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Anointed Ministry, Unforgettable Performances, Christian Rap Music with a Swag, Professional on/off Stage; Proven to be the "iron fist in the velvet glove." Performances are Crowd-Pleasing, Leaving audiences Inspired and Ready for Progress! A "Must Have" for all Music & Christian-related events.


Seattle native La Vell Walton aka VellVett is an award winning talent, gifted song writer and performer. As an emerging Christian Rap Artist, VellVett is passionate about spreading the encouraging message of God’s love and positive living all while staying true to the vision of VellVett Ministries, “Living What Were Giving.” This vibrant artist brings a contagious energy, and positive message with every song and performance. His message is delivered through propitious and engaging lyrics, hot tracks, and a seamless delivery that attracts both the young and mature audience.

Prior to becoming a Christian Rap Artist, VellVett catapulted into the secular market at a young age. His talents afforded him the opportunity to share stages with various national hip hop recording artist such as IMX, Dru Down and The Lost Boys.

After giving his life to Christ and perfecting his craft in the genre of Christian Rap/Holy Hip Hop, VellVett has been able to share the platform with a number of National Gospel recording artist, including Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark-Cole (of the Clark Sisters), as well as Youthful Praise and a number of other exceptional nationally acclaimed artist.

VellVett has received multiple awards and accolades for his sophisticated and highly developed talents. In 2009 VellVett was awarded “Best Christian Hip-Hop Artist” at the Pacific Northwest ITM Live Music Charity Awards, as well as receiving other numerous nominations, awards and recognition throughout the course of his career.

With the soon coming release of his most anticipated album, "Dream BIG", VellVett, is setting ablaze youth, young adults and the young at heart across America! “Dream BIG” is not just an album, but a compilation of life experiences, encouraging expressions, and a timeless message that transcends cultural, and generational barriers. “Dream BIG” delivers a message that the world needs to hear!

To all that have experienced the music, life and ministry of VellVett, it is evident that GOD is positioning this young man for success on a mainstream platform. So Get Ready...VellVett will go global at a moments notice!

"Dream BIG!!!"

"Living what we're giving."



Written By: L. Walton, A. Brooks, M. Franklin

Verse 1:
We’ve been know to set trends/ We don’t follow the world ‘cause the world follows sin/ And the world swallows men/ Then they get mad at us ‘cause we wasn’t following them/ “Bold Christians” they say that can’t be/ How could it be GOD’s army is manly/ And the women are as worse as the men be/ Prayer warriors makin Christian men go crazy/ President Christ: we the first famly/ And we don’t trade virtue for no eye candy/ So you can slingshot that back to the depths please/ And send a message with it saying they still Holy/ We’ve got an attitude that can’t be choked/ Go check throughout our history and see who JESUS invoked/ And they still stuck with Him after they were provoked/ And we cut from the same cloth, don’t we look dope

Verse 2:
We stand out at the Grammy’s/ Living out loud is my family/ Christian born, reborn, He planted these/ And upgraded us on international T.V./ JESUS! The people’s champ like the Rock/ Watching His fam easing outta the stretched Maybach/ Shining during gridlock, we off of the clock/ Presenting a big Christian party all over the block/ And MTV Awards prepare, prepare/ That nasty spirit in that high place beware, beware/ Sunglasses ain’t enough to block this glare/ This glare is more appealing that’s why the audience stares and stares/ Red carpet, big features, spotlights and glamour/ Entertainers and media goin bananas/ Where did they come from with that Christian grammar/ I can’t believe Christians are all over the cameras

Verse 3:
Now you can stand up or stand down/ It’s an all out war, never gonna bow/ Take the time to wipe the sweat from the brow/ With a face like flint both hands on the plow/ Mean mugging, ain’t really mad though/ Unless they trying to block that Kingdom advance bro/ Now I done gave y’all a warning/ But if you all ignore me then we gonna lock that system down/ Hook from the Servant, flurry from The Savior/ Got the world staggering like down goes Frasier/ Flow real smooth with Truth cutting like a razor/ Can’t water it down it’s too much flavor/ Yes! That’s how it’s done for The King/ Real cool when He’s chilling but a Lion when He raise up/ And if that song here makes you mad/ Don’t trip, I got from my Dad


Written By: L. Walton, J. Thomson

Written By: L. Walton and J. Thomson
Performed By: VellVett feat. J. Marie

JESUS—My Rock & My Saviour all other ground is sinking sand, we cry
JESUS—Proclaiming You are LORD, it’s time for us to take a stand and cry

Verse #1:
“My people stand out, they stick up like a soar thumb/ just to make the devil mad, all of them reflect the Son”/ JESUS out the box, HIS reign’s beyond the border/ yeah HIS words were outta line concerning human order/ the new world’s order doesn’t want JESUS in it/ America snap out of it; need JESUS clinic/ let’s go to Church; the apostolic rule/ turn this world upside down, don’t let these alcoholics rule/ go hard by showing real compassion/ the masses overlook sin, too benged on the action/ but how will they confess HIM if no one will address ‘em/ therefore GOD dispatched the saints to compell ‘em not contest ‘em/ Love never dies, Love never tires/ has no record of fail even when down to the wire/ this teaching’s outrageous but it’s been preached before/ I’m just a parttaker baby; co-worker of The LORD


