Velveeta Jones Band

Velveeta Jones Band


Our music is the soundtrack of our own lives. We call it "blues" but it's more than that. It's rock, it's country, it's pyscho-twang, it's Chicago and Memphis with a lot of Louisiana thrown in for good flavor.


Velveeta Jones is a hard-hitting electric blues band from central Kentucky. Formed during the summer of 2001, their sound was classic power trio. They wanted to play blues, their first love, but given their diverse musical backgrounds in country, hard rock, bluegrass, and even cajun/zydeco, those influences came through in the songs.
Choosing to not squelch those influences for the sake of blues purists, they embraced them, giving a new sound to old standards as well as charting a course for their own material.
Their lead vocalist, Sondra "Spanky" Presley discovered a new blues voice after a lifetime of country and pop, and has found a home in this band. To this day she doesn't "listen" to the blues, but sings, growls and purrs them from an entirely original and fresh approach and sounding like no one else in the process.
Guitarist/vocalist Pat Morley is the definitive guitar bore. Always willing to talk gear, he'd rather socialize.. a people person. In his own words, "I'm everyone I've ever listened to and was able to steal licks from."
Bassist Mike Anderson is the blues encyclopedia of the band. You name a tune, chances are excellent he knows who recorded it and when.
Drummer Duane Miller is the band's timekeeper, a decorated Gulf War vet with an eye for vintage gear. He restored his current kit from a virtual junkpile, and spends hours scouring basements and attics for more treasure.


However, there are a few budget video clips on our website at