Velociraptor consists of Jen K taking care of keyboards and vocals and Robby Lester taking care of guitar, synth, vocals and programming. Boy-girl indie-rock-pop backed by programmed loops and beeps.


We formed in early 2007, with one idea in mind, to have a musical project ready for when we move to the west coast. However, the current plan is being put on hold, and we're now spending all of May doing a coast-to-coast and back again DIY tour. We're not sure what the future holds, but we're pretty sure it's going to be a dance party!

We just finished recording what will become our first EP (Tour EP 2007) at Lord Baltimore Studios in downtown Baltimore with Brooks Harlan.

And yes, we might tell you we write songs in the same realm as the Postal Service, but it's pretty obvious, after recording, that we don't really sound like that. So we'll just say, we're in the electronica/alternative realm, which happens to be the same realm the Postal Service resides in. However, we haven't started using lap-tops yet. Instead we make noise with a DR-5 drum machine (and it likes to do stuff it's not told at live shows) along with a few keyboards, an acoustic guitar and our vocal chords.

Anyways, Baltimore, MD is our home-base when the highways o f America are not.


the Nihilist

Written By: Robby Lester

Hey you, don't you know this all has to end
Hey you, don't you know we're all alone, like you

And the spotlight will never be as bright as you thought it to be

Sing with me
I don't believe in me
Sing with me
I believe in your voice

Hey you, truth cannot believe
the worst is over
It rotates
lays dormant
like the cancer invaded system
like the cancer, invade mine

The worst is never over

the Martyr

Written By: Robby Lester

The contact of flesh on flesh
doesn't offer much
as the frigid air
grounds our sheltered breath
And I can't remember the last time
I made a connection
We fail.

I heard that love song
I never felt so alone

Let's hide vexation with a simple beat
All we want is something to remind us
we're in control
Are you in control?

the Proletarian

Written By: Robby Lester

This could have been disastrous
I could have woke up next to you
wonder what went wrong
Instead I lay here, alone
wondering what happened to you?

There's no need for explanation
your explanation, I already know
Things change, you've changed

And here I am
Here I am

I'm tired of bending
I can't pretend to be your contortionist
I won't be there
I'm tired of trends
and sales
and pushing something I don't believe


Tour EP - May 2007
The Dance Emergency LP - sometime in late 2007 or early 2008

Set List

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

The 15 minute set. Used at gigantic shows, festivals, etc. This is our least favorite set, because it's too short, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

The 30 minute set. This is the money set. Joey Ramone said it best, "no band needs a minute more or a minute less than 30 minutes at any show."

The 45 minute set. Used when the show doesn't have many acts on the bill. We'll probably throw in a cover, and it will probably be Superchunk, Saves the Day or Jimmy Eat World

The 60 minute marathon. We only use this set when we play bars or when a promoter specifically asks us to play a longer set. 60 minutes is way too long, but we're hear to serve... Or if we're feeling really frisky, we might do a 60 minute set. We would have to be amped up on a ton of liquid energy though.