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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Keep it Metal w/ Myron S. - VENEJER - TRAPPED INSIDE"

KEEP IT METAL W/ MYRON S. – Venejer – Trapped Inside

Venejer was formed in late 2004 and this powerhouse quintet hails from Miami, FL. When I say powerhouse, I do mean power. This Floridian quintet is nothing short of stripped down raw energy and emotion. Their latest EP release, Trapped Inside, is a hard rock gem from start to finish.

Venejer has a great driving beat and couple that with great guitar work and Juan Amato’s vocals rounds out a perfect delivery. The Haunting is my favorite track from the release. I loved the use of pinch harmonics in the opening for this track. The marriage of the beat and guitars in this song just hits you right between the eyes. The song gives way to a screaming guitar solo transitioning back to the finish with vocals. It’s just an awesome track. But don’t get me wrong, all the tracks on Trapped Inside are great and really rock. Even the more mellow Vice has a great sound and really shows off Amato’s vocal abilities.

This was my first introduction to Venejer and I am now on the hunt for their debut release The Fourth Prime. I could probably download the album but, in this sense, I am a purist. I like to have the media and look at the liner notes. I started buying vinyl with the release of Kiss Destroyer and have bought media ever since. I may be picky or snobby in that way, but for me it is cool to have the physical media.

This is a must buy and must listen EP release. Pure hard rock driving beats and riffs. Great vocals and ripping guitar solos make this a fantastic release. If you have never heard Venejer go listen, then go buy. You will not be disappointed. This Florida quintet delivers the goods in a fast and furious fashion. I know if you give them a listen you will find this release just as energetic as I do.

Venejer is:
Juan Amato – Vocals
Jose M. Gonzales – Lead Guitar
Oniel Lffitte – Guitar
Diego Rossin – Bass
Christian Espinales – Drums

Track Listing
Beast in Me 2:52
Colors of Fall 2:59
The Haunting 3:34
Vice 3:47

Until Next Time Keep It Metal
Myron S-
(Hit me up on twitter: maschem67 or send me an email

"Local Motion"

The Fourth Prime (self-released)

Proving the cyclical nature of musical trends is Venejer, a hard-rock quintet echoing the heavy edges of postgrunge alternative. My cup of tea? Not really, but the band is tight, and on this debut seven-song album, it shows some promise. Opener "Vice" and its follower "Going Nowhere" provide a good Alice in Chains/Sevendust blueprint for what follows. The title track is probably the best one here. The rhythm section of Christian Espinales on drums and Diego Rossin on bass is flanked nicely by the guitars of Jose Gonzalez and Oniel Laffitte. The vocal work is handled well by Juan Amato. If they dropped the slight nü-metal nuances, this would be a solid heavy-rock release. -

"VENEJER Trapped Inside"

Independent Release
Rating: 10 Out Of 10
Reviewed by: Bam-Bam

The latest project to exit the mad scientist lab known as Paul Trust Studios (the guy who brought us killer production on ENDO, DIECAST, DAY MINUS 7 albums and more…) is a Miami, Florida band called VENEJER. Truly, it’s the most devastating Metal with a Radio Friendly flair that I’ve ever heard. As apple pie American Metal as this might sound on the surface, the group’s makeup couldn’t be more a melting pot of influences from their Venezuelan, Dominican Republic, Brazilian, Cuban and Nicaraguan backgrounds. Hefty breakdowns fly rampant in each of the four tracks, the next one sounding distinctively more unique than the last, and unlike the typical shots that we’re so used to these days. It used to be that if you wanted to hear a cool, tight breakdown, you’d have to wait for the new PANTERA album to drop, but these guys just load ‘em up and launch them between the eyes with reckless abandon.

