Velvet Minx

Velvet Minx


Velvet Minx consists of well known musicians from the Luxembourgish music scene. As they all come from a various musical background, the band's style is a mix of commercial rock with influences from pop and funk-music.


The Band “Velvet Minx” (Ex-Madcrow) now exists since 2007 and unites some well-known musicians from the Luxembourg music scene, bringing in several years of musical experience.

The programme is composed of a live-show and an interesting musical blend: commercial rock with funk and pop influences, mixed up with some “neo-rock”. This ensures a successful evening, event, festival or …

In 2008, Velvet Minx worked on film music and some new songs and recordings. The band had released its first single “Sweet Illusion” in 2007 to catch some attention.

In June 2008, Velvet Minx has played concerts and festivals like e.g.: Décke Gas an der Gaass, Rock am Park Hesperange, Fête de la Musique, Little Woodstock Festival and some gigs together with Austrian band “Soundmarke” in the scope of a self-organized exchange programme Luxembourg/Austria. So in October, Velvet Minx has played in Graz and Vienna.

With a reinforced team, a video clip and concerts in Luxembourg but also abroad are scheduled for 2009.


Sweet Illusion
Help me Out

Little Monkey
No Excuses
Catch Him
I need to know

Set List

No Excuses
One more Chance
Blaming you
Run Baby Run
Little Monkey
Help me Out
Show me how to live (Audioslave)
One Kiss
I need to know
Sweet Illusion
One more chance
Beautiful Goodbye (Amanda Marshall)
Baby Love (Mother's Finest)
Something real
Don’t worry
What’s Up (Four Non Blondes)
Simply the best (Tina Turner)