Velcro Moonshoe

Velcro Moonshoe


We have been building a steady following with great origionals and eclectic covers. Our live show is what keeps people coming back again and again. An origional meshing of funk, rock and jazz with a definite retro sound.


We draw an eclectic group of influences with our sound. Our music backgrounds vary from Jazz to Rock to Bluegrass- even traditional classical music. We perform great live performances and keep the croud involved. Often times our only downfall is our patrons at our shows dont want us to stop- bar owners have lost their voices getting the packed crouds out after our gigs. We bring consistent crounds and and always leave them wanting more.


Ep- Camp Opiwana Sessions.
We have 3 Tracks getting airtime on KXUA Fayetteville, AR and The University of the Ozarks College station. Also have 1 track on the local X show in Fayetteville, AR.

Set List

80% origionals
20% covers
We cover the following bands: Beck, The Beatles, The Greatful Dead, John Coltrane, The Velvet Underground, The Sugar Hill Gang, Bob Dylan, Air, Phish to name a few.