Verse #2:
“If only My people which are called by My Name/ would turn their focus from their wickedness they’d never be the same/ I would heal their land and instantly would bless them/ I’ve never been a GOD to hold their sin out at confession”/ JESUS we’re all in, Your Word deserves the action/ we put our bear-feet forward and give our all with passion/ and if that ain’t enough then Father stretch us more/ till there is no more us, and we behold The LORD/ yes it’s your glory, yes is our song/ yes we’re Your story, yes we’re Your song/ yes we went crazy when we went wrong/ yet You still called us, tellin us “come home”/ how GOD so loved us, we were so lost/ I’ve never known a love who’d take my sins upon a cross/ and then come back, Father You’re still matchless/ Bible is priceless; this ain’t even what the half is


Verse #3:
“My WORD is still good; I’m GOD, I’ve got the capital profession/ I paid your debt without your consent, without your confession”/ Father heal us cause wicked men wish You dethroned/ they don’t know You, the devil tricked ‘em all wit petrone/ Father forgive ‘em, deliver such as hear our report/ we fully trust You; not the mischevious sort/ our hearts were pricked and we still stick to the Kingdom assignment/ without alliances with evil we propel in alignment/ we are Christians; blood bought, water baptised/ holy ghost filled, tongue-talkin, holy-roller riders/ unashamed, we’re in the potter’s hand as moldable clients/ transformed, even our thoughts construe our compliance/ when we stand out and speak up all days of the week/ we’re not your weekend, weak-ended christians/ we believe, “give all or nothing at all fulfilling our purpose”/ yeah I can rap but it’s just part of my reasonable service


Lil Bruh Shirt

Written By: L. Walton, A. Brooks

Lil Bruh Shirt
Written By: L. Walton, A. Brooks
Performed By: VellVett feat. Ak

You got ya lil bruh shirt on; little brotha shirt
Got ya little brotha shirt on; little brotha shirt
You got ya little brotha shirt on; little brotha shirt
Got ya little brotha shirt on; little brotha shirt

Verse #1:
Ok, you came to the light, yea, zealous as a rockstar/ hundreds in the offerin plate, traded in that box car/ got yourself a house, yep, think you met your spouse, bet/ things are lookin up now but you ain’t seen nothin yet/ holy ghost done moved ya, devil put in overtime/ don’t wanna see ya glossy, “man them saints have got a shine”/ feel like New Orleans now, Katrina trynna rock us/ blow us off the Rock but this property is locked up/ GOD-owned; purchased at the cross; like a poster/ we publish our JESUS, HE started this holy culture/ we noticed some who have wandered out from the Faith/ backslidin like the moonwalk, brotha there’s no escape/ fam you started out well, I mean even your spirit beefed up/ grew from milk bottles to meat but why you lean up/ I know that sin is tempting but don’t flirt/ cause you’ll look strange born-again wit that lil bruh shirt


Verse #2 (Ak):
Hit em with the Truth, that y’all know we couldn’t make up/Separate the clean from the unclean man time to break up/Eternal shake-up, hoping y’all would wake-up/They trying to stack that cheddar, man we trying to get our weight up/Chewing on that good stuff, raised from the street up/Went from milk to meat now devil trying to turn the heat up, now we turn the beat up and shout it thru loud speaker/You used to stand strong now your swag is looking weaker/ Weaker? /Weaker, leaner than them Lean Cuisines/While your flesh is fatter than a gumbo pot from New Orleans/ Cuz dude there aint no in between, saints we should be climbing/But why do fools be falling out of love like Frankie Lymon?/ And while your dude be rhyming, all of y’all can stand and chime in/Cuz you cant put that new wine up in them old wine skins/ And finally Ima leave em with a truth it might hurt but/ If you’re still bound then go and check your shirt…..


Verse #3:
Ok you built up, real big in the Faith, pretty tough now/ whole lotta people at ya Church; you drawin much now/ stayed for quite a few years, said “this church thing is workin”/ don’t hang like you use to, homey went cold turkey/ a big shot; appeal to the kids, they see ya work/ pockets fat, church-girls say he saved and down-to-earth/ but they don’t know: he don’t pray much, naw he’s off-track/ and when ya ask him how ya doin he’s like “none of your beezwax boy—“/ I tell ya it don’t matter your posture/ if you ain’t saved but just look it truly you ain’t prospered boy—/ so many came and gone it affects me/ but I’m rooted in the Christ though they try to infect me boy—/ you can’t put on the new man, doc/ over that old man’s habits, yo I’m tellin ya stop/ be renewed in your mind cause that outfit don’t work/ you’d look strange once again wit that lil bruh shirt



Current Single

"Call or Text Me" written by VellVett


Mixology (Mixtape) - 2007
The Beginning - 2008
Inspired (Singles) - 2010
Dream BIG (EP) - 2011


2006 Performer of the Year
2007 Best Mixtape
2008 Best Single, Best Collaboration, Soldier of the Year
2009 Best Male MC of the Year


Set List

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Call or Text Me*
Money Don't Save*
Dream BIG
Money Don't Save
Wit A Swaaagg

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