Chicago, Illinois, USA

Rock 'n' Roll with a fierce dynamic of catchy riffs and rhythms finely blending the soul of grunge with the attitude of punk and a dash of boy/girl harmonies.


"Easily one of Chicago’s most energetic acts, both live and in their studio records" - Midwest Action

Velocicopter |Ve'.lase'.kop.terr |
[Noun / Verb / Adjective]

A.) A strange fabled dinosaur, helicopter hybrid known to exist deep within the human psyche.

B.) The hair-raising, hard-hitting sonic blast of dangerously catchy hooks blended up with raucous riffs consisting of: David DuCasse (Guitar, Vocals) Meghan MacDuff (Guitar,Vocals) Brett Klein (Bass, Hoot'n/Hollar'n) and Mathew Haywood(Drums). Based out of Chicago, IL, with a sound somewhere between rock and a hard place.

"Chicago four piece Velocicopter play relentless rock and roll. The dual vocals of Meghan MacDuff and David DuCasse add a pop sensibility with balls-out rollocking beats keeping it nice ‘n’ nasty." - Pink Mist (UK)

"There’s something about this sort of punk goes grunge thing that I love and think is going to translate really well live. It’s dirty sounding and raw but you can still dance to it. Ticks all my boxes." - PunkTastic


Velocicopter EP - 2011

Drag / Habitat - Single - 2012

Pals - 2014

Dibs - 2015