From laid back psychadelic jams, to upbeat passionate anthems


In the begining Clint started recording an album, mainly an on the spot record. Learning from each recording a little more. A album was created from that and soon after the next album, unknowing in the beginning would become a 2 disc record. Justin and Adam sat in on a few tunes for that one, not knowing that would be the begining of a band. Clint needed a place to stay, and Austin had three rooms perfect for a band room. Of course Austin being a bass player made it even more inviting. Clint called upon his old drummer from a previous band and soon after that Vehicle had gone from 1 to 5. After a few shows around town the next record began, with all new songs changing the style of Vehicle. After 2 years the band has kept playing and recently Andy joined in and now the sound gets better all the time. All sharing a passion for creating interesting music and keeping it fresh and new.......


Corriosion Tension and Broken Parts-LP
Two Many People-2 disc- LP
Sometimes Water-LP

Set List

Alfalfa Moon, Monster Land, Beatin Down, Stables, Wrapped in Gold, Madamoris, Let U Out, Next Time, Water Runs thru the Floor,
We play anywhere from 45 minute sets, to 3 45 minute sets. Constantly jaming and playing the tunes