"These artists do a highly signable (and tuneful) job of mining the dark vaults of existence.” -- Music Connection Magazine "...Emotionally enthralling, bitterly tranquil, and in the true sense of the words, MIND-ALTERING." --Indie Rockers United


Skillfully weaving dark colors and powerful lyrics into stunning melodic soundscapes, Veiled is ready to take its place at the heart of modern rock. The five members of this band hail from all corners of the country, and the equally wide range of their impressive individual performance experiences--from playing drums and bass in the streets of New Orleans to touring the country with the Warped Tour, to sharing the stage with the likes of Cypress Hill, Kid Rock, David Crosby, and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys before a captive crowd of twenty thousand--combines to bring an unparalleled dimension of maturity to Veiled’s music that is far beyond the band’s collectively young years.

Regardless of origins, it has become definitively clear from Veiled’s ever-growing list of admirers that the music has resonated deeply with its audience, as reflected by a fan base that extends not only up and down the California coast, but even as far away from the band’s Los Angeles home base as the northeastern and southeastern United States--all made possible by a relentless live show schedule as well as the band’s strong internet presence on both its official and MySpace websites. The critics also agree: the song “Suffocating” received radio airplay on the 99.5 FM Rising Star Showcase in Palm Springs, and Veiled was named one of Music Connection magazine’s Top 25 Demo Critiques in 2005. Most recently, Veiled was featured twice on television's “Video Fusion” program, and the band was also invited to headline the Third Eye Gathering--a philanthropic arts benefit concert in downtown Los Angeles.

Veiled recently released their new full length record, Within --several songs of which were co-written by industry veteran Dave Carlock, whose other credits include, NOFX, The Transplants, and Pink. The new disc is available for purchase at iTunes,,, and at live performances.


Through the Valley

Written By: Charlie Kim

The river’s dry and empty
Carved in through the earth
Eyes are peering at me
From beneath the dirt
So I’ll cover myself again
So I’ll cover myself again
The lies of vacant minds
Travel through the wind
Polluting all of beauty
Destroying from within
Calling out, cut inside
Hidden scars are opened again
Shutting doors, from behind
Trapped within the pale light
Eyes of hope, faded by
Another sleepless lonely night
Lead me through the valley
Lead me through the valley


Written By: Charlie Kim

Heavy clouds drearing overhead
Typical of another day
The imagery of a myth unfolds
He turns away to hide again
Venom through the eyes
Leaves him paralyzed
Marked with words of spite
Leaves him paralyzed
Underneath a crooked lens
Where the cold is his embrace
Gazed on from afar, and no one cares at all
Another tragedy unknown
Mirrors broken on the floor
Lamenting all alone, and no one hears at all
A broken crown on a broken princess brow
Coloring her kingdom gray
The magic pills ease her mind
Only satisfy momentarily
Venom through the eyes
Leaves her paralyzed
Marked with words of spite
Leaves her paralyzed

Only Love Remains

Written By: Charlie Kim

Time can’t heal the wounds
It’s just another pill
To cover up the hole
Altering the mind
I still love you anyway
I still love you anyway
A bed of broken glass
Alleviates the guilt
Memories stir the soul
With turbulent regret
I still love you anyway
I still love you anyway


Veiled's discography includes the newly released full length Within and the Human Evolution EP. They are already starting recording on a follow up to their latest release.

Three singles, "Through the Valley," "Only Love Remains," and "Paralyzed" are available for downloading in their entirety in this EPK.

The additional songs "Suffocating" and "Restore" are available at: and

Set List

Typical set list of original music:

1. "Decay"
2. "MetroGnome"
3. "Only Love Remains"
4. Tabla-inspired improvisation
5. "Eye"
6. "Suffocating"
7. "Through the Valley"
8. "Paralyzed"
9. "Killing Fields"
10. "Oblivious"
11. "68/44"
12. "Restore"
13. "The Messenger"
14. "Beast"

Full set length: 60+ minutes
Customizable to accomodate shorter time slots and acoustic sets.