Velvet Saints

Velvet Saints

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Velvet Saints songs take the listener on a journey through the struggles of love, addiction, and personal renewal. Combined with an energized and visual stimulating live show, they deliver a complete package, which will leave many awestruck.


One listen to their debut release, ‘My Addiction’, was all it took.

Velvet Saints, like many of today’s emerging indie and modern rock artists, have embraced the electronic sound made popular during the 1980’s, but that’s where comparisons to today’s artists stop. Like Depeche Mode, the Velvet Saints provide a dark and confession-filled journey, which provides the listener a soundtrack for struggles that they may have or yet to face.

Jeff Epperson, who handles all programming and mixing responsibilities, was the catalyst for the eventual forming of Velvet Saints.

“It started off as an electronica instrumental type of project, but once we started putting some vocals together I was amazed with what we were coming up with.” said Epperson, who also performed the guitar work on the album.

Vocalist Kevin Manning, who helped pen most of the thirteen tracks on the band’s initial release, admits that his struggles are a basis for much of the album.

“It’s my therapy really,” said Manning. “It’s been a way for me to face up to some of my demons.”

Manning’s lyrics, which lend well to personal interpretation, dives into the difficulties of addictions, love and letting go. From the track “On and On”

“Here I go, fallen again
I can’t believe, I was untrue
It’s all come down to, this situation
It’s all come down to, just what I choose to do”

However, the Velvet Saints are also far from a just an electronic act delving into Manning’s past.

Consisting of Manning, Epperson, vocalist Rachel Hagan, keyboards Kevin Garvey and Gordon Shirley on drums, the Velvets Saints draw on the strengths of each, which helped create an album that takes many twists. In addition to Depeche Mode, other influences include David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and Crystal Method.

Beginning with the album’s opening track “Devil”, the Velvet Saints prove that they have meshed elements of the electronic, dance-floor friendly beats, with the energy of an electronic guitar driven rock band.

The presence of Rachel Hagan on vocals alongside Manning provides a sense of comfort throughout the thought-provoking album.

“She gives us even more depth,” Manning said. “The things that she has written and her counter-melodies give us another level and it helps us to relate to even more people.”

‘My Addiction’ has plenty of songs that jump out as potential fan favorites, with “Devil,” “On and On,” “Watching” and “Ode to the Stalker” helping to form an album that is well, addicting. Evidenced by their continually growing popularity on, receiving over 1 million plays during their first year on the social network, Velvet Saints are quickly becoming more than just a Derby City buzz.


My Addiction

"Devil" received airplay on numerous college radio stations across the country.

Set List

1-1hr set. All Originals.

Sin In The Closet
My Addiction
Save Me
Ode To The Stalker
On and On
Foolish Dreamer
Can You Live Without Me
Afraid Of Us