to any Dark Tranquillity fan as much as it can to any fan of Nile or Cannibal Corpse. I truly believe this to be without a doubt the best extreme metal release this year!

Bottom Line: Fans of extreme metal and brutal death need this! Fans of melodic death metal should buy this as well!
- Metal

"Vehemence - God Was Created"

With hardly any help, Vehemence made a name for themselves and earned a deal from Metal Blade Records. Their music borrows from a lot of different styles, yet they make a style all their own, both in concept and in music. The most simple label you could give them would be death metal, but that comes up short in describing a lot of what is going in Vehemence. First off, from what I can tell, "God Was Created" is a concept album, which you don't often see in death metal. It seems like the entire album forms a story with one song starting where the last one ends. The vocals are guttural, but there are some background screeches carefully placed throughout. The music can go from straightforward, brutal death metal to very melodic, Opeth-like drony dirges. There's a keyboardist that is used very little, but adds perfect atmosphere to the parts where it's called for. "Fantasy From Pain" is my favorite track on the disc showing all of the elements that this band bring to the table. They have an emotion to the them that most death metal bands don't even know how to conjure.
If you're tired of death metal bands trying to break sonic speed limits and singing about ridiculous topics of murder and rape, and you're looking for something that has all of the emotion of an Opeth CD, with the hippy-ish singing, acoustic guitar parts, then Vehemence is the right band for you. I'm completely impressed by their ability to take a style that has sunk into a rut and add their own twist.
- into-obscurity


Full length LP albums:
Vehemence - Helping The World To See (April 2004)
Vehemence - God Was Created (July 2002)
Vehemence - The Thoughts From Which I Hide (August 2000)
Vehemence - White Demo Tape (1998)

Also featured in:
Metal Blade 20th Anniversary DVD (March 2004)
Pimp it DVD - Preparty The Movie (Jan 2004)
Metal Blade - Uncorrupted Steel 2 (August 2003)
Metal Blade's 20th Anniversary Box set (Oct 2002)
Metal Blade - Uncorrupted Steel 1 (February 2002)



Young and ambitious, Vehemence will be sure to leave its mark in the death metal community tearing down any disbelievers. They can be described as extreme yet melodic death metal, creating sounds that will be sure to drive the demons out of any who listen. Using a mix of brutal riffs and harmonies, Vehemence pulls off what few have creating a sound and style of their own.

Some of the band's influences consist of Carcass, Gorefest, Hypocrisy, IllDisposed, early Pyogenesis, Suffocation, and early Metallica.

Vehemence creates music only for the most extreme listeners of metal and seeks to gain more fans, friends, and recognition to take the world by storm. The fierce and intelligent lyric concept of vocalist Nathan Gearhart takes the band to a new level of originality with his style of vocal structure. The guitars played by Bjorn Dannov and John Chavez represent the band with brutal, melodic, dark, and atmospheric touches of metal with a technique that is not so often used in the death metal scene. Bass player Mark Kozuback backs up singer Nathan Gearhart with violently pitched screams, adding texture to an already intense song structure. Drummer Andy Schroeder drives Vehemence into the depths of hell and beyond with his technique that ranges from styles of punk, thrash, black, and death.

Recognition of this band started immediately after the pressing of their self released debut, “The Thoughts From Which I Hide”. 1000 self-released discs hit distributors from around the world, and received great reviews from countries like Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, South America and United States. A combination of self promotion through the internet, word of mouth, and doing their first 15 day tour through West Coast America helped get the attention of Metal Blade Records in 2002 which ended in landing a record deal. Vehemence's hard work had finally paid off.

Vehemence’s Metal Blade debut, 'God Was Created' was recorded at The Salt Mine Studios in Mesa, AZ in early January '02 and engineered by Mike Schomig, assisted by Will Solares. It was then re-mixed in March by Juan Urteaga & Mike Blanchard at Trident Studios in the San Francisco area. As for the cover art, Vehemence worked with tattoo artist Evil Dave to create the sickest of stories which is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

In support of ‘God Was Created’, Vehemence has toured with the likes of Incantation, Impaled, Decapitated, Dead To Fall, Testament, Exhumed, Vio-lence, All That Remains, Nuclear Assault, Deicide, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, and Revenge.

Vehemence’s second effort for Metal Blade entitled ‘Helping The World To See’ was recorded at Porcupine Studios in Chandler, AZ and DBD studios in Maricopa, AZ with Will Solares as sole producer/engineer. This time around the band was able to take more time in the studio, thus allowing a more refined product. Recording began in September of 2003, and ended in November 2003. Editing and mixing took place thereafter, concluding in January 2004.

Recently, in June 2004 Vehemence co-headlined a tour with Prong in the support of Helping The World To See on the westcoast. Expect more tours, merchandise, and music videos from Vehemence in 2004.