Derek Stuerman w/ Velocity Music and Sound

Derek Stuerman w/ Velocity Music and Sound

 Lyons, Colorado, USA

A little touch of sunshine with an ice cold beer while sitting in the middle of a dusty road!


We have been playing music together for years. Mostly in a garage or our living rooms. We play / write everything from bluegrass to dance club music.

In addition to writing music we do sound production.
check out: (for live examples of tunes and sfx)
Also check out:


I (Derek) have been writing music for an online virtual world for the last couple years. I co-founded the site and was the musician in the mix so had the opportunity to compose all the music and sfx within the world.

Jeff has worked on a number of small films and projects in the L.A. area over the past few years. He is a graduate of Vancuver Film School.