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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Vendetta Valentine"

Vendetta Valentine
Story and Photos: Lexa Vonn
One of the greatest things about living in Los Angeles is having the advantage of discovering new artists before the rest of the world does. For as long as I can remember I have had a knack for picking bands that have that certain star quality. And while the members of Vendetta Valentine don’t come off as your usual boozing, brawling, sexual iconic rocker types, their set list is packed with hits nonetheless. Featuring former Romak & the Space Pirates member, Daniel Powell on guitar, Anna Judd on keyboards and Thomas on vocals, Vendetta Valentine are a band that is all killer and no filler! I have recently had the opportunity to hear them both on CD as well as on two separate stages at Hollywood’s famed Knitting Factory. The first time I saw them they appeared in the Factory’s Alternate Lounge. The room barely holds 30 people and is more suited for acoustic acts but by the third song of Vendetta’s set I had completely forgotten about that. Their music truly moves me, a quality that is scarce among today’s over produced and underdeveloped songs of the airwaves. Sounding like an electro version of The Pixies, their songs are simple and classically structured with emotional builds, catchy hooks, danceable beats and insightful lyrics.
“Father takes the family for a holiday
Mother swallows pills to keep the world at bay
Big Brother’s put a price on freedom
Let the children dream about it now,”
shrieks singer Thomas, who also penned a novel entitled “Neeva’s Gift”, in the chorus of “May Day”. Daniel’s pitch perfect vocal harmonies and hard rock guitar licks add to the ambience of the sound, further providing an exciting experience for their colorful array of dedicated fans who seem as if they follow them everywhere. They remind me of the indie rock scene circa the early 90’s back when indie rock was actually independent. Vendetta Valentine is a dream waiting to happen for the right producer. Having already been played on KROQ, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if someone snatched them up soon. See them while you can!

"OC Weekly [Locals Only]"

Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 3:02 pm
Without any label support, Santa Ana-based Vendetta Valentine are enjoying airplay on KROQ and are being wooed by MTV, whose representatives whisper such sweet nothings as "Your music is perfect for our network" into the band's virginal ear. Many people are loving the music industry's decline, which is playing to the advantage of musicians who—signed or not—are creating fresh new sounds. Now is the time of the underdog, and Vendetta Valentine's members are lapping it up with their freshman effort, There's Nothing Safe, which comes out Tuesday.

Vendetta Valentine: Loved by MTV, KROQ and probably you
The variation of talent within the group is distinct: Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Thomas Monroe is a published novelist, guitarist/bassist/drum-machine programmer Daniel Powell works in video production, and keyboardist/synthesizer wizard Anna Judd is a painter and sculptor. This forging of diverse sensory articulation translates into the flip-flopping of styles showcased throughout There's Nothing Safe. From the album's opener, "Let It Burn," a quirky electronic-dance gem that sounds like it was recorded after a Mickey Avalon show, to the radio-friendly, catchy pop rock single "Dissidents" (which Vendetta Valentine are urging fans to request on KROQ) to the spastic and futuristic sound of "Wrecking Ball," the band ingeniously avoid pigeonholing.

They may be shopping the more mainstream songs to The Man (and we wish them well with that), but when Vendetta Valentine get creative with digital riffs and chirps, they shine like a disco ball. - OC Weekly


"Vendetta Valentine" EP - 2007 - independent release and distribution
"There's Nothing Safe" LP - 2008 - independent release, distribution: MDI
Rotation on 260 college/specialty radio stations. Charting in the top 30 on many of them.
"Let It Burn" and "Dissidents" played on KROQ Los Angeles. "Stars Are Papercuts" song of the week - Pulse Rated Radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vendetta Valentine formed with the intention of recording some rough and edgy indie-punk music on top of electronic beats, with a pinch of industrial/techno synths and noise to set it apart from the bulk of homogenized music that was on current radio.

Vendetta Valentine sent their first few songs to a couple record labels, who scratched their heads and said "What is it?"

Then KROQ Los Angeles picked "Let It Burn" as one of the Top 10 finalists in an unsigned band contest and have since had airplay on the Locals Only show.

The band finished their first CD in their home studio with no help from anyone and was offered distribution on the condition that they hire a publicist and put together a national tour.

After placing an ad on Craig's List a surprised Vendetta Valentine got a very important reply from and subsequently made a partnership with nationally syndicated sports radio host Jim Rome.

The band spent April 2008 on a self booked, national tour bringing their original sound and picking up new fans in every city.

Vendetta Valentine's first release, "There's Nothing Safe" has been well received by critics in newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Vendetta Valentine is home from their first tour and are currently receiving airplay on over 250 college stations and growing.

The band is currently planning their next national tour. They have been a support act for 2 bands they love and respect, Bad Religion and Fujiya & Miyagi.

For college radio, please contact: The Planetary Group / 800.254.2543 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For press/publicity information, please contact: Vicki Siolos / The Planetary Group / 617.275.7675