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"Veinmelter brings the funk to Pleasure Island venues"

Veinmelter fuses rhythm, rock and rocking rhyme into a funk fusion sound not heard before on the island. It's flat-out rock and funk with a take-no-prisoners beat. - Brian Kelly, Pensacola News Journal

"veinmelter "Summertime""

veinmelter is able to combine the smooth forces of funk, grove and jazz in their most recent album “Summertime.” The album is complete with intricate funk bass lines and smooth melodic vocals that contain a hip hop style of rhymes. “Summertime” is an extremely versatile album that puts reggae, funk, groove, jazz, hip hop, country and folk in a blender and serves it up on the rocks. This album is perfect for any fan of Sublime or The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Veinmelter’s music would compliment the perfect summer weekend night at the Whiskey or the Roxy in Los Angeles.
Track 1 “Summertime” - This smooth track sets the stage for the entire album. The perfect summer song, complete with reggae style guitar riffs, funky bass lines, and up beat drums. Nigel Dickie’s vocals are energetic while his lyrics roll off his tongue in a style that is reminiscent of the legendary Sublime front man, Bradley Nowell.
Track 3 “Drive to the City” – This track demonstrates just how versatile Veinmelter’s musical abilities are. “Drive to the City” strays away from Veinmelter’s smooth funk style and emulates a folk, country vibe. Providing the listener with upbeat drums, blues style harmonica and folk guitar hooks, “Drive to the City” provides listeners with a dark country style, similar to that of Johnny Cash.
Track 9 “Last Beat Dropped” – “Last Beat Dropped” contains funky bass lines, fast paced ska/reggae style guitar melodies and quick catchy vocals. The song is similar to the funk style of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. A true breath of fresh air, “Last Beat Drop” is a reminder that good music still exists in this world of played out pop and wannabe acoustic artists.
Reviewed by Travis Sabaitis of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion - Reviewed by Travis Sabaitis of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion


Summertime - 2009 - written, arranged and produced by veinmelter productions

Move On - 2008 -written, arranged and produced by veinmelter productions.



veinmelter fuses rhythm, rock & rhyme into what they call funk fusion, a mouth-watering blend of rock and funk. Chill easy rhymes, dark rock numbers, and straight funk/dance instrumentals banging at your door. Crafting bass driven grooves wrapped in languid melodies and captivating guitar riffs to become your new favorite songs. They call their new style funk fusion, a mouth-watering blend of rock and funk. Chill easy rhymes, dark rock numbers, and straight funk/dance instrumentals. veinmelter is simply unique and real.
veinmelter is original funk rock, blending dynamic grooves with fresh intelligent lyrics and swinging guitar hooks.
Taking their name from the Herbie Hancock song off his Headhunters album they show respect with a mastery of their craft and exceptional arrangements. veinmelter is now based in Orange Beach AL.
Individually they are stellar, extraordinarily unique musicians, together they are veinmelter…
Bassist Nigel Dickie on vocals and harmonica leads the band with precise, strong and highly melodic bass techniques… then lays it down like an ocean roll. His lyrics? They are tales of Battle, Sunshine, Paradise, Anger and Gin. His soulful harmonica beautifully backs up vocals that are wrapped with song and delivered with total abandon.
Guitarist Matt Rush breeds fresh guitar lines and layers with glorious tones. Also on vocals and sometimes lude dancing, Rush pumps out funked-up fury.
Occasionally the Rush man is called upon to sing swinging' love ballads or extreme country humdingers. He gives it ALL to ya!
Drummer Adam E. Bradley, rounds out the Vm trio with a rock solid foundation of rhythm and harmony that will take you to the next level of musical bliss. His style is strait out of the pocket and into the great beyond; he never fails to find the groove within the groove. Adam has an ear for harmonies that brings new dimension to veinmelter's dynamic original sound.
Now in Planning for album number three, veinmelter is getting ready to record the next collection of original funk fused rock & roll rhythm & rhyme. With their live shows reaching new levels of musical enlightenment with each gig, there’s no limit to the groove possibilities and unrecorded work you can look forward to hearing on this latest musical endeavor. Don't worry, there is plenty of funk left to lay down number four...
With their second studio album released in June 2009 veinmelter has over 40 original compositions in their arsenal. Put very simply the veinmelter boys are incredible musicians with an ever-expanding catalogue of songs you will feel and remember.
veinmelter is the people’s music from the foothills of Pennsylvania, USA.
style: Rhythm, Rock and Rhyme

Established in 1997 by Matt Rush and Nigel Dickie, they were inspired at first to create funk based instrumental music. Drawing from such influences as James Brown, The Beastie Boys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
As time went on they took from their surrounding and wrote words to describe their lives, joy, pain, booze and toils. The veinmelter boys have made their highly original music available to the masses via the ever-popular Itunes and live concerts.
Catch veinmelter at a venue near you.
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