velvet tongue

velvet tongue


Velvet Tongue is a band capable of delivering both the beautiful pop song and the manic rock anthem. Velvet Tongue sound is made up of a unique blend of acoustic and psyco-electric instruments. This combination is punctuated by thoughtful, melodic vocals and an electrifying stage performance.


Since forming in the summer of 2006, Velvet Tongue has rapidly moved up the musical ranks. The band signed a record deal with Groove 33 Records in 06’ and has since debuted their unique sound in top venues in Southern California including shows at House of Blues and Coors Amphitheater. Velvet Tongue’s sound is created by the band’s use of space and melody in their songs. Velvet Tongue’s songs are driven sonically by the utmost detail to texture, layer and feel. The bands ability to move rather seamlessly from anthemic arena rock to quieter moments of intimate beauty has captured the attention of their peers and the hearts of audiences wherever the band has tread. Velvet Tongue songs capture a range of emotional frequencies, from the dirty swagger of early sixties raunch- rock to the soaring spectacle of soulful rock anthems, all while maintaining a sense of street level integrity through live performances that showcase the band’s ability to genuinely connect with audiences.


"Cassette" LP Released 2004
Popular Tracks
1 Serenade #7
2 New Wave Love Song
3 Only Child
4 Lemonade
5 Definitely Love
6 Alabama
7 Bite of a Beating Heart

Set List

Supposed to Told You
Bite of a Beating Heart
Sprout of Doubt
Kiss Me Like a Stranger
New Wave LOve Song
Dirty LOve