Velapene Screen

Velapene Screen


Velapene Screen is about taking melody and movement and having them fused at the hip. Driven by deep bass lines and grooves inside ever changing song structures. The one thing that most electronic music lacks is the human element, Velapene Screen doesnt.


Hailing from New York, Velapene Screen has been around for the better part of 8 years,Layering lush melodies atop witty programming. Thick with dirty bass and stuttering vocals, His well executed songs have charted in NYC's own Time out magazine as well as gained him a blip in Rolling Stone for Taking the NYC Laptop Battle crown in 2006. 2 time laptop battle champion, 2 releases, a remix for Interpol and appearances on numerous compilations, you can count on creativity to drive his future. More recently vela has appeared in a few places on the new ONLY SON cd on Cassette Recordings.
Velapene Screen Has also done previous work on commercials and had his music and beats appear in a miller genuine draft , ford and acura ads.


Crash Redevelopment Comp. ( 2003
Velatision ep ( 2003
Medical Breaths (Frozen Empire Media)2005
Interpol Untitled Remix (Matador Records)2005
F%$K Compilation (Hive Records)2006

Set List

My set list switches every time i play, i read the crowd and work with the energy. my sets range from 25 minutes to an hour depending on the event. i do a Regina Spektor cover of "fidelity