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Veiled @ The Dragonfly

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

Veiled @ The Dragonfly

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

Veiled @ Club Good Hurt

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



“Alienation, scorn and hopelessness reign over the Inland Empire of this SoCal sextet, which channels heavy guitar riffs, expressionistic lyrics and moody lead vocals into a pristinely recorded four-song CD. Singer Charlie Kim’s morosely melodic voice is ideal for these songs, whose titles (“Decay,” “Suffocating,” “Paralyzed”) define the band’s gloomster viewpoint. These artists do a highly signable (and tuneful) job of mining the dark vaults of existence.” - Music Connection

Seldom in this life do we find music that seems to cripple our inhibitions and render us completely vulnerable. More often than not we are sidetracked by the bare bellies and androgynous ideals that are made to suggest the validity of artists. It is because of these tawdry impersonators and expectations that we forget whom the real musicians are…
Veiled is one of these groups of true musicians; I recently had the privilege of seeing them at the Third Eye Gathering in downtown Los Angeles. The band couldn’t have asked for a better forum for their talent, as it is an event designed for artists of all mediums to come together and support one another through performances, displays, and other various forms of expression. Held in an airplane hanger, the walls were covered in incredible art, and the location allowed for the most fascinating types of people on earth to easily flow through the experience.
After a warm and welcoming introduction by Third Eye Gathering founder Barry Krevoy, Veiled took the stage and dove into what would be one of the most captivating performances I have ever seen. Opening their set with "Decay," guitarists Greg Panciera and Ali Nikou combined tonal textures and phrasing to create an immense landscape of frail vulnerability, launching lead vocalist Charlie Kim into his melancholy conversational verses and signature consummate winding melody lines. Bass player Chris Freeman embraced the song's feeling of gentle torture and imbedded pain with deep, rich undertones and precise balance. Veiled's versatility and conviction in “Decay” lured in any remaining stragglers still smoking outside. There was now an entranced and sweaty mass formed around the stage…
Next, the band cooled it down with the most lyrically significant song of the night, "Eye". Kim's words and physical appearance wreaked of peaceful disdain and haunting self-sacrificial sentiment. Drummer Blair Shotts burned in his own dose of vacant sadness with a slow, modified militant drum roll which later hardened to perfectly compliment a flawless and incandescent guitar solo by Ali Nikou.
The band’s fourth tune, "Only Love Remains", would be the best of the night with its emotionally charged choruses causing the only real tears I have ever seen at a live show-not tears of screaming teenagers fantasizing about one of the band members-no-these were tears of satisfaction and vulnerability welling up, not just in my eyes, but in the eyes of several others around me. “Only Love Remains” was infused with tear-down-the-house vocal melodies dripping with both confliction and remorse. The finale of the song was simply devastating as Kim’s body dropped and pulled like a rag doll as drummer Shotts, seemingly possessed, flailed out of his chair, beating his kit mercilessly.
The final song of the evening was the confessional masterpiece "Paralyzed" which opened with Kim on keyboards and violinist Koi Anunta wrenching gorgeous screams and shrieks from her white violin. Both Panciera and Nikou’s universal guitar tones encapsulated the enslavement bread inside the song's true intention. Triumphing in its enormous and bawling chorus, Paralyzed’s melodic destructiveness dropped me into a kind of subconscious labyrinth that somehow forced me to acknowledge my own pain; it was a perfect set-capper and it brought a now sweat drenched audience to raise its arms in thunderous applause and stench.
It is very rare that I find myself being forced out of my own self induced psychosis by a live band. Veiled’s music is emotionally enthralling, bitterly tranquil, and in the true sense of the words, MIND ALTERING; their set left myself and the rest of the audience with, quite literally, jaws hanging to the floor. In a time where music is characterized most commonly by emotional emptiness-it was damn refreshing to hear Veiled serve up 40 minutes of the real thing.

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Veiled's discography includes the newly released full length Within and the Human Evolution EP. They are already starting recording on a follow up to their latest release.

Three singles, "Through the Valley," "Only Love Remains," and "Paralyzed" are available for downloading in their entirety in this EPK.

The additional songs "Suffocating" and "Restore" are available at: and


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Skillfully weaving dark colors and powerful lyrics into stunning melodic soundscapes, Veiled is ready to take its place at the heart of modern rock. The five members of this band hail from all corners of the country, and the equally wide range of their impressive individual performance experiences--from playing drums and bass in the streets of New Orleans to touring the country with the Warped Tour, to sharing the stage with the likes of Cypress Hill, Kid Rock, David Crosby, and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys before a captive crowd of twenty thousand--combines to bring an unparalleled dimension of maturity to Veiled’s music that is far beyond the band’s collectively young years.

Regardless of origins, it has become definitively clear from Veiled’s ever-growing list of admirers that the music has resonated deeply with its audience, as reflected by a fan base that extends not only up and down the California coast, but even as far away from the band’s Los Angeles home base as the northeastern and southeastern United States--all made possible by a relentless live show schedule as well as the band’s strong internet presence on both its official and MySpace websites. The critics also agree: the song “Suffocating” received radio airplay on the 99.5 FM Rising Star Showcase in Palm Springs, and Veiled was named one of Music Connection magazine’s Top 25 Demo Critiques in 2005. Most recently, Veiled was featured twice on television's “Video Fusion” program, and the band was also invited to headline the Third Eye Gathering--a philanthropic arts benefit concert in downtown Los Angeles.

Veiled recently released their new full length record, Within --several songs of which were co-written by industry veteran Dave Carlock, whose other credits include, NOFX, The Transplants, and Pink. The new disc is available for purchase at iTunes,,, and at live performances.