Now, to dissect this little monster; the first thing that catches my attention is the throaty vocals provided by Juan Amato. If anyone remembers the killer band BURN SEASON, I’d like to stamp this seal of approval on that type of Jason “Gong” Jones-era DROWNING POOL meets heavy NICKELBACK shred. Take a moment to re-read and get the gist of that analogy because I don’t want anyone believing that VENEJER is some “wannabe Modern Radio, NICKELBACK soundalikes”…I simply think they encompass some of the more “Metal” moments that vocalist Chad Kroeger captures in the heavier NICKELBACK material. I mean, you can bang your head and shake your ass to this stuff…it’s really quite universal and amazingly heavy at the same time. Another zen-like highlight are those damned breakdowns that are so solid you could build all of Rome and a few Egyptian temples on them! How refreshing it is to hear songs that really hold up from start to finish. My personal favorite, “The Haunting”, is crunchier than a bucket of stale movie popcorn and is musically, one of the album’s real standouts. “Beast In Me” and “Vice” are solid knocks on the door of every Active Rock Radio Programmer in the U.S., and “Colors Of The Fall” is so heartfelt and hauntingly real that I’m sure the female fans will have something to knock BREAKING BENJAMIN and STAIND out of their Ipods FOREVER!!! On the surface, it’s simply mind-blowing that the guys have created something so perfect their first step out into the mainstream, but those of us who know Paul Trust’s instinctive brilliance to hear a hit and find bands that just ooze magic in their music will totally recognize that this is no fluke. These guys are the real thing and Paul’s stamp of approval on it in the production arena is all the proof most listeners will need.

Definitely check the band out and snag a copy of Trapped Inside soon by heading over to (HERE). In addition to being one of my Top 10 “Best New Bands In 2009”, the guys are tearing up stages along the East Coast with acts like SEVENDUST and more, so try to catch a show and experience the power they wield in the live setting. Comes with my Highest Recommendations to accompany their perfect 10 Out Of 10 Score!!!

23 Nov 2009 by Bam-Bam

- Away-Team

"Review: Venejer – Trapped Inside"

Review: Venejer – Trapped Inside
Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Review: Venejer – Trapped Inside
Artist Name: Venejer
Album Name: Trapped Inside
Record Label: N/A
Genre(s): Hard Rock / Alt. Metal
Release Date: Novemeber 2009
Sounds Like: Disturbed, Nickelback, Sevendust, Shinedown, Pantera
Favorite Track: Vice

When I ended my first listen to Venejer’s EP “Trapped Inside”, I was completely intrigued with the fact that the short 4 song disc had so much personality.

To start off, “The Haunting” drives you into the album with a crazy introduction that leads into a rockin’ verse that even brought the word “groovy” to mind. Yes, I said groovy. Somehow the band was able to mix a hard rock riff with a wild, fun beat that would make one want to dance and bang their head at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be hearing this song at your local dance club, but this hard rock track has beats that are definitely unique and pleasing to the ears.

The second track off the disc is “Beast In Me”. If you mixed a southern rock feel and metal together in a jar, shook, and poured it out, you’d get “Beast In Me”. The introduction reminded me of the southern influences of bands like Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry, while the bridge takes the listener to a more metal, rough sound. Crafted together perfectly, Venejer was able to make one awesome song.

The dictionary defines the word vice as “a moral depravity or corruption”. The eerie introduction of the third of four tracks, “Vice”, perfectly captures the essence of the word the song is named after. Track 3 is by far the standout on the album. The lyrics of the chorus…

“Don’t try to break away / I’m not the one who planned this / You want it, you’ll get it anyway / We don’t see eye to eye / Just try to understand it / You said it regret it eating you alive”

…are the perfect lyrics to compliment the tone of the song. All of the ingredients you need for a perfect rock song are here. With captivating instrumentation, intriguing lyrical content, perfect vocals, and the ability to emotionally connect with the listener all in the mix, this song by far has potential to be a huge success for Venejer.

The disc ends with “Colors of the Fall”. This is the type of song that a person can listen to forever and never get sick of it. The battle between the deep riffs and melodic rythyms of the guitars interest you right off the bat and then leads you into the rest of the track that rocks until the very end.

Highlights: “Vice”, “Colors of the Fall”

The only thing I would’ve liked to have seen different is the length of the album. You can’t hold that against the band though, I just say that because I didn’t want this album to end. I can’t wait to hear some new stuff from Venejer. They’ve successfully attached a different personality to each of the 4 songs on this album, which could prove difficult for them, however, they allowed each song to lead back to the same fundamental fact, and that is, that they rock! -

"Venejer - Local Music Wish You Were There: Venejer at Hot Topic, Dolphin Mall, February 11"

Local Music
Wish You Were There: Venejer at Hot Topic, Dolphin Mall, February 11
By Arielle Castillo, Tuesday, Feb. 16 2010 @ 2:00PM
Comments (12)
Categories: Local Music
The recent trend of bands playing at Hot Topic stores around South Florida inspires mixed feelings. On one hand, those stores are already dark, disorganized, and impenetrable as it is, and the thought of cramming both a band and more kids into its narrow, cheap accessory-stuffed aisles is scary. On the other hand, the store's slogan has long been something like "all about the music," so at least the chain is doing something to actually back that up, beyond selling band T-shirts.

