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She finds a way to touch on the many different styles of hip-hop in her performance, from the dirty south to the grown and sexy.



DJ Kay Slay does it again! The new generation of female M.C. is here, with lyrical imagery and relevance that will strike a vein of all listeners with a true appreciation for good music. With cultural influences ranging from the Caribbean to the streets of New York, this Southern Belle has groomed her unique style to position herself among the top of todays hip-hop movement. With a distinct delivery, variety of style and ability to control the rhythm of any melody, Vein is set to put her stamp on hip-hop Music in the 21 Century.

Vein was born to a West Indian family, in the small town of Petersburg, Virginia, and fell in love with hip hop when she was about three years old. Although the uplifting sounds of calypso filled her house every Saturday morning, rap songs by Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Salt-N-Pepa and countless others wouldnt leave her mind. She started rapping at the age of eight, and by fourteen started recording at various studios. It wasnt until she attended Howard University that she was able to realize that she truly couldn't be touched. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business, the 21 year old made a bold decision to move to the big city...New York. One year later, Vein signed a production deal with the most influential mixtape dj in NYC, "The Drama King" DJ Kay Slay. Second only to Papoose (new rap artist signed to Jive Records for 1.5 million through Street Sweepers Entertainment), Vein is the most consistent, un-signed female rapper on the underground, mix tape, and street DVD circuit in New York. Lyrically she is recognized and respected on the streets as one of the best up and coming rappers, male or female.

Unlike most female hip-hop artists Vein doesnt rely on a crew of male MCs to help her stand out, this girl can hold her own. Shes at her best when she performs, and her natural ability with a live audience is unquestioned. She finds a way to touch on the many different styles of hip-hop in her performance, from the dirty south to the grown and sexy, Vein is able to push the envelope. She has recorded songs with hip hop legend Busta Rhymes, Chamillionaire, Remy Ma, Papoose, and Ra Digga (to name a few) and has been recognized by top radio personalities (DJ Green Lantern-Hot 97-NYC, DJ Whoo Kid-Hot 97-NYC, Ed Lover-Power 105-NYC, DJ Foot & Big Nat-Power 92-Richmond, VA, K Monta-Power 92-Richmond, VA). She has proven herself a credible M.C. to her peers, and is now ready to show the world.


Vein - Crown Me
Vein - The Golden Child
Vein - The Problem & The Answer