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"Vehicular at Redrum"

REV: Vehicular at Redrum

Stumbled onto this hip-hop/breakbeat melange at Redrum when i went to see Grey+ Whyte do the headlining show.

This group of guys -- perhaps high school to college-aged (but perhaps not, based on their consumptive tendencies) -- put on a frenetic show to a couple dozen people as though it were a filled arena.

I managed to get a few clips of them in action while i was tuning up for Clark, and now wish i'd gotten more. Unfortunately, i don't know any names nor can i give any further info about them. I did get on their email list so maybe that will come with time. I also got one of their bare bones CDs -- itself excellent, though lacking the energy of the live performance.

Suspecting that one of the two leads is also a writer (they did some covers) it's possible that i can snag him as another of the subjects of Verbaceous. But i'll have to make contact somehow.

In any case, some really fine wordsmanship, combined with some excellent rhythm and a really nice ear for melody and harmony makes me think these guys too may be headed somewhere. Keep an eye on the Chronicle listings for more from them.

Update: They have a MySpace page available but i'm just now catching on (9/2).

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"Vehicular in Whoopsy Mag"

go to to see this article.


"Vehicular at SXSW week"

Yo, Homeslice (with audio)
SXSW is not a hip-hop conference by any stretch, but every year there's more rhyming about town, particularly since the Houston rap scene blew up in 2005. This year, there were plenty more Southern contenders like Young Bleed and GRiTBOYS, as well as alt-rappers Atmosphere and Jean Grae, Wu Tang MC Ghostface and pint-sized U.K. grime sensation Lady Sovereign.

It seemed as if the Caucasian rappers were multiplying, too, from the Beastie Boys on down to the Yah Mos Def, the spastic Philadelphia duo who were busy referencing Jeffrey Lurie and Wilson Goode at the Move to Philly party on Friday afternoon. (More on that later.) None were more amusing than Vehicular, who I caught in the backyard of Homeslice Pizza. The Austin fab foursome dress like busboys and, in their own words, combine "live bass, King Kong beats and Einstein-doing-whipits-at-your-house-party lyrics," courtesy of oh-so-droll rappers Jason Fuller and John Vonletcher, each of whom look 16 but are in their early '20s and are equally hilarious on the subject of their active libidos and feelings about the former Czechoslovakia. -


10 song, self titled cd.
Airplay on streaming radio station KVRX 91.7.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Despite being a relatively new venture, Vehicular has already begun to amass a vibrant following after a series of successful performances at local venues and parties. Recently, the group has been scheduled to play a 2006 South by Southwest showcase on March 16th, and The University of Texas' 40 Acres Fest on April 1st.

Vehicular consists of four members with a wide variety of backgrounds. Smooth-talking J-Swan International shares his role as MC with the fiery and charismatic Knec. Together the two roll out a lyrical collage of themes spanning a wild and varied array of subjects. Songs such as “You Can Use My Ride” and “Bus Your Mama to My House (to Get it On)” celebrate the lighter side of romantic relationships, while “Czechoslovakia” speaks of J-Swan’s experience of getting lost in a foreign land. Providing the smooth and icy beats over which KNEC and J-Swan skate are DJ Jeff Jupiter and beatmaker Keith Kong.

Live, Keith Kong and Jeff Jupiter fatten the mix using a variety of tools in their arsenal, including synthesizers, turntables, live percussion, and electric bass. Their forces combined, Vehicular’s four members bring together an explosive and focused sound guaranteed to provide a live show far outdoing the traditional DJ and MC combo.

Simply put, Vehicular may be the most dynamic live hip hop act in Texas. Vehicular makes it clear from the outset that they are there to entertain. As reviewer Tony Gallucci wrote in response to one of Vehicular's first shows, “Vehicular puts on a frenetic show for a few dozen people as though it were a filled arena.”