Besides, if you're over 24, your (and my) opinion about Hot Topic completely doesn't matter, demographically, any more. So, if a band wants to play there, why not, right? Maybe they'll sway some kids to come to a real show and buy some merch, which is the only way for sturggling bands to really make a buck right now. (Luckily, the all-agers also seem to buy a ton of merch these days.)

Here are some videos taken at the Dolphin Mall Hot Topic this past Thursday, featuring an acoustic set by local act Venejer. One of the few bands from Miami-Dade proper to focus on a radio-ready, but pure hard rock, sound, the quartet has opened for acts like Sevendust. After a recent few months' period of inactivity, the foursome is gearing up to hit the local scene again. The audio on these clips, from YouTube user gacayana, leaves a lot to be desired, but gives you a clue as to the band's overall stylistic feel.

"Venejer opens for Static-X"

Tag: venejer
Venejer opens for Static-X

by admin on Apr.22, 2009, under Concerts, Revolution

Venejer, a local band from Miami opened SNOCORE Tour with an amazing set at Revolution on Aprill 11th! Static-X, Burn Halo and The Flood also played and are all featured in this blog. For more pics, visit SFFP! -

"Rockers Venejer savor edgy veneer"

Pounding skins with some spice gives the guys in Venejer an edge. The five-member Miami band's Latin-inspired drum breakdowns have earned them a solid following.
- Beth Feinstein-Bartl, Sun Sentinel Broward/West Palm Beach


iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, and more...

- "Trapped Inside" 2009 EP release (Produced by Paul Trust)
- "The Fourth Prime" 2007 (Debut album self-produced)

- The Haunting (Trapped Inside)
- Going Nowhere (The Fourth Prime)

Radio Play:
- WRPG 88.1 and 91.5FM (Miami)
- WVUM 95.3FM (Miami)
- WJRR101.1 FM (Orlando)



Brace yourself for Venejer! One of the South Florida’s premiere hard rock acts recognized by as “Truly, the most devastating Metal with a radio-friendly flair that I’ve ever heard”. (Craig Stegall) and by the NewTimes as “One of the few bands from Miami-Dade to focus on a Radio-ready, but pure hard rock sound”(Arielle Castillo) While drawing influences from bands like Disturbed, Shinedown, and Sevendust, Venejer’s music is completely unique; creating a sound that is fresh and new to the ear. Powerful vocals, melodic harmonies, hard-pounding modern beats, and ripping guitar solos are at the core of the hard rock quintet, making their sound difficult to mistake and unforgettable.

Based out of South Florida and formed in late 2004 by Lead vocalist Juan Amato and Lead guitar player Jose M. Gonzalez. Venejer slowly began to build a local reputation. In 2007, they self released their debut album “The Fourth Prime”, with which they toured to Los Angeles and Tennessee, and received an excellent response from the national listeners as well as the local crowd.
In early 2009, Venejer began working with well-known producer, Paul Trust (Atom Smash, Endo, Diecast) and subsequently released E.P. “Trapped Inside”. The E.P. has received stellar reviews and been classified 10 out of 10 stars “it’s simply mind-blowing that the guys have created something so perfect their first step out into the mainstream” (Stegall). Venejer has also performed with commercially recognized bands such as Static-X, Sevendust, Volbeat, Eye Empire, and Nonpoint. In addition, throughout the month of September, 2010 Venejer’s “The Haunting” and “Beast in Me” were both featured during prime time on CBS Sports Network as background music for major NFL and NCAA football games. With “Trapped Inside”, Venejer is ready to leave their mark in the crowd with their energetic and impacting live performance!

Some examples of Venejer’s performance credits include: Sevendust, Static-X, Nonpoint, Hurt, Burn Halo, Egypt Central, and Since October, Volbeat, Eye Empire.